How to grill kebabs on the grill

How to grill kebabs on the grill

Tell me, who doesn't like kebabs? We are sure that there are no such readers among our online magazine readers, with the exception of those who consider themselves to be vegetarians. However, based on my own experience, I can say that barbecue is not always obtained in such a way that saliva begins to flow only with its one form. What's the matter? It turns out that tasty marinating meat for kebabs is only half the battle, it is also very important to bake it properly (it is this concept that should be properly used in relation to cooking kebabs). I want to devote today's conversation to the topic of how to grill kebabs on the grill.

What is needed to make the kebab tasty? Excellent friendly company, pickled meat, grill, skewers and material for the fire.

Well, first, namely, the deliciously marinated meat, we have. It was also not difficult to find the skewers (at worst, we can always use twigs of the same thickness, about 50 centimeters long, peeled and pointed at one end). The case is left for small - for the brazier and material for the fire.


Proper grill is one of the main components of a tasty kebab. But what is the perfect brazier?

Brazier can be made of iron, while it is desirable that its walls were not thinner than 5 mm, otherwise it will cool quickly and the heat will be insufficient for roasting meat.

It is believed that the sides of the barbecue should not be high, because ideal for roasting meat over coal is a distance not exceeding 5-10 centimeters.

In addition to the designated in the grill should not be holes, otherwise there will be an excess amount of air that will provoke a rapid burning of coal, and the heat necessary for baking meat will not. Considering all this, many people admit that the perfect brazier is a couple of bricks on the ground and a shallow groove between them.

Fire Material

We chose a suitable brazier, now it's time to figure out what we will fry (agree that this verb is more familiar) our shish kebab.

The ideal option for a fire is a thick and dry vine of grapes. If you have not found one, do not be discouraged; dry firewood from fruit trees, for example, plums, apples, and apricots, will cope with the task. Often used for roasting meat on the grill and branches of cornel and mulberry. In the absence of the listed firewood, you can also use any hardwood. But we advise you to give up the idea of ​​frying kebabs on wood from coniferous breeds, because they have a high resin content that will not in the best way affect the taste of cooked meat, by the way, do not use a fire for igniting and needles needles, meat will not only be bitter, but may also be saturated with an unpleasant aroma. In any way, avoid for breeding fire poisonous tree species, among which the most common are boxwood, black alder, cypress, yew.

Finally, if you have not found suitable firewood, you can use charcoal to make a fire, which is not hard to find (especially during the kebab season) in any supermarket. If you decide to bake barbecue on the coal, then take care of the ignition fluid, it can be purchased at a supermarket in the same department that sells charcoal.

Main Stage

Everything you need for kebabs - in stock. It is time to do his cooking. We kindle a fire. It is recommended to do this in advance, since the shish kebab is prepared not on fire, but on “gray” embers, giving stable, even heat.

  • If the embers burned merrily and then went out, then do not rush to start everything from the very beginning, just pour them with fresh air, waving a cardboard sheet or just something big and flat over them (some do for this purpose resort to using a fan, but still superfluous), often it helps the coals to turn red.
  • Do not forget to make sure that you have taken a sufficient amount of coal or firewood for frying all the meat, otherwise the second and subsequent batch of kebabs may turn out to be overdried.
  • As soon as the coals become whitish, you can start baking the meat. We put the shish kebab. While the fire is burning merrily, we are not sitting idle, but are engaged in putting meat on skewers. Do not be surprised, but it depends on how it is implemented very much.
  • Lean pieces of meat must be alternated with fatty or even with pieces of fat, then the kebab will be juicier and tastier.
  • Press the pieces of meat against each other.
  • Leave about 5 cm from the pointed end of the skewer. Fry. Well, now that the meat has been planted on skewers, and the firewood has turned into gray coals, we proceed to the main stage - baking.
  • We spread the skewers with meat in a dense layer on the surface of the brazier (thus minimizing the flow of oxygen to the coals).
  • Remember: regular turning of the skewers contributes to a better and even roast of the meat, as well as to the formation of an appetizing golden crust, therefore do not neglect this, and even better, change skewers in some places.
  • Ensure that there is no fire. Fat, melted from pieces of meat, falling on hot coals can cause a fire, if this happens, immediately put out the fires of the flame, you can use ordinary water, vinegar or marinade, in which meat was prepared. If the fire is not extinguished, the outside of the meat will burn, and the inside will remain raw.
  • It is possible to understand that the kebab is ready visually, but this ability comes with experience. If you do not consider yourself an ass-barbeque, then we advise you to determine the readiness of the kebab using the simple method: cut the largest piece of meat and if a clear juice comes from it, then it means myasco is ready, but if you make pink water, a kebab is not superfluous, it will still be a little sweat on the coals, of course, if you do not like meat with blood.
  • A ready-made kebab should not be immediately removed from the skewer, let it walk a little, a couple of minutes will be enough.

A great addition to kebabs is onions, pickled in vinegar. Enjoy your meal!

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