Kebab in the pan - an alternative to meatballs. Secrets of cooking homemade kebab in a pan

Kebab in the pan - an alternative to meatballs. Secrets of cooking homemade kebab in a pan

Do you like a variety of minced meat dishes, but are you tired of the usual burgers and zrazy? Want to diversify the menu, cook something new?

We offer you recipes for tasty kebab in a frying pan, where the meat is soft and juicy, and the crust appetizing crispy. Let's start?

Kebab in the pan - general principles

Lyulya-kebab is a dish of oriental cuisine, and according to the traditional recipe for its preparation mutton is used. However, as practice and experience of many culinary specialists show, lula kebab is also no less tasty from other types of meat, as well as poultry.

Meat should be fresh or chilled, the perfect pieces are considered tenderloin or breast. Prepared meat is chopped into small cubes or ground in a meat grinder using a large grill. For juiciness, minced garlic and some fat are added to the mince.

In addition, all kinds of spices and herbs are often put in the meat mass: a mixture of peppers, coriander, cumin, cilantro, chili, barberry, etc.

Forcemeat beat off well, mix thoroughly. Formed from the mass of oblong patties, strung them on special skewers. At first, they are quickly fried in a well-heated oil on both sides to get a golden crust, then they reduce the fire and bring the dish to readiness.

Kebab is served mainly as a dish on its own, supplementing only with greens, fresh vegetables, pickled onions, sour cream or mustard sauce.

1. Kebab in the pan


• kilogram of lamb;

• a piece of fat tail;

• onion head;

• Fresh coriander - 5 sprigs;

• salt, black pepper, coriander powder - half a teaspoon.


1. Meat cleared of films and fat, finely ground with special heavy knives.

2. Fat tail fat a little melt and pour into the meat.

3. In the prepared stuffing, add the onion, chopped fine crumb, add some salt, pepper, add crushed cilantro, ground coriander. 4. Mix the stuffing well, beating a little on the table.

5. Wrap the whole stuffing in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge so that it stiffens a bit.

6. Use hands slightly moistened in warm water to form slightly elongated meatballs.

7. All cutlets strung on bamboo sticks and spread in a deep pan.

8. Fry on a large flame until light brown crust.

9. When a crust forms on the cutlets, reduce the heat and fry for a few more minutes.

10. Serve on a flat plate with slices of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and bell pepper slices.

2. Kebab in a skillet of minced pork without skewers


• kilogram of ready pork mince;

• 6 onions;

• barberry seasoning in powder, utsko-suneli - 30 g each;

• cilantro powder - pinch;

• chili - 1 pod;

• cilantro and parsley leaves - 3 pcs .;

• salt - pinch;

• oil for frying - 50 ml.


1. Peel the onion heads, wash them, chop them on a grater, squeeze the juice through cheesecloth.

2. Put chopped onion without juice in mince together with finely chopped greens, mix well.

3. Pour seasoning, mix again.

4. We wet the chopping board with water and roll out small sausages made of minced meat on it, about 7 cm long.

5. Put the sausages on a hot frying pan in a well-heated oil, fry for 15 minutes, turning from side to side.

6. Put the fried kebab on a portion of the dish, covered with lavash, sprinkle with onions, cut into half rings.

3. Homemade kebab in a pan of beef


• kilogram of beef;

• butter - 20 g;

• 3 bulbs;

• hops-suneli, black pepper, salt - 15 g;

• cilantro, dill - 5 branches each;

• frying oil - a little less than half a glass.


1. Peel the bulbs and finely chop them.

2. We clean the meat from films, grease, cut into small cubes, mix with onions, chopped greens, add some salt, pepper, add hops-suneli, put butter, mix well. 3. Soak wooden sticks in water for half an hour.

4. With wetted hands, form small sausages from minced meat directly on the sticks.

5. We put the sausages on a frying pan heated with oil, fry until the crust appears with constant turning over high heat.

6. Slightly reduce the heat and wait a few more minutes.

7. When serving, lay Lyulya kebab on a flat dish, next to it we put a separate plate with sliced ​​fresh vegetables and a plate with sliced ​​fresh tortillas.

4. Kebab in a pan with fragrant herbs


• ground beef - 0.5 kg;

• onion head;

• fresh leaves of cilantro, dill - 5 pcs .;

• salt, hop-suneli, a mixture of black and hot peppers - on a pinch;

• a piece of butter;

• Provence herbs - 5 g;

• sunflower oil - 20 ml.


1. Soak wooden skewers in water for half an hour beforehand.

2. Peel one onion, chop it into small pieces.

3. Dill and cilantro are also ground.

4. Mix the stuffing with onions, herbs, add some salt, pepper, add butter (can be fat tail), add herbs, mix well with hands, beat off on the table.

5. Cover the minced meat with a lid and leave for 20 minutes.

6. We divide the settled meat mass into small pieces about 150 g each, form sausages on skewers about 4 cm thick, 7 cm long.

7. Put the sausages in the pan with butter and fry on a large flame on all sides for 2 minutes until golden brown.

8. Reduce heat and heat for a few more minutes.

9. When serving on a flat plate, place the lettuce leaves, on top of the kebab and sprinkle with onion rings, next to put a plate with a custard.

5. Kebab in a pan of minced chicken


• kilogram of minced chicken;

• a piece of lard;

• a pair of bulbs;

• black pepper, coarse salt, sweet pepper seasoning - pinch.


1. Mix the minced chicken with chopped diced bacon. 2. Pepper stuffing, add some salt, add sweet paprika, mix again.

3. Add the onion shredded with a knife, mix well.

4. Mince mince with all products through a meat grinder, knead thoroughly with hands.

5. We wet our hands in warm water, take a small amount of minced meat and form a kebab on a skewer in the form of a sausage.

6. Heat the frying pan with butter and put the meat blanks, fry on high heat with frequent turning over four minutes.

7. When serving, lay out on a plate, sprinkle with pomegranate grains, next to put a bowl with tomato ketchup.

6. Kebab in a pan with an egg and breadcrumbs


• a small bowl of ground beef;

• ground crackers - 3 handfuls;

• 1 egg;

• salt, sweet pepper seasoning, cumin, black pepper powder - 15 g each;

• 2 pita bread;

• lettuce greens - 2 leaves;

• some olive oil.


1. Put the minced meat in a small cup, mix it with an egg, ground breadcrumbs, seasonings, salt and pepper.

2. Soak wooden sticks in water for half an hour.

3. Divide the cooked mince into several parts, wet hands with warm water and form small sausages right on the skewers.

4. Sprinkle each sausage with olive oil.

5. Put the kebab on a preheated frying pan and fry on moderate heat until light brown crust appears.

6. When serving on a flat plate, we put pita bread, on one side we place lula kebab, and on the other hand cut lettuce leaves with slices of tomatoes, pour spicy ketchup.

Kebab in the pan - tricks and useful tips

• When cooking lula kebab, you can use several types of meat, the main thing is that the method of grinding is the same.

• It is easiest to cook minced meat from slightly frozen meat.

• The kebab will not fall apart while frying in a frying pan, if the stuffing is kneaded for a long time and thoroughly with your hands, slightly lifting and then throwing again in the bowl. After kneading, it is recommended to put the stuffing in a refrigerator for half an hour, mix again and only then form sausages. • Lyulya kebab can be first formed, and then carefully put on skewers, but it is much faster and easier to build a sausage patty made of minced meat directly on the stick.

• It is necessary to sculpt the kebab around the skewer tightly so that during frying there is no space between the minced meat and the stick, due to which the resulting juice can ruin the whole structure.

• Wooden skewers will not burn if you soak them in cold water.

• The meat inside the kebab will be juicy if you lay out the semi-finished products in a well-heated oil, fry to the sweetheart on a strong flame and only then bring it to readiness over low heat. If you immediately extinguish - the juices will flow out, the kebab will be dryish.

• Minced meat during sausage making will not stick to hands if they are dipped periodically in cold water or smeared with vegetable oil.

• The garlic added to the minced meat gives an interesting aroma and taste to the dish, it is better to use dried, not fresh product.

• Using spices and spices, try not to overdo it, they should emphasize, not interrupt the taste of the main ingredient - meat.

• All of the above recipes are relevant not only for cooking in the pan, but also for roasting in the oven or roasting on the fire.

• Serve lula kebab with a wide variety of sauces that will accentuate the taste of juicy meat.

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