Pork shashlik in the oven - in the sleeve, in a jar, on skewers. The easiest version of pork kebab in the oven

Pork shashlik in the oven - in the sleeve, in a jar, on skewers. The easiest version of pork kebab in the oven

If shish kebab is exclusively made from mutton and only in the brazier! Heard, we know, and let the great kebab masters mock the way they want, but today we are cooking pork kebab in the oven! And it will be very good, because we will choose the freshest products, we will prepare the marinades fragrant, and we will monitor the temperature as it should be. Well, who does not have enough haze ... and provide it, it would be a desire.

Recipes for pork kebabs in the oven - general principles of cooking

• Pork must be fresh, at least chilled, but not frozen. The presence of a small layer of fat is welcome. When choosing pork, pay attention to its color, the young animal has light and loose meat. It is from this product is obtained soft and juicy kebabs.

• Kebabs cooked in the oven will be roasted evenly from all sides, if cut into small pieces. But it is worth considering that too small pieces can be dried out. The optimal size for roasting pork kebabs in the oven is 5 * 5 cm.

• Cooking of any kebab begins with marinade. It is used at the very beginning, for soaking. Fragrant spicy marinades help to make the pork pulp more juicy, soft and tender. As the basis of many marinades use vegetable oil or solutions of food acids, such as lemon juice, vinegar, wine. The main taste of the marinade, and, consequently, kebabs, give spicy herbs, spices and soy sauce, which additionally softens the fibers. Added onion, garlic, fresh greens in the marinade will help to give a special flavor to the shade.

• Pork kebab in the oven is cooked in various ways. The classic version is strung pieces of flesh on skewers or wooden skewers. Pickled meat is fried in the oven in a pan, in a roasting pan or packed in a roasting sleeve. Before you put the meat in the oven, you need to warm it up so that a crust immediately forms on the surface of the pieces, which will prevent the meat juice from flowing out. • Often skewers set in a glass jar. With this method of frying, the container is placed in a cold oven, then raise the temperature.

A classic recipe for pork shashlik in the oven in a soy marinade on a baking sheet


• pound of pulp;

• two teaspoons of soy sauce;

• garlic - 4-5 small slices;

• three white onions;

• refined oil - 40 ml;

• spices and pepper.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the pulp washed in cold water into portions. For uniform roasting, they should not be large, but do not shrink. The desired value is no more than five centimeters in length and about three in width.

2. Peel the cleaned bulbs into thin rings, press the garlic teeth with a press or grate.

3. Put the pork pieces in a large bowl, pour in the soy sauce. Add chopped garlic and onion rings. Season with spices, season with a little salt and mix thoroughly, slightly crushing the onion with your hands. Place the pork bowl for three hours in the cold for pickling.

4. Wood skewers soak for half an hour in cold water. Turn on and warm up to 180 degrees oven.

5. Put pieces of flesh and onions on prepared skewers and place them at a centimeter distance from each other in a roasting pan greased in advance with vegetable oil.

6. Place the skewers in the hot oven, setting the baking tray in the middle level. After half an hour of roasting, turn the skewers on the other side and bring to readiness for another half an hour.

Recipe for pork kebab in oven baked in the sleeve


• kilogram of pork;

• three onions;

• a teaspoon of vinegar;

• two spoons of butter;

• black pepper;

• sugar - a teaspoon;

• soy, dark sauce - 60 ml;

• spices “For cooking pork”.

Cooking Method: 1. Put the pulp into pieces in a bowl, add the onion half rings. Slightly mash the onion pieces so that it becomes softer, mix it with the meat and let it stand for 10 minutes.

2. Season pork with spices, add quite a bit of pepper, sugar and literally a pinch of salt. Pour in soy sauce and vegetable oil, a teaspoon of vinegar and mix well. Cover the bowl and set for an hour in the cold.

3. Prepare the sleeve. Tighten the bag tightly on one side and secure it with a tight thread. Put the whole portion of meat with a bow in the sleeve and tie it tightly on the opposite side. Put the “packaging” with the skewers on the baking sheet, apply a few punctures for free steam. Place the baking sheet with shish kebab in a hot oven at a temperature of about 200 degrees and bake for an hour.

A simple recipe for pork kebabs in the oven in a pan


• one and a half kilograms of pork neck or ham;

• 150 ml of apple cider vinegar;

• half a liter of water;

• 60 ml of oil;

• any dry wine, with an average “sourness” - 0.5 liters;

• bitter onions - 4 heads;

• ten peppercorns;

• large sheets of lavrushka - 2 pcs.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the semicircles peeled onions, and the meat washed in cold water in medium-sized portions. For even roasting, they must be uniform in shape and size.

2. Season the meat in the bowl with freshly ground pepper. Add a little salt and crumbled lavrushka, mix.

3. In a separate dish, dilute the wine with water, pour in oil with vinegar. Pour the marinade into a bowl of pork and mix, gently pressing the pieces with your hands, leave to infuse for two hours.

4. Take a deep, thick-walled pan without a handle or any other suitable utensils. Put the marinated meat and onions in it and spread evenly over the whole bottom. Top with the pieces of pork without marinade, cover the container with a sheet of foil and put in the oven. Shelf with kebabs should be set at an average level. 5. No earlier than one and a half hours later, remove the foil from the kebab and leave the kebab in the oven for another 10 minutes to brown the pieces.

Recipe for pork kebab in the oven on skewers (in a jar)

Ingredients per kilogram of meat:

• half a large lemon or one small;

• 250 gr. thin sliced ​​bacon;

• ground coriander - 1 tsp;

• Spice mixture “For pork”;

• Onions - 2 medium-sized heads;

• water - 120 ml.

Cooking Method:

1. A piece of flesh washed with cold water jet, cut into portions of the same size.

2. Put the meat in a deep bowl and spice it up with spices, pour with freshly squeezed lemon juice, salt and stir. For flavor you need to add a little ground pepper.

3. Put thin half rings of onion, add water and, having mixed well, leave the pork to marinate for at least half an hour.

4. Take a three-liter jar. Thoroughly rinse the container in hot water and wipe dry with a towel. Put about a third of the marinated onion on the bottom of the jar, and put the rest on wooden skewers with pieces of meat. Alternate slices of pork and onions with bacon strips.

5. Place wooden skewers with meat in a jar, in an upright position. In one glass container, place no more than four, maximum five skewers.

6. Make a lid from the foil, cover the filled jar with it and put the container in a cold oven on the grate.

7. Heat the oven to 180 degrees, and after half an hour, raise the temperature to 250 degrees and continue cooking for another hour.

8. When the kebab in the can is ready, turn off the heat and slightly open the door, let the hot air go out. Do not reach the tank immediately, otherwise it will burst due to a sharp temperature drop.

Recipe for pork kebab in the oven on skewers

Ingredients for marinade per 1 kg of pork, lean pulp: • five onions;

• kilogram of fresh tomatoes;

• 250 ml of “Cabernet”;

• two small garlic cloves;

• fresh young dill.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the pork and rinse thoroughly with a jet of water, cut into small pieces and slightly beat off.

2. Put onion rings in a bowl for marinating, add salt with pepper and finely chopped garlic. Add red wine, put the pork pieces, mix and leave to marinate for three hours.

3. Take metal skewers. They should be of such length that you can easily close the oven door.

4. Marinate the meat well in the marinade and string it into pieces on skewers, alternating with onions. Try to spread the meat so that the lean side of the piece comes into contact with the fat side of the next. You can alternate rings of fresh tomato or bell pepper.

5. Raise the air temperature in the oven to 230 degrees and place the skewers in it. It is better to place them on a broiler with high sides or on a grill, under which you must substitute a baking sheet so that fat flows into it.

6. Cooking kebabs can take from half an hour to 50 minutes. It all depends on the size of the pieces. All this time, every 8 minutes, the skewers should be turned over, and the meat watered with the remaining marinade.

Recipe for pork kebab in the oven with smoke


• kilogram of pork neck;

• medium-sized onion heads and tomatoes - 3 each;

• low-fat mayonnaise - 250 gr .;

• one lemon;

• freshly ground pepper.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix the sliced ​​pork with onions, chopped into rings, and lightly rub the onions and meat with your hands. Season the marinade with pepper, add lemon juice, cover with mayonnaise and stir. Store in the fridge, tightened with foil, for four hours.

2. Place a sheet of foil on a baking sheet, and a few embers on it. They can be purchased at any supermarket. Pour coals with alcohol, one and a half teaspoons will be enough, and set fire to. 3. After the coals have burned for about two minutes, cover them with a bowl to bring down the flame. Then quickly move the baking sheet with glowing coals to the oven heated to 230 degrees, setting it to the lowest level, and in the middle level place the skewers with a kebab lined on the grill.

4. When you string meat, alternate its pieces with rings of tomatoes and onions.

5. After about 25 minutes, turn the skewers over and continue to cook the skewers for about half an hour.

Recipes for pork kebabs in the oven - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Kebabs cooked in the oven will not dry out if you take the pulp with a thin layer of fat. In this case, the pieces of pork will retain their juiciness.

• Together with the kebabs, place a bowl of water on the bottom of the oven. The liquid will evaporate and increase the humidity in the oven.

• When cooking kebabs in the oven on skewers, like on a fire, they must be periodically turned over periodically and watered over the top with marinade or juice accumulated on a baking sheet.

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