Black currant jelly is a pantry of health. How to cook a tasty and healthy black currant jelly with citrus, gooseberry, raspberry

Black currant jelly is a pantry of health. How to cook a tasty and healthy black currant jelly with citrus, gooseberry, raspberry

Aromatic, with pleasant sourness, rich burgundy color - this is the black currant jelly we love since childhood. In winter, a jar of this sweetness is a great help in the fight against colds. And all because in black currants there is a lot of vitamin C - only two dozen berries provide the daily norm of ascorbic acid. How to keep all the benefits and taste? To help - a selection of various options of black currant jelly.

General principles for making blackcurrant jelly

To make jelly, take ripe juicy berries. They are cleared of twigs and leaves, well washed and allowed to dry. Then proceed to the processing.

As a rule, black currant juice is used to make jelly. But in some recipes, the berries are simply ground with a blender or minced and jelly with seeds and skin.

Juice for jelly get in different ways. The berries are heated with a small amount of water, simultaneously kneading them with a spoon or tolkushku, and then pressed through a sieve. Another option - black currants can grind in a blender, and then skip through a sieve to separate the juice and oilcake. The latter, by the way, do not rush to throw out, you can cook a delicious compote out of it.

Since black currant has a lot of pectin, it perfectly forms jelly without any thickening agents. Gelatin is used when blackcurrant jelly is prepared as a filling for cakes and pastries or as a separate dessert.

Jelly is obtained either by boiling the juice with sugar, or it is made in a cold way, without heat treatment. For “live jelly”, it is recommended to take berries and sugar in a ratio of one to one and a half, otherwise it may not thicken and will be poorly stored. For boiled one, less sugar is taken, the classic 1: 1 ratio.

For cooking jelly should choose the widest possible capacity. The larger the surface, the faster the liquid will evaporate when boiling the juice and the less it takes time, more vitamins will remain. Recipes

Blackcurrant jelly raw

The main plus of raw jellies is the maximum amount of useful substances that are destroyed during heat treatment. However, it will have to be stored exclusively in the refrigerator.


Kilogram black currant;

One and a half kilograms of sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Sort currants, tear off all the twigs and leaves, dry fruits, wash.

2. Pour the berries into a wide container with a thick bottom, for example, a basin. Heat over low heat for five minutes, parallel to kneading with tolkushkoy. We need to soften the berries, make them give the juice.

3. We press the berry mass through a sieve. Use the same tolkushku or strong spoon. At the exit we get a thick juice or berry puree.

4. Add sugar in small portions. It is important how to stir it so that it dissolves completely. The mass gradually begins to gell. Pour in jars, close the lids, put in storage in the refrigerator.

Blackcurrant jelly raw (second option)

This recipe is even easier - you do not need to squeeze the juice from the berries, they are simply gelled with sugar.


Kilogram black currant;

One and a half kilograms of sugar.

Method of preparation

1. We sort the black currant and wash it, put it into the pan, mix it with sugar and blend it as small as possible so that the mass becomes completely homogeneous.

2. Fold in pre-sterilized jars, close. After some time, the currant wiped in this way will heal, and store it in the refrigerator.

Boiled black currant jelly

The thick and transparent delicacy of this recipe will long delight your taste. Rolled up in jars, it can be put in the closet, where it is cool and dark, and stored at least until the next harvest.


Kilogram black currant;

kilogram of sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Put the sorted washed currants in a metal colander and blanch in boiling water for several minutes. 2. We crush the black currant through the sieve. Pour the resulting juice into the basin, add sugar, mix well and let stand for about two to three hours.

3. Put the pelvis on a slow fire, cook for about a quarter of an hour. Stir periodically to prevent burning.

4. Ready-made jelly packaged in jars, corked with lids.

Jelly “Berry Mix” of two types of currant and raspberry

Taste, aroma and benefits of your favorite garden berries in one jar. There is little pectin in raspberries, but abundant in currants, together they will heal well.


2 cups raspberries;

2 cups of black currant;

6 glasses of red currant;

1 kilogram of 200 grams of sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Berries are sorted out. Unlike currants, raspberries are not mine.

2. Punch black currant with a blender, then wipe through a sieve to get juice. Do the same with red.

3. Raspberries also punch through a blender, the juice can be simply squeezed through cheesecloth.

4. It should be a glass of black currant and raspberry juice and about 3 cups of red currant. Combine them in a saucepan, fall asleep with sugar. We put on the stove, heat it on low heat, constantly stir it. Once the sugar is dissolved without a trace, pack up the jelly in jars.

Black currant jelly with orange

The rich taste of black currant and light shades of citrus, and even a double dose of vitamin C - this jelly is indispensable in the cold season.


Kilogram black currant;

half a kilo of sugar;

two big oranges.

Method of preparation

1. Remove the peel from oranges, cut the flesh without white films in slices.

2. Berry assorted, clean, wash.

3. Grind oranges and black currants with a blender or minced meat. We spread in a basin, we fill up the received mass with sugar, we allow to stand a couple of hours.

4. Put the pelvis in the stove, let it boil over low heat, take just a few minutes to cook. Then we pour in the banks, in advance sterilized, we cork with covers.

Black currant jelly with citrus and vanilla

Compared with the previous recipe, there is also a slight sourness of lemon, as well as sweet aromatic notes of vanilla.


Kilogram black currant;

one lemon and an orange;

a bag of vanilla sugar, preferably with natural vanilla;

One and a half kilograms of sugar per liter of juice.

Method of preparation

1. Sort currants and wash. We lower in a colander for a few minutes in boiling water and press through a sieve to obtain juice.

2. Squeeze the juice from citrus.

3. We combine in one container all the liquid obtained, we measure its volume with a measuring jug. Juice and sugar take in the ratio of one to one and a half.

4. Pour citrus-currant juice into the pan, set on low heat. Add vanilla sugar, gradually add granulated sugar, stir to dissolve.

5. Pour the finished jelly into jars while it is still warm, cool, cork.

Black currant jelly and gooseberry jelly

This is a classic duo of berries for jam or jam, they ripen at about the same time and are in perfect harmony with each other.


Half a liter of black currant juice;

half a liter of gooseberry juice;

One and a half kilograms of sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Berries must be sorted and washed, to separate the black currant from the brushes and leaves, cut off the tails of the gooseberry.

2. We shift the prepared berries into the pot or basin. Heat on low heat for a few minutes, while slightly kneading them with a spoon so that the berries start giving out juice.

3. The resulting mass is ground through a sieve. We measure the amount of juice measured jug. On liter we take one and a half kilograms of sugar.

4. Pour the juice into a wide saucepan. Add sugar in small portions, carefully stir each time. It will take time, about an hour. As soon as all the sugar has dissolved, cover the container with a lid and leave it overnight for gelling.

5. If the jelly becomes dense enough, slightly heat it over low heat and pack it in jars. Jelly is not thickened enough? After heating, add more sugar to obtain the desired consistency.

Blackcurrant jelly with gelatin

This is a light, beautiful dessert that can be served with whipped cream or used to decorate a cake. The cakes with layers of such jelly are also tasty.


300 grams of black currant;

1 cup of sugar;

28 grams of instant gelatin;

700 ml of boiled water.

Method of preparation

1. Fill the gelatin with a small amount of cold water, it will swell in half an hour.

2. Berries sort, clean, wash. Put them in a saucepan, pour boiled water. Now we put on the stove, boil on low heat for about 10 minutes.

3. Cool the resulting mass. Then we press it through a sieve. Juice once again bring to a boil, fall asleep sugar, interfere so that it dissolves without a trace.

4. Remove the blackcurrant syrup from the heat, introduce the gelatin, mix everything. Pour the jelly into the molds, let it cool, put it in the fridge for the final setting.

Black Currant Jelly - Secrets and Tricks

· If the jelly in the jars is still not properly frozen, do not turn them over, shake, or shake. Any shaking may interfere with the gelling process.

· To keep raw jelly better and not become covered with mold, place a circle of paper soaked in vodka under the lid of the jar.

· When the jelly is cooked in a cold way, it is difficult to dissolve all the sugar. To speed up the process, you can grind sugar in a coffee grinder to a state of powder, so it dissolves faster.

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