Currant dessert or summertime delight! A selection of the best currant desserts, including ice cream, sambuk, pie, cake

Currant dessert or summertime delight! A selection of the best currant desserts, including ice cream, sambuk, pie, cake

Summer is time not only for making jam, but also for preparing the most delicious berry desserts. Especially they work out of the currants. This is one of the champions in flavor, color and content of vitamins. It's time to cook really tasty treats from currants.

Currant Dessert - General Cooking Principles

Most recipes for black currants. But you can use red berries, given their increased acidity, perhaps you need to add more sugar. Currant before using, rinse, dry, remove all the twigs. Next, the berries are mixed with other ingredients, poured into the dough, crushed fresh or first boiled.

The most popular currant desserts:

· Mousses, sambuca, jellies, marmalade;

· Curd and other milk mass;

· Pies, cakes, pies;

· Ice cream, berry ice.

Currant mixes well with other berries and fruits. It goes well with apples, pears, citrus. Cinnamon, ginger, vanillin and various other spices can be added to it. Experiments are welcome!

Sambuk - currant jelly dessert

Variant of delicious jelly, but tender currant dessert. He will need to stand a little and get stronger in the refrigerator, so it is better to cook in advance.


· 2 proteins;

· 2 cups of currant;

· 4 spoons of sugar;

· 1 tbsp. l gelatin;

· 2 sprigs of mint.


1. Gelatin always give time for swelling, otherwise it will not dissolve completely. Mix the powder with 50 ml of water, leave on the table. Room temperature liquid.

2. We wash the currants, remove from the berries all the excess, add a couple of spoons of inputs and put on the stove. Steamed berries 10 minutes. Then cool a little and rub through a sieve. You can simply chop the fresh berries in a blender, the bones will all grind. We act as you like.

3. Put the squirrels in a bowl, beat until strong peaks.

4. Enter the currant mass, gently stir. 5. Heat the gelatine in a water bath until it becomes liquid, homogeneous.

6. Pour gelatin into the protein mass, gently whisk again.

7. Spread currant sambuk in shape or just in transparent glasses. Put in the fridge for an hour.

8. Decorate with fresh currant berries, decorate with mint leaves.

Currant and curd dessert “Double benefits”

A variant of a wonderful currant dessert, which may well become a breakfast or an afternoon snack. Choose high-quality and not too dry cottage cheese, then the delicacy will be very gentle.


· 150 g of currants;

· 200 g of cottage cheese;

· 0.3 tsp. vanilla sugar;

· 2 tbsp. l Sahara;

· 2 tbsp. l sour cream.


1. Cottage cheese to shift in a bowl, add granulated sugar and a little vanilla.

2. Currant bust, separate the third part, add everything else to the curd.

3. Grind everything together with an immersion blender. Get a very bright curd mass.

4. Add sour cream, stir with it. You can again beat the blender, get a more delicate and airy consistency.

5. Put the cottage cheese dessert in a bowl, cover the berries with currants, which by this time should have dried out.

Ice cream is the coldest currant dessert

Ice cream can go and buy in the store. But the brightest taste and aroma only at homemade dessert.


· 150 g of currants;

· 180 g of cream 30%;

· Two yolks;

· 120 g of sugar;

· 200 ml of milk.


1. Combine the egg yolks with sugar, grind, pour milk and put on the stove. Boil the cream on a small fire until it thickens slightly. Cool it down.

2. Currant berries chop with a blender until smooth mashed potatoes. If there is no blender, then steamed with the addition of a spoon of water in a saucepan under the lid, then rub through a sieve.

3. Pour the fatty cream in a bowl with high sides, whisk until fluffy foam.

4. Add the currant puree to the proteins, gently stir and immediately put the cooled milk cream.

5. Stir with a spoon or a mixer until smooth, but try not to settle the whipped foam. 6. Put the currant ice cream in the freezer. We wait until an ice crust appears on the walls and on top.

7. Take out the bowl, beat the mixture with a mixer and quickly shift to the molds. We freeze.

Quick cake or currant dessert with pastries

For dessert, you can make a very fragrant and tender cake. Baking everyone will be happy! Currants can be added to it fresh or frozen at their discretion.


· Five eggs;

· 2 tbsp. flour;

· 20 g of oil;

· 1 tbsp. Sahara;

· 1.5 Art. currants;

· 5 g ripper;

· 1 g vanilla.


1. Enumerate, wash the currant berries, leave in a colander to drain the droplets for ten minutes, then put on a napkin, let them dry out.

2. Turn on the oven, let it heat up for now.

3. Eggs break into a bowl. If they are small in size, then we take one more. Beat with a mixer until foam.

4. Measure out the right amount of sugar, pour to the eggs, continuing to beat, until you get a light and fluffy foam.

5. Sift flour, pour ripper. You can cook the dough without it, but it is better to add. Pour to the eggs, stir.

6. Transfer to the form, pre-smeared with a piece of butter. We rub the bottom and sides with a thick layer from inside, you can powder from above with flour.

7. Level the dough layer and scatter currant berries over it, slightly deepen them.

8. Bake the cake for about 30-35 minutes. Put it in the already heated oven, otherwise the tender dough will fall, the crust will dry out.

Currant dessert “Yoghurt cake”

Variant of a delicious and simple yogurt cake with currants. You can put biscuit cake or any other cake under it, but this is optional. It is better to use black currant.


· 350 g of currants;

· 90 g of sugar;

· 7 g leaf gelatin.

For yogurt:

· 25 g of gelatin (sheets);

· 300 g whipping cream;

· 90 g of egg whites;

· 130 g of powder;

· 350 ml of yogurt;

· One lemon.

Additionally, you need a bar of good chocolate and 100 ml of heavy cream for making ganache.

Cooking 1. Pour currant into a saucepan, add a little water, put it on the stove and boil. After softening, we interrupt the berries in mashed potatoes, we need 340 grams.

2. Soak gelatin in water, let it infuse and swell. Enough 30 ml of liquid.

3. Add sugar to currants. Heat to dissolve, add gelatin to hot mass. If it does not completely disperse, then we heat it up for a few more seconds.

4. Pour currant mass into a detachable form. Sent to freeze in the fridge. If there is no detachable form, then we use the usual form, but we fill the bottom with cling film, also lay it on the sides, so that there are no problems with the dessert extraction.

5. Gelatin, which is designed for yogurt, soaked in a small amount of water, add about 0.75 cup.

6. Egg whites whip in a lush foam with half the norm of powdered sugar. The second part is whipped with egg whites.

7. Combine lemon juice and gelatin, heat until all the grains are dissolved.

8. Combine loose gelatin with yogurt, whip, then gently add the cream, at the end add the prepared protein foam.

9. Stir yogurt with all additives until smooth.

10. Take out the frozen layer of currants.

11. At the bottom of the form pour out half of the yogurt, then put the currant layer and again cover it with yogurt. We put everything in the fridge for another 2-3 hours.

12. Cooking ganache. To do this, we melt chocolate along with heavy cream. As soon as the mass becomes homogeneous, remove and cool.

13. We take the cake out of a split form, decorate with chocolate mass.

Dessert from currant and cream

Option of a very fragrant dessert. These products make 4 servings. You can use black currant, red and even white.


· 2 tbsp. berries;

· 250 g of cream of 33%;

· 2 yolks;

· 20 g of gelatin;

· 200 ml of milk;

· 200 g of sugar;

· Small lemon.


1. Currant pereteret any convenient way, combine with 100 g of sugar.

2. Wash the lemon, remove the zest from it, chop, pour to the berries. Squeeze juice and also add to puree. All thoroughly stir, put in the refrigerator for 50-60 minutes. 3. Add 100 ml of water to gelatin, leave to swell.

4. Separate the yolks, mix with the remaining sugar, add milk, put on the stove and brew a regular cream. Cook on low heat so that nothing burned.

5. Add the swollen gelatin to the hot cream, stir until the grains are dissolved, then cool together.

6. To a good foam, whip the cream, enter the cooled cream, gently stir. You can add a drop of vanilla essence to the aroma.

7. Remove currants from the fridge and fold them into transparent bowls, divide into 4 portions.

8. Spread over the currants creamy mass with gelatin. You can scatter the whole currant berries from above. Put in the fridge for three hours.

Currant Dessert - Tips and Tricks

· In many recipes used to decorate fresh mint. In fact, you can decorate desserts and currant leaves. They are very fragrant, beautiful, often used in various types of preservation.

· The currant has rather large bones, which are not always needed in desserts. The berry can be smashed into a puree blender, but it is better to wipe after pre-boiling. Such mashed potatoes turn out the most gentle, but at the same time all taste is transferred.

· If there are no fresh berries of a currant, then it is always possible to use the frozen berries. By the way, to save space in the freezer, it is better to wipe them, then spread them out in molds or small glasses.

· There are varieties of currants with very sweet, even sugary berries. Be sure to try, may have to reduce the amount of sugar.

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