Banana kvass made from skins and pulp: tasty and healthy. How to cook kvass from banana skins in Bolotov

Banana kvass made from skins and pulp: tasty and healthy. How to cook kvass from banana skins in Bolotov

You can cook delicious invigorating kvass from almost any food product. Very tasty banana kvass, which can be insisted on the sweet pulp, and on the skins of bananas. Moreover, Academician Bolotov proposed a wonder-recipe for a drink on the skins of a banana, which is considered to be healing.

According to Bolotov, kvass from banana skins contains the most important hormone for the body, tryptophan, which is able to remove toxins. Drink in folk medicine is considered a powerful tool for the prevention of cancer, strengthen the immune system, the healing of gastric ailments. In ordinary life, it is used as an ordinary bread kvass, quenching thirst or tucking okroshka.

Banana Kvass - General Cooking Principles

Prepare a banana kvass in the same way as any other kind of this drink: the crushed ingredients are mixed with an acidifying component (whey, yeast, sour cream, etc.) and filled with water.

For the preparation of banana kvass additional ingredients are used: peels from oranges, lemons, rye crackers, tea brewing or coffee. This is done to improve the flavor and appearance of the finished product.

Classic healing kvass from banana skins according to Bolotov is prepared on homemade sour cream with a fat content not higher than 15%. If not, then the store product will do. Water is taken purified or boiled and separated. You can use the spring.

As for banana skins, they should be yellow or greenish in color, but not rot, black spots. Since during transportation the fruit is treated with chemical solutions and wax, before using it from the outside, it is necessary to wash it with a brush with the addition of dishwashing liquid and rinse it with plenty of hot water.

Since the mold fungus appears on the surface during the preparation of the bolotovsky kvass, it is most convenient to use plastic bottles or glass jars for infusion. So the area of ​​formation of a mold turns out minimum, and it will be easier to filter kvass. Yes, and such a container takes less. This is important, since the drink should be “walking” for at least two to three weeks. The basis for the nutrition of lactic acid bacteria is sugar. Therefore, after the first pouring into the resulting starter, you need to add a little sugar and re-fill with water. You can use the first starter for a few weeks, or even a month.

Banovo kvass in Bolotov

Traditional Bolotovsky kvass turns out quite sour. This must be taken into account when trying a drink for the first time. The formation of mold on the surface should not be embarrassing: it is a normal process, indicating the viability of beneficial bacteria. If at first the drink is turbid, then at the end of fermentation it will become transparent.


• skins from four ripe bananas;

• two teaspoons of sour cream;

• a glass of white sugar;

• three liters of clean water or cooled boiling water.

Cooking Method:

  1. Remove the flesh from the prepared bananas, put them in a bag and put them in the refrigerator.
  2. Rinse the rind again with running water and cut into small cubes.
  3. Prepare a piece of gauze, put slices of banana peel into it, tie and lower the jars to the bottom.
  4. Dilute sour cream in a little water and pour it into a jar.
  5. Pour sugar.
  6. Pour all water over.
  7. Cover the neck of the can with a gauze napkin, folded in 3 layers, and put in a quiet place at room temperature.
  8. Infusion period is three weeks. The resulting mold must be carefully removed with a spoon.
  9. Ready kvass from banana skins according to Bolotov strain, cool in the refrigerator or cellar.

Ripe banana kvass on whey

After the first portion of the healing kvass on a banana peel is ready, on its basis it is possible to prepare new portions of the mature drink. This can be done as long as the fermentation processes take place and the taste remains saturated. As soon as it is weakened, they throw away the leaven and prepare a new batch of kvass on fresh banana peels. It is not necessary to use whey: you can pour mature kvass with water.


• liter of finished kvass from banana skins according to Bolotov;

• liter of whey or plain water;

• one hundred grams of granulated sugar. Cooking Method:

  1. Pour a liter of liquid from a bottle with ready-made kvass.
  2. In a liter of whey (or water) dissolve a serving of sugar.
  3. Pour sweet whey into ready-made kvass, mix.
  4. Insist the resulting portion of kvass for two days.
  5. Strain, cool and take on the scheme proposed by the healer Bolotov, or just like that.

Banana kvass with orange peels

To get a new taste of banana kvass, citrus peels are added to it. Especially aromatic drink turns on orange zest. It tastes like homemade kombucha, but more thick and invigorating.


• peel of three bananas;

• half an orange;

• a tablespoon of homemade or store sour cream;

• a glass of sugar;

• three liters of water.

Cooking Method:

  1. Cut the washed, healthy skin into small slices and place in a jar for fermentation.
  2. From the orange peel, cut half into small cubes.
  3. Toss an orange “flavor” in a jar to a banana peel.
  4. Pour a measured amount of granulated sugar over the top.
  5. Add water, mix and wait until sugar is completely dissolved.
  6. When the sugar grains dissolve, put sour cream, stir.
  7. Cover the container with gauze and put in a dark wardrobe for 17 days.
  8. Periodically check the drink by removing the mold fungus.
  9. Strain the brew and cool.

Banana pulp kvass

From banana pulp, you can cook a simple traditional kvass, which will bring great pleasure on hot days. It is better to use overripe bananas: their pulp is more fragrant and soft.


• one and a half kilograms of ripe bananas;

• a tablespoon of dry yeast (or 15 grams of fresh);

• three liters of boiled water;

• one hundred grams of sugar (optional).

Cooking Method:

  1. With bananas, remove the skin, stretch the pulp with a fork.
  2. Water boil and cool.
  3. When it becomes warm, dissolve the yeast.
  4. If you need sweet kvass, put sugar. Those who do not like sugary drinks can do without sugar.
  5. Put banana puree in the fermentation bowl.
  6. Pour bananas with yeast water so that two thirds of the container is left free.
  7. Cover the container with a gauze or woven napkin and store in heat for a day.
  8. Strain the resulting drink through a sieve or filter through gauze.
  9. Bottled and put away for two days to infuse in a refrigerator or cellar.

Banana kvass with rye crusts

Another option is kvass on banana pulp with the addition of rye crackers and honey. Delicious, invigorating drink - a real salvation in the summer heat.


• two ripe bananas;

• two hundred grams of rye bread;

• quarter of a spoonful of dry yeast;

• a tablespoon of honey;

• two liters of water.

Cooking Method:

  1. Make mashed banana pulp.
  2. Slice rye bread into small cubes and dry in the oven.
  3. Boil and cool water.
  4. In a warm pore, dissolve the yeast and dissolve the honey.
  5. Put banana puree in a three-liter fermentation jar.
  6. Throw crackers.
  7. Pour honey yeast water.
  8. Insist for two days in a warm place.
  9. Strain, cool and enjoy a spicy taste.

Banana kvass with oranges and mint

Mint lovers can cook kvass from banana peel, orange peels and fresh aromatic herbs. Fantastic refreshing taste plus undeniable benefits!


• peel from four bananas;

• half a cup of sugar;

• orange;

• a bunch of fresh mint;

• three tablespoons of sour cream;

• three liters of water.

Cooking Method:

  1. The skins of bananas and orange should be thoroughly washed and cut into small pieces.
  2. Mint wash and tie the bundle with a string.
  3. In a three-liter jar put crust and mint.
  4. Fill all with sugar.
  5. Pour water over the jar hangers.
  6. Put sour cream, stir.
  7. Cover the three-liter neck with a gauze napkin.
  8. Put in a warm place.
  9. As mold develops, remove it with a spoon.
  10. As soon as the thick kvass sinks to the bottom - the drink is ready.
  11. It needs to be drained, poured into more convenient plastic bottles and cooled.

Banana Kvass - Tips and Tips

  • Banana-based kvass should be stored in a dark, cool place. In an urban setting it is a fridge. For treatment purposes, Bolotovskiy kvass from banana peel is drunk at 150 ml half an hour before the main meals, that is, three times a day.
  • If yeast kvass is prepared, be sure to leave at least two-thirds capacity for the yeast to ferment. Otherwise, the drink "run away", and everything will have to be redone.
  • To make a whitish banana kvass get a pleasant color, you can add a little fresh strong tea or a teaspoon of coffee dissolved in boiling water to the ready-strained drink.
  • If Bolotov ferments kvass, it will become hot and sour. Such a drink can not be consumed.
  • Each serving of kvass on a banana peel will have its own taste. This is normal. If the saturation of the drink has ceased to arrange, you need to cook it on a new portion of the peel.
  • You can use banana pulp to make banana chips. It is cut into thin slices, laid out on baking paper and dried in the oven at 50 degrees until cooked. To ensure air flow, the oven door needs to be opened.
  • There should be no mildew on the surface of ready-made properly prepared banana peel kvass. The color of the drink is clear, the sediment is small. If you throw a pinch of sugar (or salt) into it, the drink should froth a little.
  • Good kvass can make you feel a little drunk. You should not be frightened, but children, pregnant and lactating women should not drink much.
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