Kvass for weight loss: beetroot, oatmeal, lemon, ginger. Recipes kvass for weight loss and body recovery

Kvass for weight loss: beetroot, oatmeal, lemon, ginger. Recipes kvass for weight loss and body recovery

Traditional Russian drink, kvass perfectly quenches thirst, uplifting, is used to prepare various dishes.

In addition, it can be included in the diet diets for weight loss.

Kvass for weight loss: what's the benefit of

The beauty of kvass in its low calorie content, savory refreshing taste and ability to activate metabolic processes. Kvass for weight loss can be prepared from beets, oats, crackers, lemon, ginger, berry, spices, herbs and even banana peel.

The composition of kvass allows you to use it as a prevention of vitamin deficiency. The drink contains many vitamins, essential trace elements and organic acids.

It is not only refreshing, but also has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole:

• improves well-being;

• boosts metabolism;

• improves digestion;

• cleans the intestines;

• prevents and cures dysbacteriosis;

• prevents premature aging;

• contributes to the breakdown of fats;

• regulates the water-salt balance;

• protects tooth enamel;

• launches cell renewal processes;

• relieves stress on the kidneys.

Kvass can be drunk not only in summer: you can cook it all year round, and take courses or from time to time as a light, healthy drink. Judging by the reviews, kvass for weight loss really helps to accelerate weight loss.

Due to its taste and abundance of vitamins, this drink helps to avoid disruptions in the diet. They can replace one of the meals (over time, not immediately) and not suffer from hunger.

Kvass for beet slimming

Beetroot is known for its dietary properties. Sweet root vegetable is often included in the diet. Beet kvass for weight loss is very useful due to the high content of chlorophyll, iron, copper, carotene, vitamins PP, C, B. It is useful to drink for people suffering from anemia, as the drink increases hemoglobin levels.

Kvass from beets is an excellent preventive measure against the development of atherosclerosis, as it clears the walls of blood vessels and blood from the accumulation of bad cholesterol. Due to the high concentration of antioxidant substances, the drink can be called the elixir of youth. It not only contributes to weight loss, but also slows down the cellular aging of the body. The skin after the course of treatment becomes elastic, beautiful, even, more elastic and youthful. The effect of weight loss due to the fact that beet kvass contributes to the removal of excess fluid from the body, the removal of puffiness. A great option for drinking is unloading day, during which you can drink 5-6 glasses of healing liquid. Sweet beets dull the feeling of hunger, so that such a day is tolerated very easily.

To refuse to take a drink should be those who suffer from exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases and kidney stones. In addition, the regular use of such kvass can exacerbate pain when gout. Diabetics need to consult about the possibility of taking the drink with your doctor.

Ingredients for making beet kvass:

• large beets;

• five tablespoons of sugar;

• a handful of rye crackers (you can take three crusts of stale black bread);

• two liters of boiled cooled water.


  1. Beets should be washed, peeled and cut into thin slices. You can grate the root vegetable on a coarse grater.
  2. In a three-liter bottle, place all the ingredients, fill with water, tie a jar with gauze napkin.
  3. Kvass should ferment at room temperature, preferably in a warm place.
  4. The drink will be ready in three days.
  5. It needs to be drained, the container should be stored in the refrigerator.
  6. Take two to three glasses a day for two to three weeks, preferably on an empty stomach. If the laxative effect is too strong, reduce the volume.

Yeast version of beet kvass for weight loss


• kilo of beets;

• two tablespoons of honey;

• three liters of clean water;

• a handful of rye crackers (or two hard crusty black bread);

• 20 grams of live yeast.


  1. All components for kvass, except honey, put in a three-liter jar, pour water over the hanger and insist in heat for five days. The drink should ferment.
  2. Then strain, put honey in kvass, stir until completely dissolved and put in the fridge.

This option is perfect for holding fasting days. The kvass for weight loss is positive, especially if you combine the drink with a light low-calorie diet.

Oatmeal for weight loss

Traditional oatmeal can be an excellent basis for preparing a healthy diet drink. Kvass for weight loss oatmeal is no less rich in vitamin and mineral composition. In addition, the drink has a very low glycemic index, which makes it an excellent dietary option.

The oats-based beverage has excellent healing properties:

• cleans mucous GIT;

• normalizes the bowels;

• saturates the body with minerals, vitamins and other beneficial substances;

• restores the normal intestinal microflora;

• promotes active splitting of fat;

• reduces the feeling of hunger;

• makes the skin beautiful, smooth, reduces inflammation.

Ingredients for making oat kvass:

• two glasses of oat grains;

• 150 grams of sugar;

• three liters of clean warm water.


  1. Wash the oats thoroughly in a colander, select and discard trash.
  2. Put the grains in a three-liter jar, add sugar. You can add some cinnamon to taste.
  3. Fill with warm boiled water, cover the neck of the jar with a napkin or tie a piece of gauze. Pour the drink until a characteristic foam appears on the surface.
  4. Then strain and store in the refrigerator. Drink a glass for half an hour before each main meal.

You can make oat kvass for weight loss not from whole grains, but from oatmeal. This drink is useful in diabetes, inflammatory diseases of housing and utilities and the urogenital system, impaired heart function, for the prevention of vascular diseases. It reduces blood sugar levels, improves digestion, eliminates persistent constipation, speeds up metabolism.

Miracle drink oatmeal for weight loss

Ingr units:

• a glass of oatmeal;

• two tablespoons of sugar;

• A handful of rye crackers or two pieces of stale bread;

• three liters of clean drinking water.


  1. In a three-liter jar, mix all the components, fill with cooled boiling water at room temperature, cover the opening of the container with a cloth and put it in heat.
  2. Kvass should ferment for three or four days.
  3. Then you need to strain it, pour in another half-liter of boiled water and put it in the refrigerator.
  4. Drink 150 ml of the drink before the meal, you can eat in an hour.

Lemon slimming kvass

Delicious slimming kvass can be prepared on the basis of citrus fruits, for example, lemon. It contains a lot of ascorbic acid, it also contains antioxidants and trace elements, improves mood and promotes weight loss.

The drink rejuvenates, removes excess water from the body, stimulates the intestines, triggers metabolic processes, has a beneficial effect on the liver and pancreas, reduces appetite and prevents fat accumulation. However, with increased acidity of the stomach is contraindicated.


• three lemons;

• four hundred grams of sugar;

• 20 grams of live yeast;

• a handful of raisins;

• four liters of water.


  1. Measure out the right amount of water in a saucepan, pour in sugar and put it on fire. Bring to a boil over low heat, stir constantly to dissolve all the sugar.
  2. Cut the lemons into pieces, squeeze out all the juice. The flesh together with the peel is very finely chopped, pre-remove the bones.
  3. When the syrup has cooled, pour the juice into it, put the pulp and zest, yeast and raisins. Mix everything and put in the heat for fermentation.
  4. It will take two to three days (depending on how warm the room is).
  5. When the zest rises to the surface and fermentation stops, kvass is ready. It must be filtered and stored in the refrigerator. Drink half a glass twice a day before meals.

Ginger slimming kvass


• seven plates, cut from the root of ginger;

• a pound of rye crackers without spices (you can take 800 grams of rye bread);

• four liters of water;

• two glasses of sugar;

• half a liter of apple juice;

• 30 grams of fresh yeast.


  1. Cooking ginger kvass for a long time, but the result will be a very tasty, unusual drink with an original rich flavor.
  2. Rye crackers or sliced ​​loaf of rye bread should be filled with boiling water (water should cover the mass) and leave to swell under the lid.
  3. Pour the slices of ginger into water and cook for 20 minutes after boiling over low heat.
  4. Broth strain.
  5. When the ginger water has cooled, put rye into it, bring to a boil and turn it off.
  6. Dissolve the yeast in a small amount of warm water, pour into the cooled ginger-bread basis.
  7. Add sugar and apple juice, mix.
  8. Leave to warm for 16-18 hours, strain and cool.

Take half a cup before a meal.

Kvass for weight loss - tips and tricks

Do not rely only on kvass in the hope of losing weight fast. No matter how wonderful the properties of this drink, its reception must be combined with a diet built on the principles of proper nutrition, and sufficient physical activity.

An integrated approach allows you to quickly cope with extra centimeters at the waist and hips, to improve the intestines, to restore beauty to the skin and hair. Having lowered weight, it will be necessary only to support it at the acceptable level. Doing this will help all the same fitness brew. Fasting days on kvass once a week is a great way to preserve the perfect figure for a long time.

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