Russian okroshka is an old soup! Recipes of traditional Russian okroshka on kvass, whey, broth, yogurt

Russian okroshka is an old soup! Recipes of traditional Russian okroshka on kvass, whey, broth, yogurt

What is okroshki not in the world!

Cold soups are cooked with vegetables, meat, fish and even seafood.

Recipes and filing options are a huge amount. But we are closer to our Russian okroshka!


Russian Okroshka - General Principles of Cooking

By tradition, Russian okroshka is poured with sour kvass. But not always. Often cold soup is cooked with whey, sour milk, or sour cream is simply diluted with water. In the villages there were recipes for meat okroshkas on rich broths. They not only quenched thirst, but also well saturated.

What usually throw in the soup:

• cucumbers;

• radish, radish;

• all kinds of greens;

• potatoes;

• eggs;

• meat, poultry or sausage.

A special taste of cold soup gives acid, which must be contained in kvass. But sometimes the dish is bland. In this case, add lemon, vinegar. You can crumble and grind the leaves of sorrel.

Okroshka is filled with sour cream, which can be added directly to the pan or in portions to the plates. Often in Russian okroshka add pepper, mustard, horseradish. Spicy sour soups taste good.

Recipe 1: Russian okroshka on bread kvass

For the preparation of Russian okroshka, real brew is used, and not simple. The drink is prepared on rye breadcrumbs, allowed to wander with raisins and kept in a cold cellar. If there is no such brew, then use any other.


• 0.7 liters of kvass;

• 3 eggs;

• 2 cucumbers;

• onions 1 small bunch;

• 0.25 kg boiled sausage;

• sour cream to taste and mustard;

• a little dill.


1. Boil hard-boiled eggs. Give cool, then free from the shell and chop finely.

2. Add cucumbers, sausage, greens to the eggs. All cut into small cubes.

3. We salt, we mix.

4. Spread the resulting salad on a plate.

5. Fill with kvass, stir. The drink should be well cooled, it should be ice. 6. Add sour mustard to sour cream. We select the quantity to your taste.

7. Put 1-2 tablespoons of sour cream on top and immediately send to the table.

Recipe 2: Russian okroshka on beef broth

Variant of nourishing Russian okroshka, which is prepared in meat broth. The soup is rich and pleasant to the taste. To broth did not turn out fat, it is better to use beef. Meat will also go to the soup.


• 0.4 kg of beef;

• 5-6 cucumbers;

• 4 eggs;

• 3-4 potatoes;

• 2 bunches of dill;

• 120 ml sour cream;

• 10 radishes;

• 2 onions.


1. Fold the beef into a saucepan, pour two liters of purified water and boil for about two hours. Be sure to remove the foam, otherwise the broth will not be transparent.

2. Pieces of beef reach, cool and send in the freezer for an hour. After a good cooling, they will be easy to cut into neat cubes.

3. In the same cubes, as well as meat, we cut boiled eggs with a potato.

4. Add to the total weight all greens. Onions with dill need to sort, wash, chop finely.

5. We also wash the radish, remove the tips from it and cut into thin circles or sectors.

6. All the ingredients are mixed and pour salted, be sure to cool the broth.

7. Sour cream is added to the common pan or individually in plates.

8. Put the soup to cool for an hour, to taste, you can add lemon juice. In the old days in Russia poured cabbage or cucumber pickle.

Recipe 3: Russian okroshka with beets and carrots

Another village version of Russian okroshka on bread kvass. The soup is not very ordinary, very bright and appetizing. Vegetables all you need to cook in advance, you can cool.


• 1.2 liters of sour kvass;

• 0.2 kg boiled meat or sausage;

• 3 cucumbers;

• 1 bundle of onions and dill;

• 2 boiled beets;

• 2 boiled carrots;

• 3 eggs, also boiled;

• salt and sour cream.


1. Peel the boiled carrot, cut into cubes. 2. Also, crumble the eggs and send to the carrots.

3. Add sliced ​​or grated cucumbers. If the seeds are large or coarse, then you need to remove.

4. Now the meat or sausage. Grind and send in cold soup.

5. Beets need to peel and grate, but large. Sent to the soup.

6. Cut the greens in the usual way, throw in the rest of the ingredients.

7. All together stir a little salt.

8. Kvass okroshka should be poured right away so that the beets will color the broth, make the soup more appealing.

9. Sour cream is added to each eater in the plate.

Recipe 4: Russian Okroshka on whey

Whey - a byproduct in the manufacture of cottage cheese. It is used for baking, drinks, various dishes. In Russia, they actively prepared serum okroshka. And it turned out no worse than soup with kvass. Check?


• serum 1.4 liters;

• four potatoes;

• five cucumbers;

• a couple of bunches of any greens;

• 0.3 kg boiled meat;

• three eggs at will;

• medium bunch of radish;

• sour cream 250-300 grams;

• salt, vinegar.


1. Serum immediately salted, refilled with sour cream. We taste it. If the acid is low, then add table vinegar. You can substitute lemon juice. We remove the perm in the fridge, let it cool.

2. Cut the cooled, boiled potatoes with eggs into small cubes.

3. In radishes and cucumbers, remove the tails, tips, then grind. Immediately we throw everything in one pot or in a big tureen.

4. We take boiled meat, cut or disassemble along the fibers, transfer it to the soup.

5. Add any greens. The amount is unlimited, tasty, if a lot.

6. Stir all dry ingredients.

7. Fill with cooled serum and set again to cool. An hour later, the soup can be sent to the table.

Recipe 5: Russian okroshka with radish and sour milk “Come from childhood”

Option not all familiar Russian okroshka with radish. But once this version of cold soup was very popular. Radish began to be added much earlier than radish, and especially sausage. Make an old soup? Ingredients

• liter of sour milk;

• two radishes;

• three cucumbers:

• 0.3 kg boiled potatoes;

• all greens;

• 0.2 kg sausage or meat;

• five boiled eggs;

• citric acid, salt.


1. Meat is cut and put into a saucepan. Or use any sausage without adding bacon pieces.

2. Eggs, boiled potatoes and cucumbers, too, cut, throw in okroshka.

3. Add any greens to your taste, preferably more.

4. Clear two medium-sized juicy radishes and rub them. You can cut, but in this case, the slices should be thin, as the root is quite hard.

5. Pour okroshka sour milk. Instead, you can take the usual kefir, tasty is obtained with ryazhenka.

6. Take half a liter of ice water and dissolve in it a third of a teaspoon of citric acid. Pour into okroshka.

7. Stir, give a little brew and everything is ready!

Recipe 6: Russian Okroshka “Spring” with pickles

For the preparation of flavored okroshka, it is not necessary to use only fresh cucumbers. With pickles it turns out just as good. Let such a cold soup is not very refreshing, but it tastes very good.


• 0.4 kg boiled meat;

• 0.4 kg jacket potatoes;

• 2 liters of kvass;

• 1 bunch of dill;

• 1 bunch celery;

• 3 pickled cucumbers;

• sour cream, salt;

• green onion.


1. We cut all greens, we send to a pan.

2. Add chopped meat.

3. We clean the potatoes, dice and throw in okroshka.

4. Next add the pickles. You can simply rub them.

5. We fill all with kvass, you can add salt to taste, if the taste of cucumbers is not enough.

6. Spill soup. Top throw a spoonful of sour cream and can be removed from okroshka sample.

Recipe 7: Russian okroshka with horseradish

A variant of vigorous Russian okroshka, for which you will need shredded horseradish and homemade mustard. Recipe with sausage, but if desired, you can use boiled meat. Ingredients

• 2 potatoes;

• 2 tsp. grated horseradish;

• 1.5 liters of kvass;

• 1 bunch of radishes;

• 2-3 cucumbers;

• 2 bundles of greens;

• 4 boiled eggs;

• 2 tsp. mustard;

• sour cream.


1. Pour a glass of kvass, add a teaspoon of salt, throw horseradish with mustard and mix well. We leave refueling for insisting.

2. Cut the radish into thin half rings. If it is large, then it is possible to quarter rings.

3. Add shredded cucumbers.

4. Next, throw the chopped potatoes and sausage.

5. Everything is well stirred, pour in a leavening dressing, and then the rest of the brew. Stir the soup, leave in a cool place for half an hour.

6. We get, we try. If necessary, add salt.

7. We clean the eggs, cut them in half and throw them in plates. Fill with cooked soup, put sour cream on top. Can mayonnaise.

Recipe 8: Russian Meat Okroshka

Another option okroshka broth. But this soup is prepared with the addition of different types of meat products and sausages.


• 0.3 kg boiled beef;

• 0.2 kg sausage boiled or smoked;

• 0.3 kg chicken breast;

• 5 cucumbers;

• 15 radishes;

• 2 liters of broth;

• 200 grams of sour cream;

• 2 onions;

• 0.5 lemon;

• 1 bunch of dill.


1. When cooking beef or chicken broth remained. You can use both kinds, just mix everything up. Broth stand in the refrigerator and be sure to remove the layer of frozen fat.

2. Add salt, pepper to the broth, stir and put it in the cold again.

3. Cut all kinds of meat products into strips or cubes.

4. Cucumbers, too, cut straws, radish circles or in any other way.

5. Grind greens in any other way.

6. Fill all components of the soup with salted broth.

7. Arrange the plates, put a large spoonful of sour cream and a few slices of lemon on top. Done! Separately, you can offer mustard, which is great for meat okroshka.

Russian Okroshka - useful tips and tricks

• It happens that okroshka turns out more than you need for lunch. In this case, it is better to put the dry mixture in the container and not to dilute the soup completely. The ingredients will remarkably survive cold storage until the next day. You can fill the dry okroshka with mayonnaise or sour cream, serve as a salad for dinner.

• Eggs in okroshka often fall apart, the pieces lose their neat appearance. To avoid this, you can not mix them with the total mass, and lay individually in the plates. Okroshka with floating halves of boiled eggs looks interesting.

• If the cucumbers or radishes are hard, it is best to use a grater and not to cut the vegetables with a knife. Otherwise, hard pieces will impede the process of eating and will deprive pleasure.

• Cold soup will be much tastier and more fragrant if you chop all greens, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and then rub in a pestle in a bowl.

• Lemon is never superfluous in okroshka. You can simply add slices to the plates, squeeze out the juice or throw a little zest for flavor.

• In okroshka you can throw not only boiled, but also smoked sausage. The taste will be more interesting. Smoked chicken leg goes well with vegetables, but in this case it is better to remove the skin.

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