How to cook khinkali

How to cook khinkali

In the kitchen of any nation there are dishes that are considered almost national pride. But if you read them better, you can see that very similar recipes are found in the culinary culture of other nations. Unless the names are different.

Take at least hinkali. This dish is probably one of the most popular in Georgian cuisine.

Khinkali are a kind of dumplings, though differing from them in size and unusual tucking in the form of wrinkles. Although they are cooked just like dumplings, in plenty of water.

But khinkali are boiled and steamed. And then they become like manti - the national dish of the peoples of Central Asia.

But it is better not to talk about this to the Georgian, because khinkali for him is not just a dish, but a real ceremonial meal. Khinkali take a tail, nadkusyvayut and, savoring, they drink at first meat juice, and then they eat as much as they like. And how many pieces there are - it all depends on the appetite. However, there are still rules for eating khinkali: they are eaten only with hands. So - no forks!

Khinkali now can be bought in almost any store in the department of semi-finished products. But many hostesses prefer to cook this dish by themselves.

How to knead dough for khinkali

The dough for these Georgian dumplings is made fresh: from flour, water, salt and eggs. Although some do without the last ingredient, believing that this does not make the khinkali worse. The dough should be a little softer than on the dumplings, so that it can be easily rolled thin.


  • wheat flour - 3 tbsp .;
  • water - 1 tbsp .;
  • egg - 1 pc .;
  • salt - an incomplete teaspoon.


  • Sift flour in the form of a hill into a large dish. Make it a recess.
  • In a glass of water stir the egg and salt.
  • Pour the mixture into the flour.
  • Knead dough.
  • Cover it with a napkin and leave for half an hour to swell gluten.

How to make minced meat for khinkali

Stuffing should be fatty. Classic khinkali are made from fat lamb and pork, and lamb should be one and a half times more. Who does not like pork, can replace it with beef. In addition to meat, a lot of onions are put in mince, and broth is also added. Only then the filling will turn out juicy.


  • fat lamb - 300 g;
  • pork - 200 g;
  • onions - 3 pcs .;
  • meat broth - 1 tbsp .;
  • salt and pepper to taste.

Also add cilantro and other herbs to taste.

  • Meat with onions is passed through a meat grinder, spices and greens are added.
  • Gradually pour in the broth and knead the thick, juicy minced meat.

How to make Khinkali

  • The dough is kneaded and kneaded well again, and then rolled into a thin layer.
  • Cut out mugs the size of a saucer.
  • Put stuffing in the middle.
  • The edges of the juicy are collected in a circle, making folds. The classic khinkali should have at least twenty-two.
  • Khinkali raise the collected tail so that it stretches a little, and folds better glued together.
  • Then they are boiled.

How to cook khinkali in a pan

  • Water is poured into a large, wide saucepan, salted and brought to a boil.
  • A whirlpool is made with a spatula and then the khinkali is lowered one by one into the middle of the pan using a skimmer.
  • Lightly stir with a narrow spatula so that they do not stick to the bottom. But this must be done very carefully so as not to tear the thin dough, otherwise the entire juice will flow out.
  • After the ascent, Khinkali are boiled for 7-8 minutes.
  • Get out with a slotted spoon, spread on a dish and sprinkle with black pepper.

How to cook khinkali in a double boiler

  • Water is poured into the tank to the maximum mark.
  • Steamer cups are oiled.
  • They spread khinkali on them at a distance from each other.
  • Installed in a double boiler.
  • Cook for 20-25 minutes.

How to cook khinkali in a mantelvar

  • Water is poured into the lower part of the man-keeper and brought to a boil.
  • Mantovark mugs are lubricated with sunflower oil.
  • Spread khinkali on them at the same distance from each other.
  • Install the mugs in the upper part of the maker. Connect both parts.
  • Cook khinkali for 30 minutes.

How to cook khinkali in a slow cooker

  • Half a liter of water is poured into the main bowl.
  • The steaming bowl is oiled.
  • They spread khinkali on it.
  • Cook for 30 minutes in “Steaming” mode.

How to cook khinkali in the microwave

  • Take a microwave-deep dish or a saucepan.
  • They spread khinkali into it.
  • Pour a glass of water and add spices.
  • Close the lid.
  • Cook at full power for 10-12 minutes.

Mistress to note

  • The stuffing in the original is not twisted through a meat grinder, but crushed with a knife.
  • To prevent the khinkali from sticking to the bottom during cooking, experienced housewives recommend pouring sunflower oil on the bottom of the pot before pouring water into the pan.
  • Frozen khinkali cook like fresh ones, but the cooking time increases by as much as the time it takes for the water to boil after dipping the semi-finished products into it.
  • Khinkali cooked in a double boiler are more dense. But then you can fry them in a frying pan until golden brown.
  • Khinkali is served with vinegar, sour cream or melted butter.
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