Dagestan Khinkali - a hearty folk dish of the North Caucasus. Interesting and unusual recipes for Dagestan khinkali cooking

Dagestan Khinkali - a hearty folk dish of the North Caucasus. Interesting and unusual recipes for Dagestan khinkali cooking

In Dagestan, khinkali is considered one of the most delicious and satisfying dishes. They are very popular there. In contrast to the usual khinkal, Dagestani prepare very quickly. But this does not mean that they are easy to prepare.

If you do not follow all the rules, the dish can turn out tough and tasteless. But if you master the subtleties and various ways of cooking Dagestan khinkal, then not only you, but also your relatives will be delighted with the fullness of taste and diversity. After all, the dish itself includes several components - meat, broth, dough and two types of sauce.

Khinkali Dagestan - general principles of cooking

The first thing to cook khinkal meat is cooked. Mutton, chicken or beef will do. The broth must be decanted.

Water for making dough should be used boiled. Add flour for kneading gradually. Knead the dough tight, not sticking to the hands.

To make the dough elastic, give it a little rest. Then roll it out with a special long gurney.

Dagestan khinkali are cut into either cubes or diamond. To make the dough easier to cut, it’s better to wait a little while it dries. After that, lightly sprinkle the surface with flour.

Khinkali are dipped into prepared broth and cooked until ready. Try not to digest khinkali.

Khinkali are served with large pieces of meat, in the broth of which they are cooked. The broth itself is served in a separate container. Nearby is put specially prepared sauce. For juicy khinkali you can pour melted butter.

Dagestan Khinkali - a classic recipe with lamb


• 800 grams of fat lamb;

• salt;

• 150 ml of water;

• 4-5 glasses of flour;

• two eggs;

• tomato paste;

• 4 cloves of garlic;

• greenery.


1. We send pieces of lamb in salted and boiling water. Cook for 70 minutes. 2. Take the finished lamb out of the broth and set aside for a while.

3. In warm water dissolve the salt. Add the eggs and knead the dough, gradually sifting flour.

4. Roll out the dough into sausages with a diameter of 1 cm.

5. Heat the broth and throw in it, plucking sausages 2 centimeters, dough.

6. Cook khinkali until they pop up.

7. For the sauce in the pan, heat the tomato paste with a small amount of broth. There also add chopped garlic and a spoonful of flour. All mix and cook until a thick mixture.

8. Serve the dish right away so that the khinkali will not stick together.

9. Next lay out the pieces of lamb.

10. Pour the dish with tomato sauce and decorate with greens.

11. Broth served in a deep plate, sprinkled with chopped greens.

Dagestan Khinkali with minced meat


• 350 g of beef;

• 110 ml of water;

• 2-3 glasses of flour;

• one egg;

• 140 ml of ghee;

• onion head;

• garlic head;

• vinegar;

• salt.


1. Pass minced meat and peeled onions through a meat grinder.

2. Add salt to the meat and, if desired, pepper. Stir.

3. We form meatballs from minced meat, which we put in boiling, salted water and cook until ready.

4. With the help of the skimmer, pull out the meatballs and set aside for a while.

5. Pour water into the bowl, dissolve the salt in it and add the egg. Using a fork, beat everything.

6. Gradually add flour to the resulting mass and knead the dough.

7. Roll out the resulting dough with a thickness of 3-4 mm and cut it into small diamonds.

8. Boil broth from meatballs and drop khinkali there. Cook no more than 7 minutes.

9. At this time, prepare the sauce. Squeeze the garlic and add vinegar to it.

10. Serve khinkali along with meatballs poured with warm melted butter. Next put the prepared sauce and broth.

Khinkali Dagestan (dough on yogurt)


• one glass of kefir;

• the required amount of flour for the dough;

• salt;

• 2.5 liters of cold water;

• 720 g of beef;

• 70 g of tomato paste;

• 6 cloves of garlic. Preparation:

1. Send the boneless meat into the water and cook with salt for a little over two hours. Do not forget to clean the accumulated foam.

2. Pour kefir at room temperature into a bowl and add flour to it. Knead the dough tight. Leave to rest.

3. Remove the ready beef from the pan and filter the broth.

4. The finished dough is divided into two parts and each alternately rolled into a layer of thickness not less than 6 mm.

5. We cut khinkali in the form of triangles.

6. Dip pieces of dough in boiling broth. Cooking before the ascent of the khinkal. Finished triangles we pierce a toothpick.

7. To prepare the sauce in a container, mix the squeezed garlic, some broth and tomato paste.

8. Serve khinkali with minced meat, next to put the sauce.

Thin khinkali Dagestan with potatoes and lamb


• 630 g lamb;

• 130 ml of water;

• the right amount of flour;

• one chicken egg;

• two potatoes;

• salt.


1. Cook the lamb until cooked, extract it and filter the broth.

2. Cover the meat with a plate so that it does not cool.

3. Whip the water with salt and egg. Add the sifted flour and knead the elastic dough.

4. Roll out the resulting dough very thin. Approximate thickness - 2 mm. We are waiting for 5 minutes, the dough should dry out.

5. Cut the layer in small cubes.

6. Heat up the broth and put chopped potatoes into it. After 4 minutes we send khinkali to the same place. Cook all together for 5 minutes.

7. For serving, prepare the urub sauce from ripe sour plums.

8. Put potatoes with khinkali on a plate. Next put the sliced ​​meat and pour all the sauce.

Dagestan Khinkali with Beef and Sour Cream


• 430 grams of beef;

• Bay leaf;

• pepper;

• about 3 liters of water;

• 1 bow;

• salt;

• 6 cloves of garlic;

• 230 ml of kefir;

• 380 g of flour;

• a spoon of soda;

• 360 g sour cream;

• a bunch of parsley.


1. Put water with meat to prepare. After 15 minutes, add the bay leaf, salt, half garlic, pepper and onion. Cook for two hours. 2. Finished meat is removed with a slotted spoon, and the broth is filtered through a sieve.

3. In a bowl, sift flour and mix it with soda and salt. Gradually add kefir to the dry mixture. Knead the dough, which will not stick to your hands. Then we cover it with a towel and leave for some time.

4. Put sour cream in a container. To it we add salt, chopped greens and garlic, passed through the garlic press. Stir. The sauce is ready!

5. Roll out the dough into the formation and cut diamonds with a knife.

6. Purified broth bring to a boil and dip the pieces of dough into it. Cook from 5 to 7 minutes in small portions. We get using skimmers.

7. Serving the dish laid out at the very bottom of the khinkali, then the meat and covering all the sauce.

Dagestan Khinkali on chicken broth with vegetables


• 650 g chicken;

• two onions;

• cilantro;

• one medium carrot;

• water;

• salt;

• three glasses of flour;

• soda;

• a glass of fat kefir;

• 160 g fat sour cream;

• dried dill;

• half a head of garlic.


1. Take a deep pot of water and put in it peeled vegetables and chicken. Cook 50 minutes. Do not forget to salt and remove the foam.

2. While the chicken is boiling, let's proceed to the preparation of the dough. Kefir slightly heated in the microwave and pour into a bowl. To it we add salt and soda. Stir.

3. Pour the flour in small portions. Knead the stiff dough, then remove the bun for half an hour in the cold.

4. Roll the finished dough into flour and roll it into a thick layer.

5. Cut the dough into small rectangles (2 to 3 cm).

6. We get the finished chicken and cut it into portions.

7. Remove from broth and vegetables.

8. In the filtered broth alternately throw khinkali. Cook them for seven minutes.

9. We pierce the finished pieces of dough with a skewer and put them on a portion dish.

10. Mix sour cream, dried dill and minced garlic. Cover this sauce with khinkali.

11. Serve the dish along with the broth and chicken.

Khinkali Dagestan (Avar)


• 300 grams of chicken meat;

• 350 grams of beef; • laurel;

• salt;

• water;

• kilogram of flour;

• a spoon of soda;

• liter of sour milk.


1. We send beef and chicken to the pan with water. Cook for 50 minutes, then remove the chicken. We continue to cook another 50 minutes. Do not forget to add laurel and salt.

2. For now, remove the finished meat, and decant the broth.

3. Cooking dough. In a large bowl add flour. There we also add soda and as much soda. Stir.

4. In the dry mixture gradually pour in sour milk. Knead the dough in a bowl. Then continue to knead the dough on the surface of the table. If necessary, add flour.

5. Leave the dough to lie down for half an hour. After a quarter of an hour, the dough is again slightly baked

6. Divide the dough into two equal parts and roll out. The thicker the tastier.

7. Cut the layer into small squares.

8. Boil the broth again and over medium heat begin small portions to cook khinkali. Cook until the dough inside is no longer raw. We take out the squares and immediately pierce them a couple of times with a toothpick.

9. Serving khinkali along with meat and favorite sauce. Next put a plate of broth.

Dagestan Khinkali - Tricks and Useful Tips

• Khinkali can be cooked in water, in which it is necessary to add butter and flour.

• The tighter the dough, the easier it will be to roll and cut.

• Boil khinkali need small portions, otherwise you may not have time to pierce them.

• In ready-made khinkal should not have a raw dough inside.

• Cooked khinkali need to pierce a toothpick so that they are not blown away.

• Kefir for the test, choose fresh.

• Khinkali will be ready as soon as white foam appears on the surface of the pan.

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