How to cook khinkali: read, cook, cook! The correct answer to the question: how much boil khinkali frozen - here!

How to cook khinkali: read, cook, cook! The correct answer to the question: how much boil khinkali frozen - here!

Khinkali is a dish from the Caucasus Mountains, which descended into the city and became very popular.

After all, from the first piece it is able to fall in love with everyone who tried it.

Delicate dough like a feather, fragrant filling such a rich rich broth or juice inside ... This is how you can describe the real khinkali.

The dish can be considered both the first and second. To be fully fed, you will need three or four khinkali.

How to cook khinkali - general principles of cooking

The process of creating khinkali can be divided into four stages:

1. Knead the dough.

2. Prepare the filling.

3. Create a form.

4. Heat treatment of the semi-finished product.

The dish is made from dough made from flour, water and salt. Eggs are not used. To cook the khinkali correctly, the dough must be prepared according to the recipe.

The main filling of khinkali is minced meat. It is also scrolled through a meat grinder. Used lamb, pork and beef.

In addition to meat, the filling can be made both sweet and vegetable.

Dried fruits, mushrooms, nuts and cheese are appropriate in khinkali.

Parsley, spinach, cilantro and dill make a note of freshness in the finished dish.

Seasonings and spices strengthen the aroma, create a richer and more varied taste. Zira, pepper, coriander, basil, mint and garlic are used.

An important element of the creation of khinkali is the work on its form. Traditionally, the dish is molded in the form of a bag with a tail.

But first, we need blanks. In order for the hinks to not break during the cooking process, the dough should be approximately two millimeters thick. It should be divided into circles of ten or twelve centimeters in diameter.

Put the pieces of dough on a saucer and close with an accordion. To do this, collect the dough into folds of 3 cm. The more of them, the more professional the cook is considered. The fold may be 14-19. Twist the top counterclockwise, hold well and tear off the tail. Leave the khinkali airspace inside.

Khinkali are cooked in such basic ways:

1) In boiling water.

2) Steamed.

For the first method, you need in a wide saucepan to boil water and salt it.

Semi-finished khinkali is heavy, so if you randomly throw it into the saucepan, you are sticking to the bottom. To prevent this, bags of filling should sink to the bottom slowly. It can be done like this.

1. Spin up the water with a skimmer and make a small funnel, then lower the khinkali.

2. Pick up the bag by the “tail” and not let go, but led by the water. Then the dough will have time to brew. After a few seconds, let the khinkali go.

3. Lower the billet into the water with yula: spin it up a little and release it.

Putting khinkali with a tail upwards in a saucepan.

You need to cook in one layer, otherwise at any time the bags can stick to each other. The dough will burst and all the broth will go into the water. The number of khinkali that are cooked at the same time depends on the width of the pan.

Ensure that the water does not stop boiling intensely. This will not allow the khinkali to sink to the bottom of the pan and stick to it - they will constantly come up.

Stir skimmer can not. We need to take two tacks, raise the pot and very carefully twist it in a clockwise direction.

Cover is not necessary.

The optimal cooking time for khinkali is thirteen minutes.

When they surfaced and turned the tail down - done!

The cooked dish must be removed with a slotted spoon and placed on a plate.

For steaming khinkali you will need a sieve with the same diameter as the pan. It is filled with water in 3/4 volume. It is necessary to check that the sieve does not sink into the liquid. To do this, you need to put it on the pan and make sure that it is above water.

Water should boil. Put the khinkali on a sieve and cook for a couple to ten minutes. On the surface of the sieve, they should be placed freely. Cover the sieve with a saucepan lid. Meat khinkali can be sprinkled with black pepper, pour with mayonnaise or ketchup. Honey is added to the sweet dish.

You can take a chance and buy hinkali semi-finished products. They are sold frozen. But then before cooking it is necessary to find out how much to cook khinkali frozen.

And they are prepared, as a rule, in boiling water for ten to fifteen minutes.

You can successfully freeze and khinkali own production.

1. How to cook khinkali classic with meat

The dish cooked according to the classic recipe of Georgian culinary specialists, will like it immediately. Juicy and tasty filling, tender dough - all this brings real pleasure.


For test:

• A pound of flour.

• Two Art. spoons of sunflower oil refined.

• Glass of water.

• Black spoonful of salt.

For minced meat:

• 0.4 kg of pork.

• 0.4 kg of beef.

• 0.3 kg onion.

• Black spoonful of salt.

• Three cloves of garlic.

• Glass of water.

• One gram of ground cumin and thyme.

• Half tsp of black pepper.


Cook the dough. Roll it into a ball, wrap in a damp linen napkin and put in the refrigerator for about fifteen minutes.

Grind the onion. The meat, frozen in advance, finely chop with a knife and mix with onions. Sprinkle with salt and thyme, sprinkle pepper and squeezed garlic. Pour the water and stir the stuffing. Gradually, it should become like a thick sour cream.

Roll out the dough and then roll it into a sausage. Cut into pieces of three centimeters. Roll each into a formation with a diameter of approximately twelve centimeters.

Put mince into a flat cake and close with an accordion. Send to boiling and salted water. Wait until khinkali emerge to the surface, pour two spoons of cold water on them. Then cook for another four minutes.

Serve the finished dish in a beautiful platter, sprinkled with black ground pepper.

Khinkali can be cooked with stock and sent to the freezer. Then at any time they will help to eat. Most know how much to cook khinkali frozen. It is necessary to boil water, add salt and load the future dish. It is prepared for about fifteen minutes.

2. How to cook khinkali with vegetables

Perfectly cooked filling with cheese and vegetables, juicy and fragrant, placed in a gentle layer of dough, provides the Khinkali an unforgettable taste.


• A pound of finished dough.

• 0,300 kg of mushrooms.

• Onion.

• Carrot.

• 150 grams of suluguni.

• Five sprigs of parsley.

• 200 grams of spinach.

• Three cloves of garlic.

• Half a spoonful of salt kitchen.

• 1/4 teaspoon black ground pepper.

• Two Art. spoons of sunflower oil.


Prepare the dough and keep it in the fridge.

Chop onions and spinach.

Mushrooms cut into small pieces.

Grate the carrot using a larger grater.

Vegetables fall asleep on a hot frying pan and fry. After a couple of minutes, pour the pieces of mushrooms. Wait until the juice has evaporated, add the pieces of spinach.

Stew for three or four minutes. Salt and pepper. Squeeze the garlic right on the pan. Mix everything and send to cool.

Cut the parsley sprigs. Suluguni with a grater to grate large. Send to the griddle to a mixture of vegetables. Stir everything.

Dough roll out cakes. Put on their middle stuffing. Wrap khinkali in the form of a tied bag.

Steamed dish. Khinkali with vegetable filling sprinkle with greens.

3. How to cook khinkali sweet

Filling of dried fruit, nuts and apples, mixed in a homogeneous paste, contains a lot of vitamins and most useful substances. To make it very sweet, you should pour khinkali with honey.


• Ready dough.

• 0.3 kg of figs and prunes.

• 0.2 kg of dried apricots and raisins.

• Two green apples.

• 0.2 kg walnut nuts.

• Black spoon of powdered sugar.

• Art. spoon of sugar.


Send to the fridge ready dough.

Cut into four pieces figs. Put it in a deep platter. Pour dried apricots and prunes here. Pour warm tea brew. Soak the raisins separately.

After five minutes, the dried fruit should be removed from the brew and dried.

Peel the apples, remove the seeds and cut into cubes of approximately one centimeter. Sprinkle with sugar.

Using a blender to grind nuts to a paste.

Put dried apricots, figs and prunes in a blender cup. Grind into a homogeneous mass. Pour into a deep bowl.

Add apple slices and raisins. Pour the icing sugar. Mix.

Prepare a test basis. Put the stuffing on the rolled tortillas and make a boat. To wrap an accordion on both sides, inside leave open space. Boil for a couple of minutes seven.

4. How to cook khinkali with beef

Khinkali prepare quickly, especially if the dough is already in stock. It is a little ingredients, but it is enough in order that the dish was juicy and fragrant.


• A pound of finished dough.

• 500 grams of beef.

• Bulb large.

• Hazel cilantro.

• Black spoon of coriander.


Cook ground beef.

Shred onion smaller. Mix with minced meat.

Add coriander and chopped cilantro. Dilute minced water. Mix.

Form khinkali and boil in boiling water in the usual way.

5. How to cook khinkali with basil and pepper

An abundance of fresh herbs in the filling creates a fresh and delectable flavor. The dish is tasty and healthy.


• 300 g ready dough.

• 200 g pork and beef.

• Onion.

• Half-sheaf cilantro and parsley.

• 100 g basil.

• Salt and black pepper.

• Two pods of chili.


Pepper free from stalks and internal grains.

Scroll the meat in a meat grinder.

Cut greens and chili peppers into small pieces. Grind up

Cut the onion and send it to the meat grinder.

Stir the minced meat by hand. Salt and pepper, add a little water and mix again.

Form the bags and cook in salted water. Khinkali can be frozen raw and cooked at any time. This, of course, is convenient, although the taste will be worse.

How much to cook khinkali frozen? Not more than fifteen minutes.

How to Cook Khinkali - Tricks and Tips & Tricks

  • In order for the ready dish to be tasty and to justify the time spent on cooking, it is very important to observe all the necessary proportions.
  • Khinkali will not break during cooking if the ratio of water and flour during dough kneading is 1: 2.
  • The proportions of meat and onions to get a juicy dish 1: 3.
  • To hinkali evenly boiled, the ratio of minced meat and dough 1: 1.
  • Khinkali will not stick together if you add a few tablespoons of cold water during a boiling boil. It needs to be added a little bit. It should be carefully monitored so that the water does not stop boiling.
  • Cook only in salted water, otherwise the liquid will select the salt and khinkali at the dish will become tasteless.
  • It is convenient to keep a frozen dish in the refrigerator. It is better to cook in reserve only khinkali with minced meat, although no one forbids keeping in the freezer and a dish with other fillings.
  • How much to cook khinkali frozen depends on their size and on what is inside.
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