Spices for goose

Spices for goose

For many, the goose is a delicacy and is associated with the holiday. And indeed, it is rarely found on store shelves. Maybe that's why not all housewives know which spices and seasonings are suitable for this meat.

Goose is a domestic bird, but unlike chicken, from which a tasty broth is made, goose meat is not used for first courses. Apparently, due to the specific smell and a large amount of fat.

But boiled goose meat is put in pickle, hodgepodge, they prepare aspic, cold appetizers, fillings for pies.

Home goose is suitable for second courses. It is baked, fried, stewed with the addition of various vegetables, spices and sauces.

The flavor qualities of goose meat depend on the herbs and spices used in the cooking process. But do not forget that the spices should not kill the goose flavor, but only improve the taste of meat.

What spices are used when cooking goose

If boiled meat is used for cold appetizers, then it is boiled with a classic set of spices, which includes salt, peppercorns, onions, roots (carrots and parsley).

But if they want to end up with more aromatic meat, then nutmeg, marjoram, basil or rosemary are added to the broth during cooking. And also rarely used herbs: sage, tarragon, melissa, lovage. A set of spices should depend on the taste of the hostess. After all, there are no certain rules according to which one or another spice is added to a dish. There are only recommendations based on the experience of many cooks and chefs.

What spices are added when baking and roasting a goose

Roasted goose is tasty by itself. But to improve the taste, the carcass is rubbed with salt and pepper before heat treatment. Inside the goose put onions, carrots, add marjoram. It is believed that this spicy herb is best suited to goose meat.

If the goose is stuffed with apples or prunes, then the ideal spice is cinnamon. It gives the baked goose a spicy, sweetish flavor.

Nutmeg has the same effect. But it has a strong aroma, so it is added in small doses.

If the goose is old and has hard meat, it is kept in a marinade before cooking. This may be vinegar, wine, beer with the addition of herbs and spices. Often, instead of vinegar use lemon. It improves the taste of meat and softens it well.

What spices are added when stewing a goose

Goose carcass is cut into portions and stewed with the addition of various spices. If goose meat is cooked in sour cream, then spices such as garlic, onion, parsley root, dried parsley, bay leaf, red pepper and black pepper are most often used.

If the goose is stewed in tomato sauce, then spices such as marjoram, rosemary, soy sauce, red pepper, bay leaf are suitable. From spices with a sweet smell use nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger.

Coriander (cilantro seeds) also adds a nice flavor to goose meat. Improves its taste and peppercorns. It is added at the very beginning of cooking. During baking, it is put inside the carcass, or under the skin. And when stewing the goose it is added to the sauce.

Cooking any dish of goose, lovers of spices can safely experiment with spices. After all, the only way to find that bouquet of spicy herbs that is perfect for this meat.

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