Soup of zucchini and pumpkin puree

Soup of zucchini and pumpkin puree

The pumpkin is not accidentally called the queen of the garden. It contains a huge amount of nutrients, appetizing looks, can serve as a basis for cooking a variety of dishes. However, some of this vegetable seems too sweet to cook the first dishes. The refusal of pumpkin soups is a mistake, their sweetish taste can be balanced by adding spices, or diluted with a milder taste of other vegetables. A good pair for a pumpkin can make zucchini. Its neutral taste smooths sweetish notes. Soup puree of zucchini and pumpkin like even those who usually do not eat the first courses of these vegetables separately.

Cooking Features

Pumpkin-squash cream soup is prepared simply, even an inexperienced cook can easily cook it. Knowledge of some subtleties will allow you to get a perfect result.

  • Thick-cut pumpkin varieties are not very suitable for making creamy soups. They have a rough pulp, they prepare for a long time. The most suitable for the preparation of cream soup are muscat pumpkin varieties, which have not only delicate flesh, but also refined taste and aroma.
  • For the preparation of cream soup, it is desirable to use young zucchini. They can not even be cleaned before cooking. If you are using a mature vegetable, it must be peeled, removed from the pulp with seeds.
  • If you want to get a dish that has a rich taste, add more pumpkins. Increasing the number of zucchini produces the opposite effect.
  • To make the soup thicker, add potatoes to it or brew it with a flour-based sauce.
  • Dilute too thick soup to the desired consistency can be broth, milk or cream. Use of boiled water is allowed.
  • Turmeric will make the color of the finished dish even more appetizing, but you need to add it a little bit so that it does not make the soup taste too spicy and sour.
  • It is convenient to use an immersion blender for chopping vegetables. Working with him, you need to take some precautions: if you do not turn it off at the time of removal from the soup or immersion in it, the rotating knives will start scattering hot sprays in all directions.
  • After chopping vegetables and diluting the soup with any of the selected ingredients, the dish should be brought to a boil. If dairy products were not used during cooking, the dish will not prevent boiling for a few minutes. This will sterilize the soup, make it safe for use even by children.

Soup of zucchini and potatoes puree can be cooked in meat or vegetable broth. Many cook it on the water. Technology cooking can vary slightly depending on the selected recipe.

Soup of zucchini and pumpkin puree with beans


  • pumpkin pulp - 0, 2 kg;
  • young squash - 0, 2 kg;
  • leek - 50 g;
  • green beans - 50 g;
  • butter - 60 g;
  • wheat flour - 20 g;
  • water - 0, 75 l;
  • milk - 150 ml;
  • salt, spices - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Peel the pumpkin from seeds and peel, cut the flesh into cubes about 1 cm in size.
  • Cut the onion in small pieces.
  • Wash zucchini thoroughly, cut into thin circles.
  • Lubricate the form with oil, put a pumpkin in it, send it to an oven preheated to 200 degrees for 15 minutes.
  • Dip the green beans into salted boiling water, boil until ready, remove with a slotted spoon and lower into a container with cold water. Do not pour out the decoction.
  • At the bottom of the pan, in which you will be cooking the soup, melt half the oil remaining after lubrication.
  • Put the onion in the butter, fry it for a couple of minutes.
  • Put the zucchini, after 5 minutes, fill them with bean broth or clean water. Boil 15 minutes.
  • Add to the pot where the zucchini and pumpkin are cooked. Boil until the vegetables are completely soft.
  • In a frying pan, melt the last piece of butter, fry the flour in it, dilute with milk and boil a little to thicken the sauce. If lumps appear in the sauce, strain it through a sieve.
  • Grind the vegetables in the pan to a liquid mash.
  • Whiten the cooked sauce, pepper and salt it.
  • Bring to a boil over low heat and boil until the soup has the desired thickness.

If you replace the butter in this recipe with olive oil and use vegetable broth instead of milk, the soup is suitable for a lean and vegetarian menu. Serve with garlic croutons. Green beans are added directly to the plates.

Creamy cream soup of zucchini and pumpkin


  • pumpkin pulp - 0, 3 kg;
  • zucchini - 0, 2 kg;
  • onions - 100 g;
  • tomatoes - 0, 3 kg;
  • butter - 50 g;
  • broth or water - 1 l;
  • dry milk - 50 g;
  • turmeric - a pinch;
  • salt, pepper - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  • Cut pumpkin pulp and zucchini into small cubes.
  • Cut the onion small.
  • Dip the tomatoes with boiling water, peel them off, cut the flesh into small pieces of any shape.
  • At the bottom of a thick-walled pot or cauldron, melt the butter. Fry the onions in it for 2-3 minutes, then add the pumpkin and zucchini.
  • Fry the vegetables in butter for 7-8 minutes, then add the tomatoes and cook for the same amount of time.
  • Add broth, salt, spices, turmeric. Cook until soft vegetables.
  • Add dry milk. When it is completely dissolved, grind the contents of the pan using a blender.
  • Return the soup to the stove, boil for 1-2 minutes.

Served cooked according to this recipe soup with croutons. Milk gives the dish a delicate creamy taste, tomatoes and turmeric - slightly sour.

Dietary soup of zucchini and pumpkin with chicken


  • zucchini flesh - 0.5 kg;
  • pumpkin pulp - 0, 5 kg;
  • chicken breast (fillet) - 0, 2 kg;
  • water - 1, 5 l;
  • salt - to taste;
  • sour cream, greens - to serve.

Method of preparation:

  • Cut vegetables into small pieces.
  • Boil chicken fillet, remove from broth.
  • Put the vegetables in the broth, cook them until soft.
  • Put the vegetables in the bowl of the blender.
  • Cut the chicken fillet into small-sized ones, send to the vegetables.
  • Add half a cup of broth and chop the products to a puree state.
  • Return to the saucepan with the broth, stir, boil for 5 minutes.

Add sour cream and greens to plates with soup before serving it to the table.

Pumpkin and zucchini cream soup is tender, but its pumpkin flavor is less pronounced. It is easy to prepare it at home, even an inexperienced hostess can handle it. A good addition to this soup will be toast with the taste of garlic, cheese or greens.

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