“Terradoks” - a reliable remedy for soil pests

From spring to late autumn, garden and garden crops are threatened by various insect pests. Among them a special place is occupied by those who live in the soil. The cunning of this group is that, hiding under the ground, they often remain invisible. It is sometimes possible to recognize a pest by the characteristic signs of a damaged plant. But only experienced gardeners can make the correct "diagnosis." It is necessary to fight soil pests - they have a destructive work and often not only damage the roots, but also lead to the death of plants. Let's try to figure out which “guests” should be feared most often and how to deal with them.

“Terradoks” - a reliable remedy for soil pests

How to recognize a pest

Soil pests and their larvae damage the underground part of plants. Some of them pose a danger to newly planted crops, others - harm adult garden plants. But all underground pests have practically no natural enemies. Accordingly, under favorable conditions, their populations can grow to alarming proportions. Therefore, it is important to determine the presence of harmful insects in time and take the necessary measures to eliminate them.

Medvedka common is a large insect, paving these corridors near the soil surface. Wielding powerful paws, it damages a part of the roots during a dig, while the remaining roots, being without soil, die by themselves. Medvedka feeds on root crops, tubers, eats away germinating seeds, gnaws underground parts of stems. The danger of this pest is also in its ability to fly, which makes it easy to spread. Plants damaged by a medvedka quickly fade away, and the death of plants has a focal character. Wireworms (larvae of a nutcracker) and false wires are a real scourge of the gardener. Pests gnaw small roots and gnaw the main root, and also make corridors in root crops and bulbs. And if the plants manage to survive as a result of such vital activity, then the harvest can be considered lost.

Onion fly damages not only onions, but also garlic, as well as bulbs of tulips, daffodils, gladioli and other flowers. In damaged plants, bulbs rot, turn yellow and fade leaves.

“Terradoks” - a reliable remedy for soil pests “Terradoks” - a reliable remedy for soil pests “Terradoks” - a reliable remedy for soil pests

Cabbage fly looks like normal, but its dimensions are smaller and the color is lighter. The larvae of cabbage flies, laid by females in the soil, feed on the roots of plants and in a short time can destroy all the planted cabbage seedlings.

Ants are considered pests in the garden, despite the fact that their forest counterparts are very useful insects. Garden ants do not build anthills - they have enough of a small hole in the soil to get to the roots of plants and make a home for themselves and their loved ones. In addition, we all know that black garden ants are big fans of sticky aphid excretions and protect and plant this pest in our gardens by all available means. Therefore, it is also necessary to get rid of the ants on the plots.

In addition to the soil pests already described, there are other equally harmful ones. As a rule, they all feed on plant roots, which is very annoying to gardeners and gardeners. It is quite difficult to distinguish the results of the activities of one from another, but it is not always necessary. In stores you can often find special drugs: a remedy for a medvedka or a remedy for a wireworm. But how to find out that, besides them, there are no other unwanted insects? To rid yourself of the need to use different insecticides to control underground pests, you need to use a powerful universal remedy.

“Terradoks” - a reliable remedy for soil pests

“Terradoks” - for complex control of soil pests

“Terradoks” is effective against a large number of soil pests. Therefore, if you were unable to determine the author of the damage caused to the plants, using this universal remedy, you will get rid of the problem.

A universal preparation for fighting with a bear, may thrush, cabbage and onion flies, wireworms, ants and other pests “Terradoks” has been successfully used in many cultures:

  • fruit;
  • berry;
  • vegetable;
  • potatoes;
  • flower;
  • forest.

“Terradoks” is a modern, improved product. The granular form creates reliable long-term protection around the plants and has a fast effect. Pests die in contact with the pellets or the soil around them. The use of funds in recommended doses is not toxic to cultivated plants.

“Terradoks” - a reliable remedy for soil pests

Features of the use of the insecticide “Terradoks”

Methods of use of the drug “Terradoks” are different for different cultures. When planting seedlings, bulbs and potatoes, the granules are applied to the soil or scattered over the surface. When planting seedlings, the roots of plants are immersed in a talker, prepared from “Terradox”, land and water.

The instructions describe in detail how to use the drug for different cultures.

High quality of a preparation, profitability of use and safety are the main advantages of “Terradox”. Use this reliable tool from the company "August", and soil pests will not harm your plants!

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