Pork kebab - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook pork kebab.

Pork kebab - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook pork kebab.

Pork skewers - general principles and methods of cooking

Probably, it is very difficult to meet a person who would not like kebabs. But we will immediately make a reservation - an unequivocal answer to the question of how to cook the right kebab, you will not find here. Because the right kebab is a delicious kebab that people enjoy in the company of their good friends. But tastes, as we know, are different - and therefore there are many recipes for the “right” kebab. Some consider it fundamentally wrong to use mayonnaise when cooking kebabs, others - vinegar, others have their own opinion on this matter. Therefore, here you will find a variety of recipes, and be able to choose the one that you seem the most faithful (that is, the most delicious).

The basic principles of cooking pork kebabs are very simple. Having chosen a piece of pork pulp of excellent quality (as a rule, pork neck), the meat is marinated, then strung on skewers and sent to the brazier. If you really want barbecue, and go on nature does not work, then you can successfully cook barbecue in the grill.

Pork Kebab - Food Preparation

For cooking shish kebab from pork, as a rule, tender pork tenderloin is used (fresh, not subjected to freezing). Meat is washed, cut into portions, and then necessarily marinated, so that it becomes soft, juicy and fragrant. Young and fresh pork do not need to be soaked for a long time, as it is very gentle without it.

Also, when cooking kebabs, as a rule, onions are used (both for marinating meat and stringing it on skewers). Onions we cut into half rings. Lemons cut into slices, not too thin. When cooking kebabs, we definitely need seasonings. They are used to taste, but black ground pepper is a must.

Preparing marinade for pork kebab

The issue of marinade for those who want to cook a truly tasty barbecue is paramount after the quality of the meat. In addition to spices and onions for marinating pork they use wine (dry, white or red), beer, kvass, fresh juices from vegetables and fruits - pomegranates, tomatoes, apples, etc. Some successfully use dairy products for cooking pork shashlik, for example, kefir, or mayonnaise. In former times, the most popular product for marinating meat was vinegar, apparently because of its availability and speed of action. However, the meat marinated in vinegar, turns out less juicy, so it probably makes sense to try other pickles, such as lemon juice.

As for salt, it is not recommended to add it to the marinade, as it makes the meat tough. Salt kebab, if necessary, is already on the table.

Recipe 1: Spicy pork skewers

In this recipe, lemon is the marinade. Thanks to him, the meat is very soft, and the abundance of spices makes it very tasty and fragrant.


1 kg of pork;

3 lemons;

2 tsp. coriander (ground);

1 tsp. red pepper;

0.5 tsp. ginger (ground);

1 crushed bay leaf;

5 tbsp. l olive oil;

on tip ch. ground cinnamon and ground cumin;

2 tbsp. l crushed basil;

ground black pepper and salt.


1. Wash and cut the meat into slices, cut the lemon into not too thin slices.

2. Mix the seasonings in the bowl (coriander, cumin, basil, ginger, cinnamon, ground pepper, bay leaf) with olive oil, put the pork with lemons in it, mix everything well and put the bowl in a cool place for about 10 hours, but from time to time we mix its contents.

3. For cooking kebabs, we string marinated pieces of pork on skewers and cook for 7 to 10 minutes on the coals, rotating the skewer every minute around its axis for baking the meat evenly. You can also use for cooking kebab grill. Ready skewers decorated with lemon slices.

Recipe 2: Fast pork skewers

This kebab is a godsend for people who do not have time to marinate meat for a long time. While you will be cooking the embers, it will have a great time to marinate in onion juice. One condition - the meat must be very fresh.


2 kg of pork neck;

1 kg of onions;

5 bay leaves;

1 tsp. black pepper (ground);

saffron pinch



1. Cut the meat into portions and put it into a container for marinating.

2. Peel the onions, skip it through a meat grinder and mix the resulting mass with meat, then add pepper, bay leaf, saffron and salt, mix everything again.

3. We string pieces of pork on skewers and cook about 15 minutes on the coals or in the grill. This barbecue is good with greens and fresh vegetables.

Recipe 3: Pork skewers in mayonnaise

Although many people think that using mayonnaise as a marinade when cooking kebabs should not be done by trying this recipe, you will very much doubt that they are right. Mustard and seasoning spice up the meat, and lemon makes it especially soft.


2 kg. pork (collar);

3 tbsp. l mustard;

4 tbsp. l mayonnaise;

5 onions;


3 bay leaves;

to taste ground pepper, hops-suneli and salt.


1. Cut the meat into portions and place it in a container in which our kebab will be marinated. Put a layer of meat, sprinkle it with ground black pepper, hops-suneli, grease with mayonnaise, mustard, put a layer of chopped onion rings, also put a bay leaf and top with lemon juice. Reserve for an hour.

2. We mix and, having put in a cool place, we maintain about 7 hours that meat well marinated.

3. Before cooking the shish kebab, salt it, then string the pieces of meat on the skewers and cook about 15 minutes on the coals or in the grill.

Recipe 4: Pork Kebab Marinated in Vinegar

In this recipe, vinegar and onions are used to pickle pork. The recipe is simple, and even beginners can easily embody it.


2 kg of pork;

300 gr. Luke;

a glass of vinegar 6%;

3 tbsp. l any seasoning for kebabs;

to taste the salt.


1. Cut the meat into portions, onions - half rings.

2. In a container for marinating, mix meat and onions with vinegar and spices, set in a cool place and marinate for about 5 hours.

3. Before cooking, salt, then, strung marinated meat on skewers, fry it for about 10 minutes on the coals or in the grill.

Recipe 4: Pork Kebab in Sour Cream

Sour cream, which is used in this case for marinating meat, makes it very soft and delicate in taste. Even the most demanding kebab lovers will appreciate this meat, and cooking is not at all difficult.


2 kg of pork;

1 l of sour cream;

1 kg of onions;

black pepper (ground);



1. After cutting the pork into portions, place the meat in a container for marinating, interspersing layers of meat with onion cut into half rings and sprinkling with pepper and salt.

2. Fill all with sour cream and marinate in a cool place for about 4 hours.

3. Before cooking, salt, then, after the readiness of the coals, we string the pickled meat on the skewers and fry for about 10 minutes.

Recipe 5: Georgian pork shashlik

Kebab in Georgian - a classic of the genre! If you want to try the “right kebab” - this is the recipe for you. The meat is marinated with onions and seasonings. This kebab will allow you to appreciate the beauty and richness of the taste of this dish.


600 gr. lean pork;

6 onions;

3 tomatoes;

ground pepper (black and red);



Preparation: 1. Cut the pork in portions and, mixed with pepper and chopped onion rings, put everything in a container for marinating and, putting the load on top, leave to cool in a cool place for about 6 hours.

2. String pork slices on a skewer and, alternating them with chopped onion rings, fry on coals or grills. Decorate the kebab with onions, tomatoes and herbs.

Pork skewers - useful tips from experienced chefs

You do not need to cut the meat in too small pieces, otherwise it will lose its juices and will be dry when cooked.

When cooking kebab meat, we do not fry, but bake, so it is important to ensure uniform heat and the complete absence of flame. So that the meat does not dry out, it is not necessary to rotate the skewer very often. And so it does not burn, you should put the skewer higher.

In many recipes it is advised to string onions and tomatoes with skewers along with meat. However, while the meat is cooked, the vegetables may burn. Therefore, many experienced chefs do not recommend this.

If droplets of fat from the meat fall on the fire, then you should sprinkle it with marinade so that it does not dry out.

To determine the readiness of the kebab, you need to incise a piece and see which juice will stand out from it. If it is transparent, then the meat is ready; if it is mixed with blood, then it is too early to remove it from the coals.

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