How to store shrimp

How to store shrimp

Shrimps are seafood rich in calcium, iodine and protein. They contain a small amount of calories, because in shrimp meat very little fat.

Due to its composition, seafood improves skin, nails, and has a beneficial effect on joints. Regular use of shrimp helps to normalize blood pressure and increase potency.

But in order for the product to benefit, you need to store it correctly.

How prawns are stored

All seafood is not recommended to be stored for a long time. This also applies to shrimp. At room temperature, they become inedible after 2 hours. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the shrimp in the cold.

The storage of the delicacy is carried out in two ways:

  • cooling in the refrigerator;
  • freezing in the freezer.

Keeping shrimp in the refrigerator

Shrimp bought by weight need to:

  • Pack in foil or in parchment paper. Plastic bag is better not to use.
  • Put in the fridge. Allowable temperature - from 2 to 6 degrees with a plus.

The shelf life of chilled shrimps is no more than three days.

You can do the same with boiled delicacy: wrap in foil or paper, send in the fridge. In no case do not leave in the clear form on the plate.

How to store shrimp with ice

Storing fresh shrimp with ice is a kind of chilled content. To the delicacy is not spoiled, you should stock up on not only ice, but also sea grass. We do this:

  • Place the shrimp in a colander.
  • We shift seafood with finely crushed ice, sea grass.
  • Put the colander in the pan. This will help not only to maintain cleanliness, but also to prevent the accumulation of dripping liquid on shrimps.
  • We send the dishes with seafood to the coldest part of the refrigerator.
  • Cover with a towel, which will slow the evaporation of moisture.

Shrimps cooled in this way can be eaten for up to three days. If they provide the temperature around zero, the seafood will be useful even longer - up to five days.

Melted pieces of ice must be constantly replenished with new ones.

Shrimp should be placed away from other products. Otherwise, they are saturated with the characteristic smell of seafood.

How to store frozen shrimp

In the freezer, frozen shrimps remain in good condition for 4 months. Subject to low temperatures (-20 degrees), you can leave seafood for six months.

But at home such a big minus is difficult to provide. Be sure to read the packaging recommendations for storage. If the home freezer does not guarantee compliance with the specified conditions, then the shelf life should be halved.

We must not forget that after six months the taste and nutritional qualities of shrimp deteriorate markedly. Good to know:

  • Before eating, seafood should be thawed not in the room, but on the shelves of the refrigerator where the temperature is highest. Move the shrimp out of the freezer in advance, no less than one day before cooking.
  • When time is limited, to speed up defrosting, seafood should be filled with water. Then the process will take much less time.
  • Shrimps cannot be re-frozen: they will turn into a tasteless and absolutely unhealthy product.
  • If the delicacy is boiled frozen, it can be defrosted using the methods described above for making risotto, pasta, cocktail or salad.
  • When seafood is served hot, instead of defrosting, they should be heated in a microwave or lowered briefly in boiling salted water.

Factory packaging should be opened only before direct cooking.

Eating shrimp has a beneficial effect on well-being and health. But seafood can hurt, if you store them correctly. Therefore, when the shrimp expiration date has passed or they are re-frozen, it is not permissible to risk health. Neglecting storage conditions will inevitably lead to poisoning. There should be no place for spoiled food in the kitchen.

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