How to store sprats

How to store sprats

Canned fish is a product that, in terms of its nutritional value, is not much worse than fish dishes prepared at home.

The technology of their production involves sterilization. But still, enough substances are stored in canned food that are necessary to fill the body with energy.

This fully applies to sprats. They contain significant amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, as well as phosphorus, iodine, iron and other valuable trace elements.

Sprat for many decades are popular and are often on our table. For many, they are associated with childhood, holiday, taste of a scarce product. Now sprats are sold in any store, their choice is huge.

How to store sprats in cans

Closed canned fish can be stored at a temperature of +5 to +25 degrees. That is, they feel fine in the refrigerator and on the kitchen shelf. But if the weather is too hot, it is better not to risk it. It is not difficult to shift the sprats from the cabinet or pantry into the refrigerator.

In addition, buying a can of canned food, you need to look at the shelf life and date of manufacture. On the lid of the can should be marking - double row or three row. A six-digit row informs when canned goods are made. As a rule, such a product should not be stored for more than 24 months after industrial processing. This should be remembered when buying sprats for the future. If you keep them too long, the contents of the jar will become watery and flabby, the taste is unpleasant, slightly metallic.

Sometimes, opening sprats long before the end of their shelf life, you may encounter unpleasant surprises:

  • Instead of whole fish - porridge. This means that cans with canned goods were shaken or thrown during transport. It is possible that this product is counterfeit.
  • The smell is unpleasant, sprats have lost their normal color. These signs mean that canned food is either overheated or supercooled.

In no case should such sprats be eaten. Have to throw it away. But before that, you should remember the name of the unscrupulous manufacturer and no longer buy its products.

How to store an open can of sprats

Unfinished sprats can not be left in an open jar. Metal has a negative effect on products. The oxidation process due to light and air will pass much faster. This means imminent damage to sprats in a couple of hours.

Need to:

  • Put the fish on a plate.
  • Cover with cling film.
  • Place in the refrigerator.

It is necessary to cover the sprats with a film for two reasons:

  • So that they do not wind.
  • To protect neighboring products. Sprat have a thick odor. It is easily absorbed by other products and fills the entire refrigerator. To get rid of the smell, it is necessary to wash out and ventilate the kitchen unit.

Sprats cannot be stored for more than three days even in the refrigerator. And outside of it - a maximum of three hours. If sprats have lain more, it is better not to eat them. Otherwise, you can easily earn an upset stomach.

Sprats, like all canned fish, are very susceptible to temperature changes. It is reasonable to buy them in those outlets where proper storage is ensured - in stores and covered markets. If sprats are kept at an unsuitable temperature, they become much more inedible.

Canned food can be cooked at home. Of course, the taste of sprat will be different from the usual. But there are advantages - fish cooked at home is more beneficial because it does not undergo such a long heat treatment, as in industrial production. It retains much more vitamins and minerals.

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