Rice noodles: benefit and harm

Rice noodles: benefit and harm

Many people mistakenly believe that rice noodles are an invention of Chinese or, in extreme cases, Japanese cooks. However, the Thais invented this nourishing and nutritious dish - lovers of everything unusual. Thin, translucent rice flour noodles are very nutritious and nourishing, but do not leave a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. Cooked without any auxiliary ingredients, it has a delicate rice flavor. And enriched with cheese, seafood or vegetables - only brightens their aroma, absorbing all the flavor notes.

In eastern countries, rice noodles are included in most salads. Cook a chicken with it, add it to soups, or serve as a side dish. There is no product with which rice noodles were not combined - it is so subtle that it “adapts” to each individual product, merges with it and creates a holistic, complete composition of taste.

Composition and caloric content

The fact that rice noodles are much more useful than usual is not necessary to prove. This is so well known. But it is necessary to tell more about the composition, because the thin translucent strings of rice noodles contain an impressive list of beneficial trace elements and biologically active substances: selenium, manganese, copper, zinc, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, ash, saturated fatty acids, dietary fiber, as well as almost the entire range of B vitamins and vitamins E, PP. Quite impressive dosages of starch make rice noodles a very nutritious dish, 100 grams of which contain not less than 365 kilocalories. Most of them fall on light protein compounds, which are never less than 8% -10% of the total weight in rice noodles.

What are the benefits for the body?

Rice noodles are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates. It gives a powerful charge of energy, for a long time eliminates the feeling of hunger. A sufficient amount of complex carbohydrates in the diet, as is well known, allows reducing portions of consumed sugar and fats without provoking acute attacks of unbearable hunger.

Impressive dosages of thiamine, niacin and riboflavin have a positive effect on the nervous system, due to which tensed and nervous conditions pass, and sleep is normalized. The abundance of “beauty vitamin” (E) has a beneficial effect on the skin condition. It becomes more elastic and saturated with moisture. Wrinkles are smoothed, peeling and irritation disappear, caused by lack of moisturizing care.

The almost complete absence of salt allows you to include rice noodles in the diet of people with diseases of the kidneys, heart or blood vessels. Great is the benefit of this food product for children and the elderly, whose digestive tract does not work as smoothly and well as in adults. As a part of rice noodles there is no fiber, so it is easily absorbed by the body, without provoking constipation, bloating or unpleasant rezi in the intestine.

Does it ever happen that there is no harm?

Yes, sometimes. Rice noodles are the perfect choice for those who care about their health and weight. It belongs to the small group of food products that has no contraindications to use. Of course, cooked without sauces and fried vegetables / meat or other extremely unhealthy and very high-calorie additives.

Moreover, nutritionists around the world strongly recommend including this healthy product in your daily diet. The absence of gluten completely eliminates even the slightest possibility of an allergic reaction, and the presence of eight essential amino acids in rice noodles contributes to the structure of new cells.

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