What to do if the banks with cucumbers exploded

What to do if the banks with cucumbers exploded

Now in any store you can buy canned cucumbers for every taste. But many housewives continue to roll up their own products. Most often, those who have their own garden or dacha are engaged in canning, so they get cucumbers for almost nothing. Except for manual labor.

Well, if rolled up cucumbers safely reach winter. But sometimes for some inexplicable reasons, banks with cucumbers explode. And then the hostess gets a question (almost like in “Hamlet”): eat or not eat?

The first desire that arises from the hostess at the sight of spoiled cucumbers, is to get them from the long-suffering jar and, having done some manipulations with vegetables, to eat them.

Many do so. For example, there is such a popular way: cucumbers from spoiled jars are taken out, washed under running water, then put in a new sterilized jar, spices and herbs are added.

The contents of the banks poured boiling water, incubated for ten to fifteen minutes. Separately, prepare a new pickle, which poured warmed cucumbers, add vinegar at a rate. That is, repeat the standard procedure for canning cucumbers. It is believed that this method saves cucumbers from damage.

And now think about the consequences. Well, if a can of cucumbers exploded from the usual lactic acid fermentation, that is, from a large amount of carbon dioxide, which needed to find a way out. Then you can really just boil the marinade, add another portion of vinegar and roll the jar again. But you need to be prepared for the fact that this bank will not stand for long. Such cucumbers are usually eaten first. But the second scenario is possible. Botulinum toxin spores got into the can, which, in the absence of air, begin to multiply vigorously, releasing a toxic substance - in fact, the strongest poison. Moreover, it should be noted that these microorganisms have neither color, nor taste, nor smell, which means that cucumbers will not differ from the rest.

Even in carefully washed cucumbers, those microorganisms that have caused fermentation, bombarding and lid breakage will remain.

Such cucumbers are by no means impossible! Although there is a small encouraging factor: these spores die by boiling for at least half an hour. Therefore, knowing this feature, housewives are in no hurry to throw cucumbers, if they look good and do not have a suspicious smell. They are from such cucumbers boiled pickle or hodgepodge. It is in these dishes that cucumbers undergo long-term heat treatment, and in the presence of vinegar.

Cucumbers from an exploded jar are less safe if very little time has passed since the moment of seaming, for example, two or three days.

Such cucumbers can theoretically be washed, maybe even boiled in a new brine, decomposed into sterile jars and rolled up again with the addition of acetic essence. Moreover, in practice, some housewives add 1-2 tablets of aspirin per three-liter jar instead of vinegar, considering that acetylsalicylic acid will kill all the microbes. Although aspirin does not work on botulism controversy. But it is, by the way. Do not roll cucumbers again, because still the harmful bacteria and microorganisms in the cucumbers remained. When re-seaming they can be activated again and the cucumbers will be exactly spoiled! Therefore, the exploded jar should be closed with a conventional plastic cap and put into the refrigerator.

These cucumbers are not suitable for adding to salads or eating directly. In the near future, they need to be processed by boiling pickle from them, saltwort, or add to the gravy, without forgetting to boil the dish with them for at least 30 minutes.

Mistress of the note

Of course, no one is insured against surprises in the form of an exploded can of cucumbers. But it is easier to prevent unpleasant consequences than to heroically overcome them at risk to life (in the literal sense).

Therefore, you need a more responsible approach to canning.

  • It is necessary to thoroughly wash all the vegetables, not forgetting about the spices. Some housewives lay cucumbers in the banks, without cutting off their tips, the so-called "ass". But it is there that the mud can go unnoticed, which will cause fermentation in the bank. Also in the stalk area, the concentration of nitrates is much higher than in the rest of the cucumber.
  • Joint canning of cucumbers and tomatoes will help prevent the fermentation of brine. Acid, which is in tomatoes, will protect the marinade from damage, and therefore, will minimize the possibility of the explosion of the can.
  • It is necessary to sterilize not only jars, but also covers.
  • It is impossible to reduce the time of sterilization of the finished product. Moreover, the larger the volume of the jar, the longer you need to sterilize it.
  • Finished products should be immediately hermetically sealed and covered with a blanket. Under this shelter, pasteurization continues for about a day.
  • It is recommended to store canned cucumbers in a cool place without access to light. Often it is the banks that are stored near heat or in a room where the temperature of the air does not fall below 22 °. Periodically you need to look at the banks in time to notice the unexpected changes that have begun in them.

So what can you do if banks explode? Decide for yourself. But it is better not to tempt fate and try to get rid of such products. Not a hungry year in the yard. Because there is nothing more expensive than their own health and the health of loved ones. So is it worth the risk?

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