Methylparaben E218 - use and harm

Methylparaben E218 - use and harm

Methylparaben - a preservative, which is labeled E218, can be found on the packaging of many perishable products. It is widely used not only in the food industry, but also in the pharmaceutical industry, since the chemical properties of this substance are truly unique. Pathogenic bacteria and viruses almost instantly die when in contact with methylparaben, which has long been appreciated by many manufacturers. But is this substance harmless as it seems at first sight?

Useful properties of E218

Methylparaben is considered one of the most powerful antiseptics. Moreover, it is found in wildlife and is part of such berries as blueberries, strawberries and blueberries. However, in plants its concentration is minimal, so the forest gifts of nature are considered very beneficial to health.

Methylparaben was synthesized relatively recently, only half a century ago. However, it was immediately taken up by the doctors, who today add this white powder with a specific smell to many drugs. Due to its antiseptic properties, E218 preservative is widely used in the meat industry, as it slows down the process of reproduction of microorganisms. In addition, methylparaben is added to confectionery, jam and jelly, marmalades, various convenience foods and ready-made breakfast cereals, some types of baking, and packaged instant soups. Nowadays, methylparaben is obtained from salicylic acid by treating it with methanol. Industrial production of this food additive is established in many countries of the world, including Russia.

Features of use of methylparaben

Studying the properties of E218, the researchers concluded that this substance partially loses its antiseptic properties when ingested with a liquid medium. Therefore, the use of this additive in the manufacture of various beverages is considered impractical. The exceptions are all sorts of gels, shampoos and deodorants that are not intended for internal use, so they may use a weaker antiseptic.

As for food, to enhance the effectiveness of methylparaben, it is often used together with other preservatives, among which - E216. Naturally, the harm from such a "duet" for the human body is much more than good.

What dangers await E218 preservative fans?

Manufacturers from around the world persistently prove that methylparaben is completely harmless to the human body. However, in relation to this substance there is a clear limitation: its content in the blood and tissues can not exceed 10 ml per 1 kg of human weight. Otherwise, death is inevitable. In addition, numerous studies show that if you regularly eat foods that contain the preservative E218, the risk of developing cancer and, above all, breast cancer, increases significantly. Methylparaben is excreted naturally from the body along with urine, however, if there is a violation of the functions of the kidneys, it can accumulate in the body, and in this case it is extremely difficult to avoid health problems. In particular, many people who are faced with a similar problem, there is a persistent allergic reaction to food, which include E 218. In addition, there are cases when this substance became the cause of skin rashes and itching, and also caused dermatitis the use of cosmetics, the composition of which was included even in small quantities.

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