E551 silicon dioxide: effect on the body

E551 silicon dioxide: effect on the body

Silicon dioxide, also known as the food additive E551, is the most common quartz - very fine and transparent sand, which is formed by the oxidation of silicon. For industrial purposes, it is used in the form of a powder, which is called white soot, a finely dispersed substance and amorphous silicon dioxide.

What is the use of an E551?

Silicon dioxide prevents the formation of lumps in bulk substances, and also perfectly neutralizes the alkaline environment. In addition, it is easily dissolved in hydrofluoric acid, forming a glassy mass. Due to this, E551 is used not only in the food industry, but also in the chemical industry.

This powder does not dissolve in water, but gives it its ions. As a result, water is purified at the molecular level and acquires a mass of useful properties. So, it is believed that if you drink it regularly, you can avoid Alzheimer's disease and generally extend the life by 8-10 years.

Where does silicon dioxide apply?

Initially, this natural substance, which is part of all, without exception, rocks, was used in the production of building materials such as cement and concrete. In addition, due to its unique properties, silicon dioxide has found its application in the manufacture of glass and ceramics, and also perfectly proved itself in the production of abrasives. Also nowadays, white carbon is added to toothpaste, which makes it easy and quick to get rid of plaque. From the middle of the last century, the E551 emulsifier became widely used in the food industry as a stabilizer and thickener. It is added to cheeses and all sorts of beer snacks, including chips and crackers, used in confectionery production and in the dairy industry. Due to the ability to protect bulk products from the formation of lumps, E551 is often added to various seasonings, flour and sugar, as well as semolina and powdered milk. Separately, it should be said that E551 is used as a natural stabilizer and neutralizer of alkali in the manufacture of various alcoholic beverages, including wines and brandy.

What is dangerous about stabilizer E551?

It is believed that silicon dioxide is absolutely harmless to the human body, so its use for industrial purposes is now allowed in many countries around the world. However, scientists who are investigating the E551 nutritional supplement still have certain doubts. The fact is that, being an alkaline neutralizer, silicon dioxide when ingested can react with a wide variety of substances. Therefore, it is difficult to predict what toxins or sediments can form in blood, gastric juice, saliva, etc. Considering that the E551 stabilizer does not dissolve in water, some of it settles in the body. It is for this reason that so-called stones are formed in the kidneys, liver and pancreas, which can cause serious health problems. Plus, some scientists have speculated that the by-products produced by the interaction of E551 with other substances can cause cancer.

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