E322 Emulsifier: Effect on the Body

E322 Emulsifier: Effect on the Body

Lecithin is present in the body of any living thing and performs many different functions. In particular, he is responsible for transporting nutrients to the farthest corners of the human body. Plus, lecithin is a fairly powerful antioxidant, and this property has found wide application not only in cosmetology and medicine, but also in the food industry.

At the beginning of the last century, scientists synthesized artificial lecithin, which was subsequently labeled with E322. Today, this surfactant substance comes in three different forms. Lecithin can be crude (raw), being a thick brown mass, purified (like wax) and fractional, in the form of a clear liquid, powder or granules.

Use and scope of lecithin

This food additive belongs to the discharge of emulsifiers, i.e. it is responsible for turning various substances that are part of a product into a uniform substance. Most often, lecithin is used in the dairy industry in the manufacture of yogurt, kefir, sour cream and yogurt. In addition, this substance is used in the confectionery industry in the manufacture of cream, glaze, souffle and chocolate. In the latter case, the emulsifier E322 is responsible not only for the uniformity and thickness of the product, but also inhibits the process of aging, which is expressed in the formation of white bloom on chocolates and tiles. Lecithin is also used as a natural antioxidant, which allows you to extend the life of many products and to stop the processes of decay during their prolonged contact with oxygen. Paints and cosmetics, paper and chemical fertilizers - this is not a complete list of areas where it is simply impossible to do without E322 emulsifier these days. It is noteworthy that today such an additive is allowed in almost all countries of the world, therefore its use for many enterprises is the norm. In general, there are several types of synthesized lecithin, and the emulsifier E322 in this regard is a safer food additive than the emulsifier E476 - polyglycerol of animal origin. However, artificial lecithin is far from being as safe as it may seem at first glance.

What is the harm of E322?

Lecithin itself is very important for the human body. Moreover, important organs such as the liver and kidneys by about 30% consist of this substance. Stocks of lecithin should be constantly updated, and it is best to do this by eating certain foods that are rich in this substance. In particular, we are talking about peanuts, beef and pork, eggs, butter, liver, fresh fruits and vegetables. As for the artificial food additive E322, then it is obtained from these products. However, in the process of chemical processing, lecithin loses some of its properties; it becomes more stable and resistant to external factors. It is for this reason that artificial lecithin is very poorly excreted from the body and has a habit of accumulating in tissues, which, in turn, provokes the development of an allergy to foods rich in this substance.

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