Seaweed salad - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook seaweed salad.

Seaweed salad - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook seaweed salad.

It's time to diversify a little your knowledge about those ingredients on the basis of which you can make amazing delicious salads. At this time, consider the unique recipes for seaweed salad. Laminaria, namely this second name of this most useful product, has been used in cooking since ancient times. This is an inexhaustible source of minerals that are quite difficult to find in our usual cabbage. It is also pleasing that there are several methods of marinating this type of cabbage, which allows both spice lovers and fresh food lovers to satisfy their taste needs by choosing kelp with the necessary spices.

Seaweed Salad. Preparing Products

It is a mistaken opinion that sea cabbage can be used for making salads only in winter. This is not the case with sea kale and in the summertime can create a worthy competition to fresh produce. The fact is that in the summer, when the gardens are full of the freshest fruits and vegetables, it does not always occur to the person to pay attention to the pickled products. True, seaweed lovers can not give up their favorite ingredient even in the summer season. Laminaria creates a unique duet with seafood. That is why you can find a lot of recipes where sea kale is used with squid, shrimp, fish and more. But you can add a salad and various vegetables and even meat ingredients.

Recipes for seaweed salad

Recipe 1. Salad - sea kale with calamari and vegetables

Despite the rather interesting set of ingredients for the salad, it is important to pay attention and refueling. This recipe uses a dressing based on vegetable oil and vinegar, but for a more refined taste, you can mix soy sauce with lemon juice.

Ingredients Required:

• 200 g - sea kale;

• 250 g - squid;

• 1 tbsp. d. - vinegar;

• 1 PC. - medium onion;

• 4 tbsp. l - rast. butter;

• 1 PC. - carrot;

• green parsley, black pepper and salt.


For salads, it is better to use fresh frozen squids. Give the seafood to defrost at room temperature, clean and boil the finished carcass no more than 1 minute. After squid chop. Boiled carrots cut into rings, and onion half rings. Who does not like to feel a sharp onion flavor, can scald onions with boiling water, which will relieve their bitterness a little. We take sea cabbage and cut into small straws. Prepare the sauce by mixing the oil with vinegar and black pepper. Combine the ingredients, dressing dressing salad. It is worth noting that it would be good if the salad stays in the fridge for more than 5 hours, which will allow the ingredients to soak in and enrich the taste of the cooked food more.

Recipe 2. Seaweed Salad with Crab Stick

This recipe will appeal even to those who do not particularly like dishes with sea kale. All this thanks to crab sticks, which soften the taste of kelp a little. The dish is sufficiently effective that allows you to include it in the holiday menu.

Ingredients Required:

• 200 g - crab sticks;

• 2 pcs. - eggs;

• 1 PC. - onion;

• 1 b. - canned corn;

• 3 tbsp. l - mayonnaise;

• 300 g - sea kale.


Salad should start with kelp. Cabbage cut into small strips and mix with finely chopped onions. This will allow the cabbage to be slightly marinated. Separately prepare the remaining ingredients. Hard-boiled eggs are cut into strips, and crab sticks are cut into half rings. It remains with the canned corn to drain the liquid and send to the already prepared ingredients. Pickled cabbage, mix with other products and season with mayonnaise. Mayonnaise should be low-fat, which will make this dish easier.

Recipe 3. Seaweed Salad with Apple

Doctors say that the body needs periodic cleansing. If you decide to take care of your health, we suggest starting with cleansing the body of toxins. Laminaria, like no other, will cope with this task, because its healing properties have been proven by doctors.

Ingredients Required:

• 2 pcs. - an Apple;

• 250 g - sea kale;

• 2 tbsp. l - mayonnaise;

• 300 g - canned peas;

• 2 pcs. - pickle;

• 1 PC. - carrot;

• 1 PC. - Red onion.


On the preparation of this health salad will take no more than 3 minutes. Ingredients do not need additional cooking, it is enough just to grind them. Apple is cleared of seeds and cut into cubes. Laminaria is cut into strips, cut red onions as small as possible, grate carrots for Korean carrots, long straws. At the very end we cut the pickles, and pour the liquid from the canned peas. Mix everything and fill with mayonnaise. For a lighter option, replace the mayonnaise with olive oil. This salad will perfectly serve as a snack at work, and in the evening you will feel light, and there will be no trace of fatigue.

Recipe 4. Salad with sea kale and Korean carrots

Guests came to you unplanned and you need to urgently prepare something, but at the same time spend a minimum of time not to leave guests unattended. Salad with kelp and Korean carrots can save you time.

Ingredients Required:

• 200 g - Korean carrot;

• 2 pcs. - pickles;

• 200 g - sea cabbage spicy;

• 2 pcs. - egg;

• 1 PC. - bow.

For refueling:

• 3 tbsp. l - rast. butter;

• 1 tsp. - a mixture of black, red feathers with salt.


The secret of this salad is that all the ingredients can be purchased in finished form in the markets. For a more savory taste, you can buy kelp cooked in Korean, as well as carrots. If this could not be found, you can season the cabbage with Korean spices, while the salad is made out, the cabbage will absorb the spices used.

Onions, namely it is used for this salad, cut into half rings. Mix kelp and carrots, mix with chopped onion. Pickled cucumbers are cut into squares and are also sent to the seaweed with carrots. Cooking dressing, mix the oil with peppers and salt. It will take a few minutes for the salad to mix all the ingredients and form a colorful, juicy taste.

Seaweed Salad - secrets and tips from the best chefs

Having prepared seaweed salads you will not only eat tasty and satisfying food, but also become a little healthier. All this thanks to the beneficial and multivitamin ingredients that make up the recipes described.

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