How to store squids

How to store squids

Squids - nutritious and high-calorie gift of the sea. Their meat is rich in minerals and vitamins necessary for the body. You can buy squid today in any form - frozen and chilled, dried and boiled. The mollusk meat is very tender, so it is important to be able not only to cook it correctly, but also to preserve it. This will help to enjoy the taste of unusual seafood with benefit.

Squid Benefits

Squid is a source of protein. Its meat is dietary, with a delicate and original taste. It is filled with:

  • vitamins B, C and E;
  • amino acids - lysine, arginine, stimulating the growth of the human body (this is of particular importance for children);
  • fatty acids;
  • trace elements, in particular selenium;
  • taurine - sulfonic acid, which directly affects the cholesterol content.

The blue color of squid blood indicates that it contains copper. This trace element is needed by the human body, because it participates in the process of cellular respiration. Its lack leads to early graying. The content of copper squid occupy a leading place among the rest of seafood.

How to properly store raw squid

Most often, squids are sold frozen. Raw carcass can be cleaned or unpeeled.

If cooking is delayed, squid should be sent to storage in the freezer. Provided that the temperature in it does not rise above -12 degrees, the mollusks will be perfectly preserved for at least four months and even half a year. It can be longer, but then the meat will become too hard. Do not interfere with the packaging stick a sticker with the date, so as not to miss the cooking period. Each carcass is preferably wrapped in foil or parchment paper. Thus, the squids will be stored in the form of individual portions and not stick together.

Since before buying squid for some time spent in stock and in the store, the storage period at home is desirable to reduce by at least a third. Then the cooked dish will be not only tasty, but also safe for the digestive system.

Chilled squids are stored much less - 2-3 days after purchase. It is advisable to quickly send them to the refrigerator to minimize temperature drops. If you keep squid on the kitchen table, the meat will spoil, it will become not just tasteless, but also dangerous for the digestive tract.

How to keep thawed squid

It happens that all thawed squid did not go into action. Re-freeze raw seafood is impossible. Squid should be boiled. It is enough to dip seafood in boiling water for just a minute.

After cooling, squid wrapped in food foil and put in the freezer. In this form, mollusks can be stored at least a week.

Before cooking, they will only need to dovarit until ready.

You can use another way - pickle squid. On hand should be pepper, soy sauce and lemon juice. From these components it is necessary to cook the marinade and lower the squid into it. A few hours seafood can be in this simple solution (at room temperature), waiting for further processing. In the refrigerator, pickled raw squid will last two days (+2 .. + 6 degrees). Boiled mollusks will last no more than three hours at zero temperature.

How to save ready meals from squid

Previously cooked squid, boiled or fried, used as a separate dish or in a salad, sandwiches, can be stored no more than 24 hours.

After the clams were processed by high temperatures, their meat very quickly deteriorates. Therefore, it is necessary to store squid only in the refrigerator.

Dish with clams should be surely closed with a lid or cling film. Squids are capable of intensively absorbing odors and weathered quickly. When they are in the open form will be near the meat dishes, they will become solid, they will begin to lose their structure.

Squids - protein food, therefore, deteriorate very quickly. Their storage should be treated responsibly, constantly to ensure that the product is not overdue and prepared on time. Stale squids will easily cause food poisoning. It is important to maintain proper storage temperature.

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