Soup with meat and potatoes: the recipes are simple and very simple. Potato and meat soups: lean, chicken, beef, vegetable

Soup with meat and potatoes: the recipes are simple and very simple. Potato and meat soups: lean, chicken, beef, vegetable

Not one full meal is complete without a first course.

The usual soup with meat and potatoes can be diversified with the help of additional ingredients and various cooking methods. Let's talk about recipes for the first dish in meat broth.

Soup with meat and potatoes: basic principles of cooking

The main ingredients are meat and potatoes. The broth can be cooked both on poultry meat, and on pork or beef, depending on your preferences and desires.

Meat can be cooked as a whole piece, then removed from the broth and cut into pieces. Cutting into portions of raw meat and boiling it in broth into slices is allowed.

The first fifteen minutes of cooking broth is important to remove the foam. Then the broth will turn out transparent and clean. If, however, you missed the boiling point, do not bother to strain the broth after the meat is fully cooked.

While the stock is boiling, prepare the remaining ingredients. First of all - potatoes. It is peeled and cut into slices, slices or straws.

Onions passeur with carrots in vegetable oil. Various soups are added to the soups - rice, lentils, peas, and pasta - noodles.

The croup needs to be washed well and left in water for a while.

Vegetables and cereals are added to the broth after cooking meat.

At the end of cooking, the soup requires spices, seasonings, dried herbs and salt.

The first dish is served with greens, sour cream, mayonnaise, cream.

Fine croutons, with garlic, are excellent as a supplementing ingredient.

Potato soup with meat


• Three hundred grams of chicken meat;

• Three potatoes;

• One carrot;

• One onion;

• Two bay leaves;

• Salt;

• Pepper;

• Greenery.

Cooking Method:

Chicken meat is washed under running water, dried and cut into medium sized pieces. Water is poured into a large saucepan and meat is put into it. Put on a slow fire. When boiling skimmer removes the foam.

While the broth is boiling, prepare the vegetables. Peel the onions, carrots and potatoes. Carrots are ground on a grater, potatoes are cut into cubes or slices, finely chopped onion.

When the broth is cooked, meat is taken out of it and cut into smaller pieces. Vegetables are added to the broth. After boiling salt, add seasoning and spices.

Chopped meat is put in a saucepan a few minutes before it is cooked, allowed to boil. Before serving, soup with meat and potatoes sprinkled with fresh herbs. You can season with sour cream.

Soup with meat, potatoes and lentils


• Three hundred grams of veal meat on the bone;

• Two liters of broth;

• One glass of red lentils;

• One onion;

• One carrot;

• Three potatoes;

• One tea. spoon of turmeric;

• Half Chin. spoons of dry basil;

• Half Chin. spoons of paprika;

• Salt;

• Pepper;

• Lavrushka.

Cooking Method:

Broth is cooked from the meat on the bone, then it is filtered. Meat is separated from the bone and cut.

Onions are peeled and cut, the carrot is ground on a grater. Vegetables passer in a pan with hot oil.

Lentils are thoroughly washed in a sieve.

The prepared ingredients are added to the broth. Give boil and put diced potatoes. After boiling add spices.

The finished soup is allowed to infuse. Served with fresh herbs, can be seasoned with cream.

Cream soup with meat, potatoes and mint


• Chicken leg;

• Four table. spoons of red lentils;

• Five potatoes;

• Leek ;

• Two garlic feathers;

• Mint leaves;

• Red Tabasco;

• Half Chin. spoons of paprika;

• Allspice and peas;

• Lavrushka;

• One liter of water;

• Salt;

• Olive oil.

Cooking Method:

Chicken leg washed under running water, put in a saucepan with water and boil for about twenty minutes. In the broth add pepper and bay leaf. Leek cut into thin rings. Garlic is peeled and passed through a press.

Potato peel, cut into small pieces.

Lentils are washed and left in water.

Mint leaves are finely chopped, leaving a few for decoration.

From boiling broth take out meat and spices. With the bones cut off the pulp and put it in the broth. Add potatoes and cereal.

In olive oil, saute onion mixed with garlic. Fry is added to boiling broth. Salt, put paprika, mint leaves and red Tabasco.

When all the ingredients boil and stir, the soup is mashed with a blender or mixer. Cooled poured into portions and decorate with fresh mint.

Soup with meat and potatoes in beef broth


• A pound of beef pulp;

• Two liters of water;

• Six to seven potatoes;

• Two onions;

• carrot;

• Two tables. spoons of vegetable oil;

• Parsley greens;

• Ground pepper, salt.

Cooking Method:

The meat is cut into chunks of medium size and dipped in a large pot of water. After boiling, remove the foam with a skimmer, turn off the gas and finish the meat.

Potatoes are peeled and cut into strips.

Onions and carrots are crushed and fried until half cooked in butter. Prepared products are placed in broth for meat. Cook the soup until done. At the end add spices and chopped greens. Season can be low-fat cream.

Soup with meat, potatoes and celery


• Three chicken legs;

• Celery stalk;

• Onion;

• Lavrushka;

• Pepper Peas;

• Two small carrots;

• Three garlic feathers;

• Three potatoes;

• Dry herbs;

• Two hundred grams of fresh green peas;

• Salt, spices.

Cooking Method:

The meat is put in a pan with cold water. Add a celery stalk cut in half, a whole peeled onion, peppercorns, bay leaves. On a strong gas, bring to a boil, remove the foam and leave on low heat. While the broth is boiled, peel and carrot into thin strips, finely chop the onion and garlic. Potatoes are peeled and cut into slices.

When the broth is cooked, take out the meat from it, filter the broth through a sieve or cheesecloth and wash the pan.

Then sunflower oil is poured into the pan and put it on gas. Spread carrots and onions in it, fry for several minutes. At the end put the dried herbs.

After that, the strained broth is poured into the pan, they throw potatoes and salt. Bring to a boil and boil potatoes until cooked. In the meantime, the meat is removed from the bones and cut into slices. It is added at the end of cooking the soup and once again brought to a boil. Soup is allowed to stand and poured into plates. Sprinkle with chopped greens, seasoned with sour cream.

Tomato Soup with Meat and Potato


• Pound of beef pulp;

• Canned tomatoes;

• Six potatoes;

• Two onions;

• Water;

• Cilantro fresh;

• Sunflower oil.

Cooking Method:

The meat is cut into pieces, sprinkled with vegetable oil, mixed. In a large, preferably cast iron, pan heat the oil. They spread the meat, stir fry, stirring. Add shredded onions, passer until golden.

Then all poured water, add the softened tomatoes. Cook the soup on a slow gas for about twenty minutes. Then add sliced ​​julienne potatoes, cover and boil until the potatoes are ready. At the end of cooking put the cilantro.

Soup with meat and potatoes “After the ball”


• Meat platter (beef, pork);

• Pound of boiled carrots;

• A pound of boiled potatoes;

• Two onions;

• Four eggs;

• 7-8 slices of stale white bread;

• One tomato;

• Two tables. spoons of butter;

• Five table. spoons of grated cheese;

• Parsley, dill;

• Salt, sour cream.

Cooking Method:

The meat is cut into pieces, fried in a pan with melted butter, add finely chopped onion, pour boiling water and boil for ten to fifteen minutes. Then diced vegetables are dipped into the soup, salted and brought to a boil. I remove from the heat, add finely chopped eggs, pre-cooked hard boiled. Fried cubes of bread are put in spilled soup and sprinkled with grated cheese and greens. Served with sour cream. In each plate you can put a circle of tomato.

Beef and Potato Soup


• Eight hundred grams of beef pulp;

• One kilogram of potatoes;

• Two fresh carrots;

• One onion;

• Two garlic feathers;

• Three table. spoons of vegetable oil;

• Dill dried or fresh;

• Lavrushka;

• Salt, pepper, spices.

Cooking Method:

The meat is cut into medium-sized pieces and dipped in a pot of boiling water. Immediately throw bay leaves and spices.

While the broth is boiled, the potatoes are peeled and cut into large pieces.

Carrots are crushed on the track or cut into strips. Paste with onions and garlic. Add vegetables to the soup and boil for another twenty minutes, salt. Sprinkle with herbs at the end of cooking. Mayonnaise and cream are suitable for filling in portion plates.

Soup with meat and potatoes “Onion Mountain”


• 3/4 kilograms of beef;

• Three liters of water;

• 1/2 kilogram of leek;

• One hundred grams of vermicelli;

• Five or six potatoes;

• Three or four chicken eggs;

• Parsley, salt.

Cooking Method:

The meat is cut into slices, poured with cold water, brought to a boil. If necessary, remove the foam, salt and continue to cook until tender. Then add sliced ​​julienne potatoes, and after fifteen minutes - chopped leek and noodles. Cook on low heat until cooked.

When serving, sprinkle soup with chopped eggs and finely chopped greens.

Soup with meat and potatoes “Grass at home”


• 2.5-3 liters of broth;

• Two hundred and fifty grams of nettle;

• Two hundred fifty grams of sorrel;

• One hundred and fifty grams of leeks;

• Four table. spoons of rice cereal;

• One carrot;

• Five potatoes;

• One parsley root;

• Two small bulbs; • Four table. spoons of fat;

• Four to six chicken eggs;

• Parsley and dill;

• Lavrushka;

• Salt;

• Sour cream for refueling.

Cooking Method:

Cooked meat broth. Meanwhile, the cereal is well washed and left in water. Carrots finely chopped, chopped parsley and onions. Put in broth. Nettles are scalded with boiling water, the sorrel leaves are washed and the leeks are cut. Also added to the soup. Put diced potatoes. Salted and boiled for a while. Add lavrushka and remove from the fire in five minutes.

Before serving, fill the table with sour cream, sprinkle with finely chopped herbs and eggs.

Soup with meat and potatoes: tricks and useful tips

• Broth on poultry meat cooks faster than pork or beef.

• Before boiling the meat in water, drain the “first” broth and pour clean water into the pan. So you get rid of harmful substances and dirt in the meat.

• To make the broth light and transparent - strain it through a sieve or gauze folded in half.

• Salt the soup, and add spices at the end of cooking.

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