Pickle on chicken broth - satisfying, tasty, simple. The best recipes for pickle in chicken broth

Pickle on chicken broth - satisfying, tasty, simple. The best recipes for pickle in chicken broth

One of the most popular and favorite soups is fragrant pickle. There are a lot of variations and ways of cooking this dish: they use different meats, cereals, vegetables, prepare the dish on the stove, in the slow cooker, cook in the oven.

One of the best recipes for soup can be easily attributed to pickle on chicken broth - with the same taste and aroma, the dish is light and not very high-calorie.

Chicken pickle in chicken broth - general principles of cooking

Soup broth is boiled from fresh or pre-thawed chicken. To broth was both tasty and transparent-beautiful, it is recommended to put thoroughly washed chicken in a pan with cold water, bring to a boil, remove noise, reduce heat to low and cook for 20-30 minutes. To give a special taste when cooking, you can add peeled, but not chopped carrots and onions, roots and herbs, spices, salt.

The soup itself is prepared on the basis of prepared broth elementary: cereal, vegetables, boiled meat are laid in the broth, boiled until the ingredients are ready. It would seem that everything is easy, no special gestures, but it is the preliminary preparation of all the components of pickle that plays an important role. Potatoes are cut into small cubes, boiled in ready-made broth until cooked, grits are added to soup or to potatoes, or with it - depends on the type of grits used. It is possible to bring the lingering cereals to half-ready in another saucepan. From vegetables: carrots, onions, cask pickles, tomato pastes make roasting, which, together with pieces of meat, is put into broth when the potatoes with cereal are ready.

The finished dish is tastier if, after cooking, it will stand a little. To pickle served garlic, herbs, sour cream or mayonnaise, bread.

1. Pickle on chicken broth without meat


• liter of chicken broth;

• 200 grams of potatoes;

• one carrot;

• a bunch of fresh parsley;

• half of stalked celery root; • onion;

• 15 grams of melted butter;

• 3 pickled cucumbers;

• 50 milliliters of sour cream;

• 150 grams of pearl barley;

• black pepper peas;

• Bay leaf;

• salt.

Cooking process:

1. Pearl barley boiled.

2. Peel carrots, potatoes, stalked celery, finely chopped. Add the parsley.

3. Peel and chop onions.

4. Put half of the melted butter in the pan. Spread and passeur the onions, add the roots, black peppercorns, bay leaf. Pour 250 milliliters of chicken broth, stew.

5. Put all the other prepared vegetables, languishing 10 minutes.

6. Pickled cucumbers are peeled from the skin and seeds, finely chopped. Add to the roots. Stew for 15 minutes.

7. Pour in the rest of the chicken broth.

8. Add barley and wait for boiling.

9. For more sharpness of taste, pour 100 milliliters of boiled cucumber pickle, salt and pepper.

10. Before serving, fill the soup with sour cream and decorate with chopped greens.

2. Pickle on chicken broth with meat


• salted cucumbers;

• fresh carrots;

• chicken or any part of it;

• greenery;

• potatoes;

• barley (can be replaced by another barley);

• onion;

• salt;

• spices (favorite);

• vegetable oil.

Cooking process:

1. Cooked chicken broth. If there is no whole chicken, you can use chicken soup set.

2. Boiled chicken is pulled out and the meat is separated from the bones. The meat is added back to the broth.

3. Carrot clean, tinder on a coarse grater.

4. Onions are very finely cut.

5. Onions with carrots are fried in vegetable oil. Add to chicken broth.

6. Potatoes are washed in cold water, peeled and cut into thin sticks. Add to the broth.

7. Salted cucumbers cut into thin straws. Fry in vegetable oil in a griddle to preserve the crisp taste.

8. Pearl barley boil in advance almost to readiness. Add to chicken broth.

9. Chopped and washed herbs are added to the rest of the ingredients.

10. Salt, pepper, pour favorite seasoning. Cook until cooked. 11. Before serving, the soup is served with low-fat sour cream.

3. Pickle on chicken broth with meatballs


• 2 liters of chicken broth;

• 3 tablespoons of pearl barley;

• leek;

• one large carrot;

• 2 pickled cucumbers;

• 150 grams of meatballs cooked on the basis of ground beef with rice;

• 50 grams of boiled mushrooms;

• two medium sized potatoes;

• some vegetable oil for roasting.

Cooking process:

1. Pearl barley is poured with boiled water and left to cool, washed.

2. For dressing the soup in vegetable oil fry grated carrot.

3. Add sliced ​​pickles to roasted carrot. The roasting process continues.

4. After cooking carrots with cucumbers add chopped leek. Lightly fried until soft leek.

5. In the broth add washed pearl barley. Cook for 20 minutes.

6. Pour boiled mushrooms. Cook about fifteen minutes.

7. Add meatballs.

8. After the broth begins to boil, chopped potatoes are laid. Cook about ten minutes.

9. Add a dressing. Broth re-bring to a boil and turn off the plate.

10. Soup is left on the stove for 15 minutes to infuse and improve the taste.

4. Quickly pickle in chicken broth


• hen;

• pearl barley;

• potatoes;

• pickles;

• carrot;

• onion.

Cooking process:

1. Put chicken, pearl barley, carrots and onions into the pan. Cooked until half barley.

2. Potatoes are washed, peeled and cut into sticks.

3. From the pan get carrots with onions, cut into strips. Add with chopped potatoes in broth. Cook until cooked ingredients.

4. Salted cucumbers tinder on a coarse grater, pour boiled water. Leave to insist.

5. Approximately 3 minutes before the soup is fully cooked, they spread cucumbers, add spices, salt and pepper. Cook for another 3 minutes. Is done.

5. Pickle on chicken broth with celery and tomatoes


• chicken broth - 2.5 liters;

• 500 grams of salted tomatoes;

• half a glass of pearl barley;

• one large carrot;

• 3 petiolate celery;

• two medium sized potatoes;

• onion;

• salt;

• ground black pepper;

• bay leaves;

• dill;

• parsley;

• marjoram;

• oregano;

• basil;

• one glass of brine;

• 40 grams of butter;

• 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Cooking process:

1. Pearl barley is soaked for half an hour in warm water.

2. Tomatoes cut into cubes. Pour water and stew until semi-soft state, adding 2 tablespoons of butter.

3. Present cereal re-washed. Pour water and boil until absorbed water.

4. All vegetables are crushed, and carrots are tinder.

5. Fry the onions in a saucepan in olive oil. Every minute, add carrots, celery, potatoes.

6. Cooked chicken broth is brought to a boiling state.

7. Pour in chicken broth to vegetable roasting, add semi-prepared pearl barley.

8. After 10 minutes, add the tomatoes with broth. Cook for 15 minutes until tomatoes are ready. Pour in a glass of pickle.

9. 5-7 minutes before the end of cooking, add salt, pepper, seasonings.

10. At the very last minute, add chopped dill and parsley.

11. Insist pickle about 20 minutes.

6. Pickle on chicken broth with rice


• 2.8 liters of water;

• 2 chicken legs;

• 90 grams of wild rice;

• 300 grams of potatoes;

• onion;

• 2 medium sized pickles;

• a pair of garlic cloves;

• tablespoon of salt;

• 4 bay leaves;

• black pepper;

• fresh greens.

Cooking process:

1. Wash chicken legs, peeled onions, clean and chopped carrots are put in a pot of water. Bring to a boil, salt and pepper. Cook on low heat.

2. After the meat has cooked, pull out all the ingredients and cool them. Onions and bay leaves are thrown away. Carrots set aside. In the legs, the meat is separated from the bones, finely cut and placed in broth. 3. Wild rice is washed and added to the soup.

4. Potatoes are peeled, cut and added to the broth. Bring to a boil, boil on medium heat.

5. Onions finely cut. Carrots and cucumbers tinder on a coarse grater. Garlic is crushed. Vegetables are fried for a few minutes in vegetable oil: onions are fried until golden brown, and carrots, cucumbers, and garlic are added to them.

6. Roasted vegetables are loaded into the broth. Add fresh greens. Re-bring the broth to a boil.

7. Insist the soup under the lid closed for 10 minutes.

Chicken pickle on chicken broth - little tricks and tips

• Instead of barrel cucumbers, you can use pickled cucumbers, gherkins, capers, olives.

• It is not necessary to use barley, pickle is good and with the addition of rice, millet, buckwheat, oats.

• Do not get carried away with salt, cucumbers and pickles are often quite salty, that additional salt is not necessary.

• If it seems to you that pickle does not have sufficient sourness inherent in the dish, simply boil a glass of brine in a small container, pour it into the soup, stir, leave for twenty minutes.

• The taste of the soup will be richer if the cucumbers are not cut, but grated.

• To cook potatoes and grits quickly, put the prepared roast in the soup only after these ingredients are ready.

• Greens are important! Chopped dill, parsley will fill and refresh the pickle, decorate it visually. Greens can be put both in frying and in the ready dish. Enjoy your meal.

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