Paradise apple jam - transparent, with whole fruits. Economy version of clear paradise apple jam

Paradise apple jam - transparent, with whole fruits. Economy version of clear paradise apple jam

Paradise apples, they are also “Ranetki”, they are also “Kitayka” - very interesting fruits. Eating them fresh is a pleasure for an amateur, but what’s up to the blanks, whether it is fruit drinks, compotes, or jam, is a completely different matter.

There is no other apple variety from which it was possible to cook such a beautiful and tasty jam.

The one who called the variety “Paradise”, quite possibly, did it by drinking tea with a paradise-apple jam, as transparent as a tear.

Paradise apple jam transparent - the general principles of cooking

• To make the paradise apples jam really turn out transparent, first of all, you need to properly pick and prepare the apples. Collected on their own or purchased on the market, the fruits are sorted, laying aside broken, damaged by rotten and wormhole. Leave only dense, preferably one size.

• Peel is not peeled off, tails are not torn off, they are only slightly shortened. You can, of course, remove it, the taste of the treat will not suffer, but the originality of the dessert is that the apples must be with tails. Selected fruits for a quarter of an hour is filled with ordinary running water, and then thoroughly washed with a flowing stream and dried well. To prevent the apples from cracking and bursting during the cooking process, they are punctured several times with a thin object, preferably a wooden toothpick.

• If fruit slices are used to make delicacies, they are soaked in soda solution so that they do not boil soft and the prepared paradise apple jam remains transparent.

• Syrup is prepared separately from granulated sugar and water, which is sometimes replaced with apple juice, decoction of paradise apples or other fruits. Fruits are dipped only in properly boiled, boiling syrup. It should not contain undissolved granules of granulated sugar. Cooking time depends on the recipe. Paradise apple jam will come out transparent in any case, if you follow the recommendations correctly. The duration of the process affects only the thickness of the syrup, its color and the softness of the fruit. • To give the dessert a new taste and a special aroma, they add vanilla, brandy, cinnamon, citrus fruits - their zest or lemon juice. A frequent addition to this jam is walnuts.

• Paradise apple jam is not only a delicious delicacy and a wonderful dessert for a cup of tea, its transparent, “marmalade” fruit will serve as a wonderful decoration for any sweet pastry.

Paradise apple jam: transparent with lemon


• heavenly apples - 1 kg;

• 250 ml of pure water;

• granulated sugar - 200 gr .;

• half a large lemon.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the fruit several times in warm water and dry it. Shorten the tails to 2 cm in length and make two punctures with a toothpick on each fruit. Pour a glass of boiling water and soak for three minutes under the lid.

2. Squeeze the liquid and do not pour it, and pour the fruits with cold water.

3. Pour all the sugar into the filtered infusion, mix and boil on a low heat for two minutes.

4. Put blanched apples in a large bowl, pour boiling syrup and shake the bowl well three times to mix. Then cover with a towel and leave for a day.

5. Place the container on medium heat and, while constantly removing the foam from the surface, bring to the beginning of the boil. Immediately remove from heating and again leave for 24 hours.

6. Boil this way four times. Last time, bring to readiness, boiling for at least 20 minutes.

7. At the end of cooking, be sure to add freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Paradise apple jam: transparent according to Grandma's recipe “Marmeladka”


• one kilogram “Chinese”;

• 1.2 kg of refined sugar;

• one and a half glasses of water;

• 1/4 spoon “lemon”.

Cooking Method:

1. Whole fruits “chinese”, without wormholes, rinse and dry dry. To the desired size, trim the tails and pierce each apple with a toothpick from the stem, through.

2. Pour refined sugar into a bowl in which you are going to make jam. Dilute citric acid in the required amount of water and add sugar to the solution, mix. 3. On a low heat, stirring constantly, boil a clear syrup.

4. Drain the whole apples into the boiling syrup and boil for 6-10 minutes in it, the larger the fruit, the longer. Do not mix, otherwise the apples in the cooking process will fall apart. They can only be watered with syrup, neatly gathered around the edges with a small ladle or spoon.

5. Remove the container from the fire. On the surface, put a flat plate, the size of a little smaller than the pan, put on top of not too heavy weight and leave.

6. Not earlier than in 24 hours, remove the cargo and boil it at a minimum temperature of about 10 minutes, at the end of cooking, check for readiness. To do this, remove the largest fruit from the syrup and cut it. If the apple is cut easily, and the structure resembles marmalade - jam is ready. In the absence of such a result, stand under the load for another six hours, and then re-boil.

Paradise apple jam: transparent with walnuts and lemon


• 1.2 kilo “chinese”;

• one and a half glasses of walnut kernels;

• teaspoon of cinnamon powder;

• one small lemon;

• granulated sugar - 0.9 kg;

• filtered drinking water - 1 tbsp.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the apples with warm water, remove the tails, pierce the fruit in two places and dry.

2. Scrape the lemon zest with a small grater, squeeze the juice from the pulp and be sure to strain it.

3. Add sugar to the sugar and mix well immediately. Boil the syrup over low heat, stirring constantly. It should be transparent, without grains of sugar.

4. Add lemon juice to the sugar mass, add cinnamon, stir and boil for two minutes. Then pour the apples with nuts and shake the container a few times.

5. Boil for 15 minutes after boiling. with lower heat, the mass should not boil. Remove from heat and set aside until cool.

6. After this, again bring the mass to a boil, boil briefly and leave to cool. 7. Boil the paradise apples jam, thus, twice more, put it in cans and seal it tightly.

Paradise apple jam: transparent c brandy in a slow cooker


• kilo Ranetok;

• 200 gr. walnut hearts;

• 100 ml of purified water;

• granulated sugar - 170 gr .;

• two small lemons;

• 2 large spoons of brandy;

• Lavrushka - two small leaves.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash lemons and apples under running water. Scrub the citruses with boiling water, then scrape the zest from them and squeeze the juice well.

2. Pour boiling water into the brew bowl, add sugar and mix well. Dip the shells, add lavrushka, lemon zest and strained freshly squeezed juice.

3. Stir, close the lid and cook by running the multicast pan for 25 minutes in the “Frying” mode.

4. After that, get the lavrushka, and pour the brandy into the slow cooker and add the halves of nut kernels.

5. Close the lid again and bring it to the “Baking” option within 15 minutes.

6. Prepare the prepared jam in clean and dry jars, hermetically cork. Store blanks in a cool place.

Vanilla Paradise Apple Jam: Clear and Fast


• small “heavenly” apples - 1 kg;

• 400 ml of drinking water;

• half a teaspoon "lemon";

• one kilogram of sugar;

• vanilla powder - 1/2 tsp.

Cooking Method:

1. Selected for cooking apples, wash a couple of times with warm water and shorten the stem. To dry the fruit well from moisture residues, dry them, laying out on a towel.

2. From sugar and water over low heat, boil a thick syrup. It should be stingy and its droplets should not spread.

3. In the boiling, thickish syrup, lower the apples, and constantly stirring with a slight shaking of the container, boil for half an hour after boiling over low heat.

4. Then add citric acid with vanillin, boil for another five minutes and roll up almost boiling.

Paradise apple jam: transparent as a tear on apple juice


• one and a half kilogram rannet;

• kilogram of sugar;

• a glass of apple juice, you can water.

Cooking Method:

1. Clean the fruits washed in warm water with a toothpick, tear off the stem and boil for two minutes in boiling water.

2. Carefully place the apples with a skimmer in a separate bowl, fill them with cold, preferably filtered, water and leave in it for the night.

3. Sugar, pour apple juice. Boil a thick syrup on a small fire and pour apples with it dried in a colander.

4. When the mass has cooled, put it on moderate heat, bring to a slight boil and soak for 20 minutes.

5. The fruits will become transparent, and the syrup will resemble amber, transparent as a tear.

6. Jam can be immediately hot packaged in prepared containers or boil a little more, bringing to the desired density.

Fragrant paradise apple jam: transparent with slices of fruit


• 2 kg of small heavenly apples;

• 300 gr. sugar;

• 10 gr. baking soda;

• purified drinking water - 300 ml;

• on a small pinch of vanilla and cinnamon.

Cooking Method:

1. It is best to take not too small apples. After drying the fruit, be sure to cut off the rind and cut the fruit into slices from which to remove the core.

2. In cold water, dilute the soda and carefully drain the liquid from the sediment. Then pour the slices of apples with the prepared solution and leave it for a quarter of an hour. After such preparation, the slices will not be boiled out, and the paradise apple jam will be transparent.

3. While the fruit pieces are soaked, boil the syrup. To do this, slightly warm the prepared water. Without removing the pan from the heat, add vanilla with cinnamon, stir well and add sugar. Then, stirring continuously, bring to a boil, but not fast. The longer the process lasts, the better the grains of sugar diverge.

4. Wet the slices soaked in soda solution, rinse thoroughly with running water, fill them with boiling syrup and boil for five minutes. Stir very carefully so as not to damage the pieces, and constantly remove the foam formed on the surface. 5. Packing boiling jam in sterilized glass containers and tightly close with metal lids, which are pre-boiled.

Clear paradise apple jam - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• To prevent pieces of fruit damaged by stirring from getting into the syrup, do it very carefully, and best of all, do not stir with a spoon. Lift the pot from the heat and shake it a few times.

• If you prepare a delicacy on low heat, the syrup will turn out not only transparent, but also acquire a beautiful amber shade. Intense boiling will lead to burning, which will affect the appearance - the jam will be dark with an unpleasant rancid taste.

• Be sure to remove the bones from the added citrus, otherwise the dessert will be bitter.

• Pack paradise apple preserves for long-term storage only in sterile glass containers that are sealed with metal sealing lids.

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