Hot dog buns - friendship with sausage is guaranteed! Recipes for homemade buns for hot dogs from different dough on water, milk, sour cream

Hot dog buns - friendship with sausage is guaranteed! Recipes for homemade buns for hot dogs from different dough on water, milk, sour cream

Homemade hot dog is simple, tasty and safe fast food. You only need to find a suitable bun for him, it is best to do it yourself. Here are the best recipes for dough, which can be easily baked homemade buns for hot dogs.

Hot Dog Buns - General Cooking Principles

The classic dough for American hot dogs is made from simple yeast dough on water. It is prepared in a simple or sponge manner; it is aged for several hours to mature and rise in heat. But there are also recipes for more delicious, even sweet dough for hot dogs, sometimes it is prepared in an accelerated way on baking powder.

What can be added:

• milk;

• butter;

• eggs;

• sugar.

Form buns in the form of small sausages or bars. The size is about sausage. So that during the lifting the bun does not twist and retains its shape, you can first roll it out, then roll it up with a roll. In this case, you need to lay on the free edge, slightly pressed to the baking sheet.

Hot dog buns are baked quickly. Since they are thin, the temperature of less than 200 degrees is better not to do. By the time the process takes 10-12 minutes, depending on the abilities of the oven. After cooking, you should immediately cover the baking with a towel rolled up several times. Soak for about ten minutes, then cool under a normal napkin or one layer of cloth. This technique will make the buns very soft, will not allow the formation of a thick crust.

Water Hot Dog Biscuits

Recipe for simple yeast buns for hot dogs on the water. From this amount of products will be 8-10 pieces usually in size. If you have large sausages, make more buns.


• 260 ml of water;

• 6 grams of yeast;

• 500 grams of flour;

• salt and sugar;

• 20 ml of oil;

• sesame as desired.


1. Pour warm water into the bowl, you can take it from the kettle. Put a teaspoon of sugar, add an incomplete teaspoon of salt, about 2/3, stir. 2. Fall asleep dry yeast. They can be replaced by pressed yeast, but then you need not 6 grams, but 13-15 minimum. Dissolve.

3. Add an incomplete glass of flour, stir. We leave the warm talker for half an hour, let the yeast begin to work.

4. Now you can add flour, pour in butter, knead soft, but not sticky yeast dough. We shift it to dishes with high sides, for example, in a saucepan, cover with a breathable towel. Wait until the dough will increase in volume by 2 times.

5. Divide the dough into buns of the same size. You can do this through the scales.

6. Each piece is rolled out a rectangle, but not strongly, slightly, we twist a roll that the equal bar turned out. Transfer to baking sheet.

7. Give hot dog buns up on the baking sheet for about half an hour.

8. Lubricate products with plain water. You can immediately, until the surface is dry, sprinkle with sesame seeds.

9. We send to bake in the oven.

10. Take out a baking sheet with ready-made rolls, cover with a towel so that they otmykli. Then cool, cut, make homemade hot dogs!

Milk hotdog buns

Option of delicious and delicate buns for hot dogs. The dough is cooked in milk, you can dilute it with water.


• 8 g dry yeast;

• 270 ml of milk;

• salt, granulated sugar;

• half a kilo of flour;

• some vegetable oil (can be melted margarine).


1. Milk is first heated, up to about 40-45 degrees, the liquid for yeast dough is used only warm. Then add a tablespoon of sugar into it and immediately pour in powdered yeast.

2. Stir the sugar with yeast and milk, leave not a few minutes. Waiting for the appearance of the foam on the surface.

3. Salt the dough. 0.5-07 tsp is enough. salt, stir.

4. Pour flour, continue to mix. In the batch process, when the dough reaches the desired consistency, pour in the butter (1 maximum 2 spoons). Thoroughly we mass to homogeneity.

5. Leave the dough for hot dogs in a warm place, let it rise well once. 6. We divide the mass into pieces, for the usual hot dog usually make 90-110 grams. Leave another 15 minutes, covered with a napkin.

7. Now from each piece we make small bars. Give them to come on the baking sheet.

8. Bake until tender. Cool under a towel, then you can put it in a bag or in a container with a lid.

Hot Dog Buns

The recipe for the simplest hot dog buns from quick dough for kefir and soda. For loosening, you can use baking baking powder from bags.


• kefir of any fat content 300 ml;

• 1 tsp. soda;

• three spoons of vegetable oil;

• spoon of sugar;

• flour.


1. Kefir is heated or pre-kept warm (for example, at the battery). Cold drink should not be.

2. Add soda to kefir, stir. Now leave the mixture to extinguish for five minutes. Kefir will increase in volume, bubbles will go.

3. Once the reaction has passed, you can add a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of granulated sugar. Dissolve.

4. Enter the wheat flour in a glass, mix well each time. After two glasses of flour, pour in some vegetable oil.

5. Fill the right amount of flour, stir the dough well. It should turn out soft, smooth, leave for ten minutes.

6. Sculpt buns in the form of large sausages, spread on a baking sheet. As in the case of yeast dough, leave room for lifting.

7. From above we grease with water, it is possible milk, they should not be covered with a crust, it will disturb rise.

8. Bake at 190 degrees until ready.

Sweet and tasty buns for hot dogs

Variant of buns from delicious dough with butter, powdered milk on water. If desired, just use whole milk.


• 590 grams of flour;

• 1.5 tsp. yeast;

• 22 grams of milk powder;

• 380 grams of water;

• 45 grams of butter butter;

• 2 tsp. Sahara;

• 1 tsp. salts;

• Sesame, some whole milk.


1. Dissolve powdered milk in drinking water, then pour the yeast behind them, add prescription granulated sugar behind them. Stir. If the grains of yeast are stuck together, then leave for five minutes, let them slacken. 2. Add melted butter, but it should not be hot. Pour salt, mix well.

3. Now enter the wheat flour. We continue to knead the dough, make it obedient and smooth.

4. We remove to a warm place for at least an hour. Then we crush, that is, we lower the risen mass. Withstand another quarter of an hour.

5. Now you can begin to make buns. We divide the mass into eight parts, sculpt the elongated rolls, send it to the baking sheet.

6. Leave at least half an hour. If the crust starts to dry from above, you can irrigate the rolls with a spray bottle with water or just cover with a napkin. Lubricate the surface with milk, sprinkle with sesame. You can bake!

Dough for hot dog buns with sour cream and eggs

Another variant of the non-standard test. Buns from it turn out very soft, have high tastes, brown well.


• water or milk 250 g;

• 100 grams of any cream;

• one egg;

• pinch of soda;

• 25 g sugar;

• 50 g of oil;

• 1 tsp. salts;

• 11 g yeast;

• flour, sesame seeds.


1. Mix the warmed water or milk with sugar and yeast, set aside for a few minutes.

2. Shake an egg with salt with a spoon or fork until the grains are dissolved, add prescription sour cream, a pinch of soda, and stir. Add softened butter. You can take margarine instead for dough. If there is no time to soften, then melt the fats in the microwave.

3. Combine the fat mixture with the dissolved yeast, add flour, knead the usual soft dough.

4. We remove it in a high pot, cover with a towel, forget for two hours.

5. Put the dough out of the pan on the table, make a bar for hot dogs.

6. Let them lie on the baking sheet, get up, lubricate with some water or milk. Sprinkle with sesame and bake.

Hot dog buns

A useful option for bran buns for hot dogs. Bran is used here not only in the test. But also for sprinkling. If desired, they can be mixed with white sesame seeds. It will turn out even more beautiful. Ingredients

• 1.5 standard glasses of water;

• Lean oil 20 grams;

• 1.5 tsp. yeast;

• 10 g of sugar;

• three tablespoons of bran (for dough);

• flour and bran for sprinkling.


1. Enter yeast into warm water, add granulated sugar, mix, add salt and vegetable oil.

2. Mix two cups of bran flour. Fall asleep in the dough. We begin to knead, sprinkle more wheat flour until we get the desired consistency. Dough with bran, it will not be very smooth.

3. Cover with a towel, leave for half an hour.

4. Divide into pieces, sculpt them buns.

5. As soon as the products rise on the baking sheet, lubricate with water or sprinkle, sprinkle with bran on top.

6. Bake until ready. The temperature for the buns is about 210 degrees.

Hot Dog Buns - Tips and Tricks

• You can make hamburger buns out of any test, the general principles and rules do not change, only the shape. This is usually a flat ball.

• You can make hot dogs from homemade buns not only with sausages, but also with tuna, cheese and sausage, make hot open sandwiches. Baking boldly replace the bread, so do not hesitate to knead more dough!

• Buns got a lot? You can freeze them. At the right time, you just have to heat them in the microwave and quickly make a hot dog.

• How to make a bun with a “hole” for cutting and laying sausages? You need to roll out the oval cake and just fold it along the middle. Lightly press down with hand, put on a baking sheet.

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