Salad with boiled sausage - five best recipes. How to properly and tasty cooked salad with boiled sausage.

Salad with boiled sausage - five best recipes. How to properly and tasty cooked salad with boiled sausage.

Salad with boiled sausage - general principles of cooking

Such a salad has gained popularity since the boiled sausage has successfully replaced both cancer necks and grouse in the Olivier salad recipe. She began to replace the boiled meat in various snacks. For housewives such recipes are very convenient: firstly, the sausage is available, secondly, when using it, a lot of time is saved, and it convincingly works in its favor. Salad with boiled sausage can any, even inexperienced, hostess.

Salad with boiled sausage - preparation of products and dishes

The main thing that is required - do not be lazy and do not be stingy. We need to find high-quality, fragrant sausage. It is not always easy to do this. However, every good housewife has in mind and a manufacturer whom she trusts, and a reliable seller selling fresh, high-quality sausage. It is this product that guarantees that your work will not go down the drain, and your family will taste a truly delicious salad with boiled sausage.

Recipes for salad with boiled sausage:

The main ingredient of salads, boiled sausage, the product is so fertile, it goes so well with many others that there are many recipes. We will introduce only some. And you can experiment, fantasize, adding new ingredients.

Recipe 1: Boiled Sausage Salad

The recipe is simple and convenient, you can use it in the country, a picnic. And at home, after returning from work, the whole family may well be filled with salad. Quick, easy, helpful and quite satisfying.

Ingredients Required:

- cooked sausage (200 g);

- two bell peppers, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes;

- 4 tbsp. spoons of mayonnaise and ketchup.

You can decorate the dish with parsley and lettuce leaves.

Cooking Method:

The process is extremely simple: all the ingredients need to grind. How exactly to cut them, you decide. The same salad with boiled sausage will seem different to your household if you cut them into cubes once, another - into straws, the third - into cubes.

So, sausage, pepper, tomatoes and cucumbers are sliced. The case for the sauce, which is made simple: you need to mix mayonnaise with ketchup.

It remains only to fill them with salad, put on a dish, garnished with a piece of lettuce and a branch of parsley.

Recipe 2: Salad with boiled sausage and corn

A dish that will easily please the guests at the children's party and at a friendly party. Salad puff, looks pretty impressive. Try to put it on the dish shortly before serving, decorate with fresh fragrant greens, and it will conquer with its appearance and taste.

Ingredients Required:

- Canned corn (100 g);

- as many fresh cucumbers;

- cooked sausage (150 g);

- the same amount of boiled carrots;

- mayonnaise (for refueling);

- greens for decoration.

Cooking Method:

Drain the corn.

Dice sausage, carrot, cucumber.

This boiled sausage salad will be flaky, so all the ingredients should be divided in half.

The order of the folding layers does not really matter, so do it at your discretion. Each of the layers, except the last, should be covered with a fine mesh of mayonnaise.

Decorate the top layer with greens.

Recipe 3: Salad with boiled sausage and chicken fillet

Such a dish turns out to be very satisfying, and this is not surprising: here there is sausage, cheese, and chicken fillet. Try to buy for it a fragrant smoked sausage of high quality, it will complement the salad with boiled sausage wonderful taste and delicious smell.

Ingredients Required:

- 200 g of boiled sausage and chicken fillet;

- 150 g of smoked sausage and hard cheese;

- eggs (3 pieces);

- Fresh cucumbers (2 pieces);

- mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

Sausage (boiled and smoked), chicken fillet cut into strips.

Most of the cheese, cucumbers and hard-boiled eggs grind on a coarse grater.

All combine, season with mayonnaise, mix.

Put in a salad bowl, sprinkle with the rest of the cheese crushed on a fine grater.

Gentle and nutritious salad with boiled sausage is ready, you can regale them guests.

Recipe 4: Salad with boiled sausage and champignons

Another simple salad. It is nourishing, delicious. You can slightly pepper it, add some walnuts, fresh greens. Ingredients Required:

- cooked sausage (200 g);

- champignons (300 g);

- dry white wine (half a glass);

- onion (1 piece);

- vegetable oil (for roasting);

- salt.

Cooking Method:

Peel the onion, chop it finely.

Also, middle-sized, cut champignons.

Lightly fry the onions in butter.

Add mushrooms to it, fry them together for five minutes.

The next step is to pour in the wine, stew until it is evaporated.

Let the mushrooms and onions cool, in the meantime cut into small cubes sausage.

All mix, put in a plate.

Salad with boiled sausage - secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

When choosing boiled sausage, be guided primarily by price. Quality sausage can not cost much less than meat.

Give preference to a product made by a major well-known manufacturer. On such productions strict control is guaranteed.

Always pay attention to the label that is applied to the shell. In the first place in the composition of the sausage meat is indicated - it means that it is there the most.

By the way, the natural shell does not guarantee the same natural content. But in such a shell the product is stored no more than five days, and in artificial - longer.

Beware of the cooked sausage, in which an abundance of food additives. If the sausage is made from high-quality meat, then it does not require any special additions.

Another sign of the present, gostovskoy sausage - its name. Keep in mind - the name of such a sausage consists of one word. The only prefix to it may be the word “extra”, which emphasizes a particularly high quality. All other prefixes to the name of the sausage show only that it was produced according to technical conditions.

A good cooked sausage is selected, it guarantees you another original and successful salad.

If you do not use immediately, then be sure to put the sausage in the fridge - it deteriorates quickly, because it contains a lot of water.

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