Fried patties are the best recipes. How to properly and cook fried pies.

Fried patties are the best recipes. How to properly and cook fried pies.

Fried patties - general principles and methods of cooking

Today is your celebration? Or maybe you decided to treat yourself and family fragrant, tasty and such homemade cakes, cooked with your own hands. Fried pies are always welcome guests at our tables. Although they can hardly be attributed to low-calorie food, but this taste and aroma, so familiar from childhood, does not cease to please with its diversity and bring a sense of satisfaction. Delicate dough, melting in the mouth, warm juicy stuffing - what could be more tasty to any soup or just like that - to tea?

So, it is not a secret for anyone that fried pies are small dough products, more often in the form of a boat or a crescent with filling inside, fried in a pan. There are a considerable number of cooking options for such tasty and nutritious cooking. After all, everything that is edible can be used as a filling: sweet jam, berries, mushrooms, eggs, meat, potatoes, cheese, cabbage - the list is endless. And how many variations of the preparation of the dough there is - just not count! Although traditionally it is customary to use dough on yeast, but, depending on the type of filling, you can “brew” cakes from any other.

As for the cooking process, it is conventionally divided into three stages: kneading the dough, preparing the filling and the actual formation and baking of the pies. You should not fry a lot at once. Where better to eat fresh, hot fried pies, just from the pan. And the remaining dough and filling will be able to wait for the next “in its hour” in the refrigerator.

Fried patties - food preparation

Before you start cooking fried pies, make sure that all the original ingredients are fresh and of good quality. Only if this condition is met, your products will acquire the desired pomp, taste and aroma. What products are we most likely to need? Undoubtedly, this flour is only finely ground (top grade) and only sifted in advance (flour is sifted in order to saturate it with oxygen, with the result that the dough turns out softer and more full). Yeast can be used any - fresh pressed or dry. In the second version, the dough rises much faster. By the way, before you start cooking fried pies, make sure that the dough rises at least two times - this will certainly improve the taste of your pies, and the dough will eventually just melt in your mouth. Fried Patties - The Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Fried cottage cheese pies with prunes and dried apricots

These wonderful cottage cheese pies are not only tasty, but also very useful. Perfect breakfast for kids and adults! The snow-white filling, supplemented with dried apricots and prunes, looks very beautiful and appetizing. Cottage cheese for cooking pies choose only high quality. It should not be dry, low-fat and sour.


- cottage cheese 400 gr.

- 40-60 gr. Sahara

- one egg

- flour - three table. spoons

- 8-10 pcs. dried apricots

- 8-10 pcs. prunes

- vanilla

- half tea l. soda (quenched in lemon juice)

- a pinch of salt

- flour for rolling

- vegetable oil

Method of preparation:

1. Cooking dough. We spread cottage cheese into a convenient container (it is better to rub it through a sieve), add sugar, slaked soda and mix well. Split the egg into mush and mix everything again. To the resulting mass add vanilla and, stirring, add flour. Putting the dough aside so that it is a little “fit.”

2. While the dough fits, make the filling. We wash dried apricots and prunes. Next, leave them in hot water to soften (swell) for 10-20 minutes. Then finely chop.

3. Pour several handfuls of flour on the table and spread some dough on it. We press it with our fingers in order to make a cake. In the middle we put a spoon of prunes or dried apricots. Gently pinch the edges, and form a pie. Do the same with the rest of the dough, alternating between the stuffing.

4. Fry the formed patties in a well-baked pan (with butter) on both sides. Served hot with sour cream, yogurt, condensed milk, jam, cream or honey. Enjoy!

Recipe 2: Fried Cheese and Chicken Pies

Such a universal dough can be used not only with cheese and chicken filling, but also any other of your choice and taste. We chose these ingredients as a filling. Very unusual, tasty and satisfying! Try it! Ingredients:

- 300 gr. chicken (fillet)

- 100-150 gr. hard cheese

- three art. lie sour cream

- flour 150 gr. + for rolling

- one egg

- greens (any)

- vegetable oil

- salt to taste

Method of preparation:

1. Prepare the dough first. Put the flour in a container, add salt, grow a spoon. oil and pour 150 ml nekrutogo boiling water. Begin to whisk until smooth. Cool the prepared dough, removing it in a cool place (not the refrigerator).

2. Chicken breast (gamble) gut in small pieces. You can cut the meat into cubes. Grate cheese. Greens (onions are traditionally used, but you can choose any other greens) are ground. Next, mix the ingredients: egg, greens, sour cream, chicken and cheese, adding a pinch of salt.

3. When the dough cools down, divide it into five to seven parts. Each roll out in a thin circle (diameter of about 10-12 cm). We spread on the first circle the filling and sculpt the pie. Do the same with the rest of the parts.

4. We heat up the pan, heat up the butter and lay out our patties, frying them on both sides on low heat (so that the chicken is fried). A total of 5-7 pies, very, very tasty! If you want to do more, then naturally increase the amount of all the ingredients.

Recipe 3: Fried Yeast Dough Patties with Rice and Mushrooms

The filling, of course, for yeast dough, you can choose any. There are no restrictions here - all that is edible is suitable (meat, berries, jam, mushrooms, cheese, etc.). Let's try to bake flavored, appetizing and such ruddy pies with rice and mushrooms.


For the test:

- table. spoon of dry yeast

- two eggs

- sugar - one table. lie

- milk, whey or kefir - 500 ml

- 1 kg of flour

- one table. l margarine (melted)

- one table. l vegetable oil

- a pinch of salt

For filling:

- a glass of rice

- three eggs

- large onion head - 200 gr. mushrooms (white or champignons)

- pepper

- greenery

- salt to taste

Method of preparation:

1. We get the dough. Pour the yeast into a basin (deep saucepan), pour 250 ml of milk base (milk, whey, yogurt, kefir, ryazhenka, snow), add sugar, mix and remove in a warm place for 15 minutes. We beat the eggs with sugar and after 15 minutes Add egg foam + remaining milk base to the total mass. Begin to pour in the portions of the sifted flour, add the melted margarine, mixed with vegetable oil, and mix. Knead the dough, and then, covering the top of the dish with a rag, remove it in the heat for 40 minutes. If necessary, wet hand dough up the dough (if it starts to flow).

2. Prepare the stuffing. My mushrooms, cut into cubes (plates). Boil rice until cooked. Eggs boil, chop and mix with rice. Fry the onion and mushrooms cut in half rings (or cubes), season with pepper and pepper to taste. Then add cooled mushrooms to rice with eggs. Grind also greens and add to the filling. Stir.

3. Roll up the dough into a ball and remove to the cold for about fifteen minutes. After that we divide it into portioned equal pieces, from which we roll thin flat cakes. Sculpt pies in the traditional way with the addition of cooked toppings. Fry in a pan until cooked. That's the whole secret! Enjoy your meal!

Fried Pies - useful tips from experienced chefs

- Pies must be sculpted immediately before frying, so that they do not lose shape (maximum 15-20 minutes);

- If you use liquid jam or berries as a filling, then “dilute” them with starch so that during the frying process the filling thickens and does not flow out of the dough. In general, this kind of pies is better to bake in the oven, and not to fry;

- To prevent the dough from sticking to the hands during the formation of the pies, grease them with vegetable oil, do the same with the table and rolling pin; - When frying pies in a pan, use not only vegetable oil, but also ghee - this will give your products an unsurpassed flavor;

- Vegetables for the filling preferably pre-boil or fry;

- When kneading dough, especially yeast, do not use too much flour so that the dough does not turn out to be hard;

- Flour, falling into the seething fat, usually quickly burns, turning into burnt lumps, so the cakes should not be crushed abundantly in flour before being sent to the pan;

- Spread any patties on the pan must be “seam” down;

- By the way, pies can be not only fried in a frying pan, but also baked in the oven. So they are less fat and calorie. If you decide to bake products in the oven, increase the temperature in it gradually, so that the cakes turn out to be as airy as possible.

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