Salad "Pearl" - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cooked salad "Pearl"


Salad "Pearl" - the original and popular dish. The main merit in this belongs to the presence of seafood. Their delicate taste, incredible utility known to all. Therefore, many housewives diversify not only the festive, but also the everyday table of their family with this useful gift of the sea.

Salad is also good because it does not have a strict recipe - everyone can vary the list of ingredients, and their proportions, selecting the composition to your liking.

You will be convinced of it, having studied the recipes offered by us.

Recipe 1. Pearl Salad with Squid

This is one of those salads that, having been on the table at least once, remains a special dish of the holiday. To make it fit perfectly with the name, it is advisable to put it on the table in the appropriate salad bowl - in the shape of a pearl.

Ingredients Required:

- squid (0, 5 kg);

- egg (4 pieces);

- red caviar (0, 1 kg);

- boiled shrimps (0, 25 kg);

- mayonnaise (its amount depends entirely on your taste).


Squids dipped in boiling water, boil for just one minute. Leave them in the same hot water for a couple of minutes, removing them from the heat. After this treatment, you need to drain the water, cool the squid.

Boil eggs, more abruptly. After peeling them, separate the whites and yolks. Grind with a grater. Leave one yolk whole.

Squids cut into thin, preferably straws.

Chop finely and part of the boiled shrimp.

Mix half the caviar with squid, shrimp, eggs. Season with mayonnaise.

Put a slide in a wonderful salad bowl, “hoist” in the center a greased mayonnaise yolk. He will be your improvised gem. Around him carefully lay out the rest of the caviar.

On the surface of the salad beautifully lay out the remaining shrimp.

Recipe 2. Salad “Pearl” with salmon

Ingredients Required:

- lightly salted salmon (200 g);

- cheese (70 g);

- olives (about 20 pieces);

- red caviar (slightly, 30-50 g, to decorate the dish);

- orange (1 piece);

- boiled eggs (6 pieces);

- mayonnaise (to taste).


Peel orange, finely chop.

Chop cheese with a grater.

Peel the eggs, separate the whites and yolks. Grate them on a fine grater. Half of the protein must be left - he will play the role of a pearl. Salmon and olives finely chopped. A few olives will go on decorating the salad.

Start laying out ingredients in layers.

Mix half of the proteins with mayonnaise and put on a dish.

The second layer is the yolks mixed with mayonnaise.

Proceed to laying out salmon. It is divided into two parts. Put half on the dish, cover this layer with olives. On top of the olives is the other half of the fish.

The next layer is cheese mixed with mayonnaise.

The salad is laid, it remains to decorate it: put caviar in the middle, in the center - protein. At your discretion, put olives into slices.

Recipe 3. Pearl Salad with Asparagus and Shrimps

This salad is laid out on sheets of pickled cabbage, which mimic the shell of the shell. So you have to prepare for its preparation in advance. You should not worry: a simple instruction on marinating delicious cabbage is prudently attached to the recipe.

This delicious and delicious salad is very easy to make. And the idea is so beautiful that you will definitely like it.

Ingredients Required:

- shrimp (ready to eat: boiled and peeled or canned) - 200 g;

- 50 grams of asparagus and ripe mango (with white juicy pulp);

- boiled egg - 1 piece;

- Royal olive (for decoration) - 1 piece;

- mayonnaise in half with sour cream - for dressing, to taste;

- cabbage pickled white cabbage - sheets.


As promised, we begin with the preparatory stage - pickling cabbage. The recipe is designed for two kilograms of cabbage. So prepare:

- garlic (2 cloves);

- on 3 peas of black and allspice;

- carrots (1 piece);

- Mustard (seeds) 3 hours l .;

- salt (2 tbsp.);

- Acetic essence (1 h. l.);

- sugar (1 tbsp. l.);

- If desired, you can add 1-2 bay leaves.

Rub carrots and chop cabbage rather large, into cubes with sides of about five centimeters. Do not forget to leave a few leaves. Put them in the jar last, so that when ready, it is convenient to get it and use it in a salad. We advise to give the form to them when they are already marinated. So they will be much more pliable.

Mustard, chopped garlic, peppercorns, fold to the bottom of the jar.

Sliced ​​cabbage before laying in the pot pour over the boiling water. Fold it in a jar, dusted with carrots.

After laying, sprinkle with sugar and salt on top. Pour boiling water over the top, pour the vinegar.

Finally, close the lid and cover the jar. Leave it until cool.

Mango, asparagus and egg cut into smaller pieces and season with mayonnaise.

Use this mixture to fill the notch of the pickled cabbage leaf. Cover the second sheet, to accurately reproduce the impression of half-open shell valves.

It remains only to put a large olive in the middle and surround it with shrimps.

Recipe 4. Pearl Salad with Shrimps and Vegetables

Another option pearls. This time with vegetables. It is light and tasty. Shrimp can be replaced with crab sticks.

Ingredients Required:

- shrimp (200 g);

- one cucumber, tomato, potato;

- egg (2 pieces);

- hard cheese (150 g);

- mayonnaise - to taste.

In addition, to decorate the salad will need:

- a pair of white cabbage sheets;

- One large olive;

- beet juice (100 g).


The process should begin with the preparation of cabbage leaves. They need a few hours to hold under the beet juice, to regain the appropriate color.

Boil separately potatoes, eggs, shrimp. Leave, let cool.

To clear: eggs - from the shell, potatoes - from the peel, shrimps - from the shells.

Chopped cheese and potato grated.

Washed vegetables (tomato and cucumber), finely chop eggs.

All components of the salad to combine, mix with mayonnaise.

Cabbage sheets, painted with beet juice, cut, giving them the shape of shells.

Fill one sheet with the prepared mixture. The second cover, if necessary, fasten a toothpick.

Spread on the surface of the salad shrimp, in the middle - an olive.

Recipe 5. Pearl Salad in a Cheese Basket

A simple set of products, simple and quick preparation. But, due to the original design, this salad looks very festive.

Instead of crab sticks you can put medium-sized shrimps in it. In this case, they do not need to be cut - it is better to decorate the surface of the salad with them.

And avocados can be replaced with green apples.

As a result of such replacements, you will get a slightly different salad to taste, but this will not make it worse.

Ingredients Required: - crab sticks (200 g);

- one by one - avocado and fresh cucumber;

- half a lemon;

- eggs (3 pieces);

- hard cheese (100 g);

- Chinese cabbage (150 g);

- mayonnaise - to taste.


Avocado cut along, remove the bone. Chop the fruit into small pieces. Immediately you need to sprinkle it with lemon juice - then it will retain its color, it will not darken.

Cook hard-boiled eggs, cool.

Cut the washed fresh cucumber, Chinese cabbage, eggs, crab sticks.

All sliced ​​products put in one deep bowl, mix, season with mayonnaise and repeat mixing.

Start making a cute cheese basket in which the salad is laid out.

To do this, grate the cheese on a fine grater.

Prepare a glass or cup - put next to the stove upside down. On this inverted container you will need to quickly put the melted cheese pancake.

Preheat pan and evenly scatter cheese on its surface.

As soon as it melts, immediately send it to an inverted glass. The edges can be corrected to make a pretty basket.

In it, and you need to put the salad before serving.

These baskets can be put on a serving dish, decorating the surface of the salad with pieces of red fish or greens.

Salad “Pearl” - tips from experienced chefs

If beetroot juice is required for a salad, and you do not have a juicer, then try the old, tried and tested method: grate the beets on a fine grater, put the pulp into gauze, tighten it more tightly and squeeze the juice.

Want to reduce the calorie content of “Pearls” - replace the usual mayonnaise with low-calorie.

Many young housewives do not know how to cook shrimp. Thawed, put them in boiling water, salt, add allspice and chopped greens. If desired, also a bay leaf. Cook on medium heat for about ten minutes.

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