Pork with apples fry, bake and simmer. Royal dishes on your menu - pork with apples

Pork with apples fry, bake and simmer. Royal dishes on your menu - pork with apples

It is customary to stuff large poultry with apples.

Tasty, isn't it? And if we have on the agenda a piece of luxurious pork tenderloin? Well, and at all wonderful.

Apples will add to it its unique flavor, light sweetness and delicious taste.

Be patient, the recipe will require all those present.

Pork with apples - general principles of cooking

• Pork with apples can be fried, stewed in a frying pan, baked in the form or on a baking sheet in the oven or cooked in a slow cooker.

• Meat before use, thoroughly washed with a single piece under water, then dried and cut according to the recipe. The size and thickness depends on the method of preparation and the selected dish. Roasted or baked in large pieces of meat pre-beat, while giving the slices the desired thickness and shape. When slicing meat, do not forget that this should be done only across the fibers. Then it will turn out much softer and absorbs well all the juices and flavors of the added apples.

• Apples for cooking pork is best to take aromatic, sweet and sour varieties. Such fruits perfectly impregnate meat with their aroma and sweetness. Fruits are peeled and crushed into small pieces or slices. Sometimes they are rubbed on a grater. Peel leave undesirable because it does not soften.

• Most pork dishes with apples are served on their own as a snack option. But if meat is stewed with fruit or fried, boiled rice, mashed potatoes or pasta will be the best garnish to it.

Pork with apples in the oven under caramel sauce


• 700 gr. pork (pulp);

• 75 gr. sugar sand;

• cognac - 2 tsp;

• three large sour apples;

• juice from 1/8 small lemon.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the dried piece of pulp into portions, the average thickness of a centimeter.

2. Spread the chunks of meat on the cutting board, cover them with a film or plastic bag and slightly beat off with a cooking hammer, its larger teeth. Rub with a mixture of ground pepper and salt and leave. 3. Rinse the apples, cut them in half and free them from the core. Without cutting off the peel, cut into medium-sized slices.

4. At the bottom of the form, pour just a little bit of vegetable oil and put apple slices into it evenly, maximally consolidating them to each other. Lay out a layer of beaten pork on top.

5. Cover the form with a layer of foil and send to bake in the oven, adjusting the temperature to 200 degrees, lasting half an hour.

6. While the flesh is baking, prepare the sauce. To do this, in a small saucepan, pour 100 ml of filtered drinking water and put to boil. Pour sugar into boiling liquid, wait for boiling, reduce heat and continue cooking the syrup, stirring constantly with a spoon. As it thickens, remove from heat, cool slightly and mix with lemon juice and brandy.

7. When the baking time has expired, remove the mold from the oven. Remove the foil, pour the pulp with the cooked fragrant sauce and put it back for another five minutes so that the pieces are covered with a light caramel crust.

Honey pork with apples in a pan


• 1 kg pork neck tenderloin;

• 100 ml of high quality vegetable oil;

• light honey - 4 tbsp. l without slides;

• three large apples.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut a piece of pulp along the fibers into 8 pieces and beat each one well through the film to a centimeter thickness.

2. Cut the washed apples into rings and be sure to carefully cut each core.

3. In hot oil, fry the broken chunks of pork on both sides. To make the meat well cooked, do it on a small fire, 12 minutes per side.

4. Put the roasted flesh on a plate, and pour some butter into the pan. As soon as the fat warms up well, immediately drop apple rings into it. Quickly browse on both sides and put in a separate dish.

5. Chop lightly salted and pepper to your liking and transfer back to the pan. On each piece, place one apple circle and pour honey over it, about 1 tsp.

6. Carefully pour in a glass of boiling water, cover with a lid and put the stew on medium heat for a quarter of an hour.

Pork roll with apples and sage


• Fresh pork belly - 1 kg;

• apples - 2 pcs .;

• one bitter onion;

• one lemon;

• 70 ml of non-aromatic vegetable oil;

• a small bunch of fresh sage;

• loaf.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the peeled apples into small thin slices, finely chop the onion with a knife.

2. In two spoons of butter, brown the onions and add apples to it. Extinguish everything together for another five minutes and remove from heat.

3. From the loaf, cut off the crusts, cut the crumb into centimeter cubes and place the pieces on a baking sheet. Sprinkle with vegetable oil and dry in the oven at 200 degrees.

4. Kill with a blender until smooth sage, fried apples with onions and crackers.

5. Cut a piece of pork pulp along the fibers, but not completely and unfold to form a large layer. Beat off lightly, pepper and salt to your taste. Then, evenly spread over the entire surface of the reservoir to distribute the filling of the components that were bounced off a blender and immediately roll up the roll.

6. Drag the billet in several places with a thick string or cooking string and place on a baking tray.

7. Sprinkle lemon zest, chopped on a fine grater, and bake on the surface of the roll. First cook at 220 degrees for 20 minutes, then lower the heat to 180 degrees and continue cooking.

8. After 50 minutes, remove, cool slightly and free from threads.

Pork in apples, in a slow cooker


• 800 gr. pork pulp;

• mustard and crushed red pepper to taste;

• two spoons of light soy sauce;

• three medium sized apples.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix the soy concentrate with mustard, add the pepper and mix thoroughly. Prepared marinade, rub the dried piece of meat on all sides, put in a bag and leave. To the pulp soaked enough marinade, she needs to stand for at least 40 minutes.

2. Spread on the table a large sheet of foil folded in half. Brush with butter and place the marinated pork in the middle. On a large grater, rub the peeled apples and overlay them with pulp from all sides. Then tightly wrap the meat with fruit in foil. 3. Pour a full glass of water into the multi-cooker bowl and place the packaged “roll”.

4. Set the “Baking” option and start the multicast by setting the timer to 2 hours. After 20 minutes until readiness, open the lid of the device and carefully cut the top of the package so that a crust forms on the piece of pulp.

Fried pork with apples and onion sauce


• four pork steaks;

• two large apples;

• tablespoon of sugar;

• half a cup of bright apple juice;

• teaspoon of cornstarch;

• a quarter teaspoon of ground pepper;

• 60 ml of olive, high-quality oil;

• dried thyme - 0.5 tsp;

• head of purple sweet onions.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the peeled onion in half and chop into thin strips. Heat two tablespoons of oil in a large thick-walled pan, sprinkle onions and fry it to a light blush.

2. Pour the remaining oil into a clean pan and put it on a moderate heat. In the heated oil, lower the dried steaks and fry quickly. As soon as the underside crust, turn and fry the other side. Without removing from the pan, sprinkle the top side of the steaks with a mixture of salt, thyme and ground pepper and, turning over, fry to the desired degree of readiness.

3. Put the cooked meat in plates, and pour two teaspoons of olive oil into the pan. Add the thin sliced ​​apples, peel, sprinkle with sugar and cook, stirring, for three minutes. Remove from heat and place on a plate to meat.

4. Mix the cornstarch with apple juice and pour this mixture over the onions. Stir, bring to a boil and extinguish over low heat for no longer than a minute. Pour the sauce over the pork with apples and serve as a separate dish or with a side dish of pasta.

Pork with apples stewed in a pan


• a pound of pork tenderloin;

• small leaf of laurel;

• a tablespoon of mustard seeds;

• head of salad onions;

• sprig of parsley;

• large apple;

• two tablespoons of refined olive oil;

• A tablespoon of any flour. Cooking Method:

1. Chop the onion in small slices. Remove the core of the apples by cutting the fruit in half, and cut them into thin slices. Do not cut the rind.

2. Cut the pork in small square pieces and roll them in lightly salted flour.

3. In a wide pan, without a non-stick coating, heat the oil and fry the meat in it, spreading out in small portions. Remove and temporarily set aside.

4. Fry onion until soft and add apples to it. Stir and continue frying for three minutes.

5. Caramelized apples Pour 300 ml of vegetable broth or drinking filtered water and immediately add the meat. Put mustard, lavrushka and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat to a minimum and continue to simmer everything, under a lid for at least 20 minutes. Add water if necessary.

6. Sprinkle with chopped parsley, season with ground pepper and salt.

Pork with apples - cooking tricks and useful tips

• It is believed that frozen meat dishes are dry and tasteless. But this is a mistaken opinion of those who did not try to cook pork with apples, and incorrectly prepared the pork pulp for use.

• First - frozen meat should be thawed slowly, in a common refrigerator compartment or in air at room temperature. To accelerate the defrosting, it is impossible to fill with water, with such a thawing pulp will release all its juices.

• Second, pre-marinate the pieces of thawed pulp in a light sauce or any other light marinade.

• If you previously cooked flesh in the oven, and it always turned out dry, try cooking pork with apples not on a baking sheet, but in a sleeve or form under the foil. Baked meat with such cooking always turns juicy.

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