Pork with mustard in the oven - it is gorgeous! Recipes of different dishes, rolls, pork ham and mustard in the oven

Pork with mustard in the oven - it is gorgeous! Recipes of different dishes, rolls, pork ham and mustard in the oven

The meat from mustard becomes tender, fragrant, it melts in the mouth and pleases the taste, especially if it is pork.

It is perfect for roasting in the oven, does not require long marinating, has a lot of fans and always turns out! A selection of the coolest recipes and small tricks.

Pork with mustard in the oven - general principles of cooking

For cooking in the oven is usually used a piece without a bone, sometimes ribs. It is desirable that it was a small layer of fat, which will give the meat juiciness, tenderness. Pork is always washed, wiped and only after that proceed to the cutting. You can bake the meat in whole, medium or small pieces.

Mustard is used for pickling or just smearing. You can dilute it yourself, buy it in a store, there are many species that differ in their degree of sharpness, the presence or absence of round seeds (Dijon mustard). Often it is combined with other ingredients: honey, garlic, soy sauce, fresh and dried herbs. It is wonderfully combined with all kinds of pepper, coriander, ginger. You can go the easiest way - take ready-made seasoning from a bag that is designed for meat, specifically for pork or kebab. Just need to remember that it may already contain salt.

Pork with mustard in the oven in a large piece

Option stunning pork ham and mustard in the oven. It can be consumed hot or cooled, used for meat dishes, sandwiches.


• a piece of pork from 1 to 1.5 kg;

• 5-6 cloves of garlic;

• 2 tablespoons of mustard;

• salt and pepper or take the seasoning for meat, kebabs.


1. Flush the piece. Wipe dry with napkins. If a lot of fat, you can cut off part, but not all. Meat with him turns juicier.

2. Peel the garlic cloves, cut into 4 pieces to make elongated sticks. 3. Put spices in a bowl, dip a piece of garlic, make a puncture with a knife, stuff the whole piece of pork with fragrant garlic.

4. We take mustard. We also add some spices to it at our discretion, rub a piece from all sides.

5. Put in a bowl, cover (can be covered with cling film), leave for 5 hours in the refrigerator, If there is not so much time, keep it warm for an hour.

6. We get, rub the mustard on the surface again.

7. Wrap the piece in foil, send the pork to the heated oven for 80 minutes. Temperature 200.

8. Now we get, remove the foil and put the boiled pork again in the oven. Bake until golden brown for another 15 minutes, looking in color.

Pork with mustard and honey in the oven

A stunning recipe for pork in honey-mustard sauce, which is prepared in small pieces, like kebabs. But you can use this marinade for the pork, it will also be very tasty.


• 1 kg of pork;

• 1.5 tablespoons of mustard;

• 1 spoon of honey;

• 0.5 tablespoons of seasonings for kebabs;

• 0.5 kg of onions;

• 2 spoons of soy sauce.


1. Cut the pork into slices, as for a classic kebab on coals. It is important that the meat was dry, that is, after washing, wipe the pieces with napkins.

2. Combine honey and mustard. If the honey is thick, then we melt it; just hold it for a few seconds in a microwave or in hot water.

3. Add soy sauce, spices, mix.

4. Pour the marinade into the meat, stir. Leave for a couple of hours. You can cook in advance, keep in the refrigerator.

5. Onion cut into large half rings. It will be a pillow for pork. Lay the layer in a greased form.

6. Re-mix the meat to re-coat it with marinade and place on the onions. Cover the top with foil.

7. Put the pork in the oven heated to 190 degrees. Cook under the foil for 25 minutes, then it needs to be removed.

8. Cooking until golden brown, on average, the whole process will take 40-50 minutes. We look at the dish, pierce the piece with a knife. If the juice is clear, pork can be removed.

Pork with mustard in the oven (with tarragon)

Variant of very fragrant and appetizing meat. Choosing a piece of pork with moderate fat, ideally taken from the neck, but you can and any other.


• 1 kg of meat;

• 1 tsp. mustard with grains;

• 1 spoon of ordinary mustard;

• 3 branches of tarragon;

• 3 cloves of garlic;

• 0.5 tsp. coriander seeds;

• salt pepper.


1. Pound coriander in a mortar, add a little salt.

2. We wash the tarragon, tear off the leaves with the twigs and cut them.

3. Peel the garlic, then cut each clove into elongated sticks. Mix with tarragon and salted coriander.

4. Making holes in a piece of pork, shove garlic with spices and tarragon leaves.

5. Mix both types of mustard, salt and pepper. To taste, you can add other seasonings or a spoon of soy sauce.

6. Rub the pork with the prepared mixture.

7. We shift in foil. Wrap it up.

8. Bake 60 minutes at 200 degrees.

9. Open the foil, but do not remove the piece. We put in the oven higher. We add temperature, approximately 210-230 degrees. Fry flavored pork for another ten minutes, remove.

Pork with mustard and apples in the oven

Option of festive pork with mustard in the oven, which is prepared and served with apples. The dish is very fragrant, rich, but it is prepared with simple and practically does not require your participation. Apples choose sour.


• 800 g pork without pits;

• 2 tablespoons of mustard;

• salt pepper;

• 2-3 apples.


1. Ideally, rub the meat with spices and mustard 2 hours before cooking. But you can do it directly in front of her. We mix everything and carefully process the piece, carefully rubbing the flesh. We shift on the foil.

2. Cut apples into 4 parts. Then we remove the stub and cut each piece across to form peculiar triangles.

3. Spread the apple slices in an even layer over the piece of pork. Fruits must hide it completely.

4. Close the foil, try not to disturb the apple layer. 5. Put the meat for an hour in the oven, heated to 190. And enjoy the unique aroma that will appear from the oven.

Pork roll with mustard in the oven

Option stunning pork tenderloin roll, which will decorate any table, including the festive. Cooked in the oven in foil. Optionally, you can add some mushrooms or prunes inside the roll.


• 0.7-0.8 kg of tenderloin;

• 2 tablespoons of mustard;

• 4 cloves of garlic;

• salt pepper;

• seasonings for meat;

• 4 sprigs of dill;

• 1 tbsp. l sweet paprika.


1. Cut garlic cloves into slices. Add to them the chopped dill, put the paprika and stir. It will be filling. As already mentioned, you can add in it a little chopped pickled mushrooms or prunes.

2. We cut out the tenderloin on the table. If the piece is thick, then we make a cross-section, but not to the very end, unfold the layer.

3. Lubricate the meat with salt, pepper, season with spices and grind the mustard.

4. Put the mixture of garlic and dill inside.

5. Fold roll.

6. Top wrapped pork thick thread so that the meat in the cooking process is not unwound. Grease everything again with mustard.

7. We put on a foil, we wrap from above.

8. Put in the oven, bake for an hour at 180. Then you can add the temperature to 200, open the roll and fry well until a beautiful crust.

Pork with mustard in the oven (with potatoes)

A simple recipe for a versatile pork dish with mustard in the oven. To reduce the cost, you can take more vegetables.


• 800 g pork;

• 600 g of potatoes;

• 300 g onions;

• 150 g of mayonnaise;

• 3 tablespoons of mustard;

• 70 grams of cheese;

• salt and other spices.


1. Cut the pork on 7-8 plates. It is important that the pieces are across the fibers, then the meat will be juicy, tender.

2. We mix mustard with spices and mayonnaise, we grease pork from all directions. Half the sauce should go. Let the meat stand for now.

3. Peel potatoes, cut into plates, mix with the second part of the sauce.

4. Onion cut into half rings, lay out on the bottom of the greased form. 5. Onion distribute pork in one layer.

6. Now lay out the slices of potatoes in the sauce.

7. Send the structure to the oven, bake at 180 degrees for about 35 minutes. Nothing to cover is not necessary.

8. We rub cheese very small. You can take it more at your discretion.

9. Sprinkle potatoes with cheese, fry until a beautiful crust for another 12-15 minutes, now you can add the temperature.

Pork with mustard in the oven (with prunes)

The option is very simple, but delicious pork with mustard in the oven. It is better for her to choose sour prunes. Similarly, the dish is prepared with dried apricots.


• a piece of meat 600 g;

• 100 g of prunes;

• 1.5 tablespoons of mustard;

• 1 tsp. spices for meat.


1. Wipe the washed piece dry.

2. We wash prunes, it is not necessary to cut.

3. Mix mustard and spices.

4. Make a knife a hole in the meat, shove prunes. Shpiguem entire piece.

5. Dense mustard, wrap in foil, put in the fridge for 5 hours. You can hold the meat overnight or all day.

6. We get pork, sent to the stove. In an oven heated to 200 degrees, we cook for exactly one hour. If desired, at the very end, fry, removing the foil.

Pork with mustard in the oven - tips and tricks

• Is the meat dry and free of fat? Put a few pieces of bacon on top, it will be roasted, and soak the pork with its juice.

• Pork is often cooked in foil, but you can also use a roasting sleeve. At the end it is also cut, and the piece is fried.

• To keep the meat from sticking to the foil, it can be smeared with a drop of oil, but it is better to spread the chopped onion, carrot. By the way, they can be served with the dish.

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