Nuggets at home - much tastier than purchased ones! Anyone who loves fast food: homemade nuggets recipes

Nuggets at home - much tastier than purchased ones! Anyone who loves fast food: homemade nuggets recipes

Delicious chicken pieces covered with a crispy crust are very popular today.

The dish is adored by men, especially when watching football.

Women gathered at a bachelorette party, are also not averse to eat such yummy.

Everyone knows that this dish, which is considered fast food, is not very useful.

However, if you start cooking nuggets at home, the harmfulness of food can be significantly reduced.

There are ways to cook without oil and salt in the oven. In addition, the use of natural products will turn the nuggets into a dish with a very acceptable calorie content. So, you can safely eat it, but, of course, know the measure.

Nuggets at Home - General Cooking Principles

As a rule, nuggets are made from chicken fillet.

The meat should be cut lengthwise and then chopped into pieces about three to three centimeters. Slices can be marinated for about fifteen minutes or twenty.

Meat collapses in flour, eggs and breading. The main difference in the way of cooking is the various breading. It may consist of crackers, flakes, bread crumbs, cracker. Dry spices, greens, nuts, and onions with garlic are added to the breading.

Basically cooking nuggets at home occurs by frying in a skillet. Vegetable oil should be a lot and warm it needs to be well. It is desirable that it completely covers the nuggets.

One by one in the pan nuggets are not laid out. You need to prepare all the pieces of meat and then fry. Slices lay out so that they are not in contact with each other.

If the pieces are deep-fried - you do not need to turn them over, fry for about seven minutes.

Hot nuggets laid out on a plate with a paper towel. This is done to ensure that the butter is glass and the finished dish is not too fat. They need to cool slightly to become crispy. Nuggets are also being prepared in an oven heated to 200 degrees. The workpiece is placed on the grid, under which is a baking sheet. Cooking time - up to twenty minutes.

1. Nuggets at home in the American style

Delicate slices of chicken fillet in a fragrant spicy breaded can be enjoyed not only on weekends, but also on a weekday evening. This dinner will be very useful if you plan to watch your favorite sporting event.


• Three chicken fillets.

• 0,400 liters of sunflower oil.

• 100 grams of flour.

• Two Art. spoons of paprika.

• Black turmeric spoon.

• Black spoonful of salt.

• One teaspoon of pepper.

• A glass of kefir.

Cooking Method:

Cut the chick loin into small slices.

Pour the kefir in one bowl, pour flour in another.

Prepare a spicy breading: mix the spices with flour, salt and pepper.

Slices of fillet need to dip in kefir, break in breading. Repeat the operation again. The result was a double breading.

Place in pan with oil heated to the desired temperature. When the nuggets turn golden on one side, turn and fry for about five minutes.

2. Nuggets at home breaded in Japanese

Cooking is easy and fast enough. Unusual breading will make the dish original and spicy.


• Three chicken fillets.

• Two eggs.

• Half a cup of wheat flour.

• 3 tbsp. spoons of breadcrumbs.

• Four sprigs of dill.

• Three tablespoons of sesame.

• Two pinches of salt and pepper.

Cooking Method:

Cut the prepared fillet into small pieces. Salt and pepper well.

Slightly beat the eggs, mix the yolk and white.

Prepare the breading: chop the dill and mix with sesame and breadcrumbs.

Each piece of meat first roll out in flour, and then soak in the egg. Lastly, you need a good break in the breading.

Put the nuggets in a heated pan and cook in the usual way.

3. Nuggets at home in Italian breading

The dish is prepared without salt, because salted Parmesan is present in the breading. Thanks to him, the crust of nuggets crunches in a special appetizing way.


• Three chicken fillets.

• Half a cup of flour.

• One teaspoon of pepper.

• Two eggs.

• 50 grams of parmesan and breadcrumbs.

• Ten grams of parsley.

Cooking Method:

Cut chicken fillet into small slices.

Prepare two bowls: for flour and for eggs.

Beat eggs. Chop the cheese with a fine grater.

Chop the parsley.

Prepare breading: Parmesan mix with breadcrumbs and herbs. Spice up.

Do the standard procedure: roll each piece of chicken in flour, drown in eggs. The last run-in breaded.

Fry in a skillet for seven minutes.

4. Nuggets at home in the breading of cracker

Cracker slices will cover the slices of meat with dense shell and make the nuggets inside juicy, and outside - crispy. In the finished dish, prepared according to this recipe, there are no harmful ingredients and excess oil.


• Three fillets.

• Two eggs.

• 150 grams of salty crackers.

• 1/2 teaspoon salt and pepper.

• Two teaspoons of paprika are ground and sweet.

Cooking Method:

Chicken meat cut into small strips. Salt and pepper.

Pour crackers in the bag with the lock, close tightly. Using a rolling pin on a wooden board, grind so that it turns out not dust, but small pieces.

Pour the crushed crackers in a bowl. Stir in paprika.

Eggs break and slightly shake.

Chicken slices dip in egg mixture and roll in a cracker. Put semi-finished products on dostochku.

Prepare a baking sheet. Place a grate on it and place chicken pieces on it. Bake in the oven for fifteen minutes (200 degrees).

5. Nuggets at home with cornflakes and garlic

The finished dish is sharp and spicy at the same time. A wonderful snack will decorate and diversify the everyday evening. Ingredients:

• Chicken breast.

• One egg.

• 0.100 kg of wheat flour.

• Salt.

• Breadcrumbs - two Art. spoons.

• Corn flakes without sugar - 150 grams.

• Black spoon of black pepper.

• One and a half h. Spoons of dried garlic.

• 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric and ginger.

Cooking Method:

Free the breast from the bone and cut into small slices.

Salt and pepper. Transfer to a deep bowl. Pour garlic and turmeric with ginger. Mix.

Grind cornflakes. Mix with breadcrumbs.

Egg break, salt and whisk.

Roll chicken pieces in flour, soak in eggs and well roll out in breading.

Fry in the usual way in oil.

6. Nuggets at home in a lush breading

The dish is cooked in the oven on the grid. So nuggets will be evenly baked on top and bottom. Fluffy breading will turn into a delicate and fragrant crust that crunches very nicely.


• Chicken Breast - 300 g

• A glass of kefir.

• Bread crumbs - 100 g

• Three tablespoons of grated cheese.

• One teaspoon of Provencal herbs.

Cooking Method:

Pieces of meat pour kefir and leave for half an hour.

Mix bread crumbs with cheese. Add Provence herbs and continue mixing.

Remove the pieces of chicken from kefir and roll in the breading. We must try to overlap the slices rather tightly.

Bake on a lattice in the oven for about twenty minutes.

7. Nuggets at home with minced meat

The finished dish is full of mustard and other spices. Onion roasted in soy sauce gives the nuggets a slight smoke flavor.


• Bulb medium.

• 300 g fillets.

• Two pieces of wheat bread.

• 50 g grated cheese.

• One yolk.

• 50 ml of soy sauce.

• Black spoon mustard.

• Mix of peppers.

For breading:

• One egg.

• 1/2 teaspoon paprika and jeera.

• Two glasses of flour.

• Three Art. l crackers. • Half a cup of milk.

Cooking Method:

Onion cut into half rings. Fry until golden brown. Fill with soy sauce.

Fillet cut into slices. Chop chicken in a food processor. Add slices of bread, pepper and mustard. Separate the yolk from the protein and also shift it to the mixture.

Squeeze the onions in a sieve and add to the combine. Do not turn off the device for a couple of minutes. It turned out chopped meat, and not minced.

Add grated cheese to the mixture and knead.

Whisk mix eggs and milk.

Mix flour with paprika and zira.

We sculpt chicken balls of any size with wet hands. Turn them into rectangles and roll in flour. Then dip in the egg mixture and crackers.

Fry in a deep saucepan until golden brown.

8. Nuggets at Home “Simple Snack”

Simple recipe cooking nuggets at home. The process is simple and fast. Suitable for those who want to get a tasty and satisfying meal without undue effort.


• Three chicken fillets.

• Lemon.

• One egg.

• Three Art. spoons of flour and crackers.

• Salt kitchen.

• Mix of peppers.

• Pinch of coriander, turmeric and marjoram.

Cooking Method:

Cut the meat into stripes and repel. Salt and pepper. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice into fillet pieces. Set aside meat for twenty minutes.

Beat the egg and mix the yolk with the protein.

Pour coriander, marjoram and turmeric into the flour, mix.

Dip each piece of meat in flour and egg twice. Thoroughly roll in crackers. In the same way, prepare all the pieces of fillet and begin to fry them in a deep frying pan.

9. Nuggets at home with mozzarella stuffing

Fragrant chicken pieces in a crispy and ruddy breaded with hot cheese inside - a dish that is pleasant to treat your friends and enjoy yourself.


• A pound of chicken fillet.

• 80 grams of mozzarella.

• 40 grams of walnuts.

• One egg.

• Wheat flour. • Breadcrumbs.

• Black spoon of paprika.

• Two tsp. dried dill and parsley.

• Salt.

Cooking Method:

The usual way to cut chicken fillet. Salted.

Mozzarella cut into cubes.

Grind walnuts. To do this, they need to pour in a bag with a clasp and ceiling rolling pin.

Beat the egg slightly.

Breadcrumbs mixed with dried herbs, paprika and nuts.

Make a cut in each piece of chicken and place a mozzarella cube there. First roll in flour, then in a beaten egg and nut breading.

Fry on all sides until golden brown.

Nuggets at Home - Tips and Tips

  • Before cooking, check the temperature of the vegetable oil. To do this, put a piece of fillet in the pan for a few seconds. If the meat is covered with golden specks - you can fry.
  • The secret of delicious nuggets in breading. It is better not to use purchased rusks, and cook bread crumbs on your own.
  • Paprika is added to the breading for rich color.
  • It is possible to cover meat with flour in this way. Place the fillet pieces in a pan with a lid. Cover the flour and cover the dishes. Shake well.
  • If you make the layer of breading thinner and cook the nuggets in the oven, they will turn into an almost dietary dish.
  • Fillet slices will cook faster if they are repulsed a little.
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