Pie with cheese: hard, melted, Adygei, suluguni. Recipes of different pies with puff, yeast, and unleavened cheese

Pie with cheese: hard, melted, Adygei, suluguni. Recipes of different pies with puff, yeast, and unleavened cheese

Pie with cheese is nourishing and tasty!

There is nothing difficult in its preparation, but the result will always please. We treat ourselves to delicious pies?

Cheese Pies - General Cooking Principles

Cheese is a versatile and ready-to-eat product that has a huge number of species. And all of them can be used for the filling. The product is rubbed or cut, mixed with the rest of the ingredients of minced meat or used alone. It also turns out delicious.

What can be combined cheese:

• vegetables;

• meat products;

• fish products;

• mushrooms;

• eggs.

The list can be continued, any filling with cheese turns out great, and you can dress it in any dough. Lush products are cooked with yeast. To make a crispy pie, knead the unleavened dough. If there is absolutely no time, then you can buy a pack of puff pastry at the store.

Fried pies with suluguni cheese and greens

Recipe for pies with cheese in a skillet. You can take any yeast dough or cook it according to this recipe. For the filling is perfect suluguni.


• 0.4 liters of water;

• 4-5 glasses of flour;

• 1 bag (11 g) of yeast;

• 1 tsp. salts;

• three spoons of butter;

• two spoons of sugar.


• 350 grams of cheese;

• 1 bunch of onions;

• 1 raw egg;

• 1 bunch of dill.


1. Take a large bowl of 4 liters or a saucepan, pour warm water. You can use milk. Add the recipe of yeast with salt, add sugar and stir.

2. Now add flour, knead. At the end, add a few spoons of butter. Flour indicated an approximate amount. Making a thick but slightly sticky dough.

3. Cover the bowl with a towel, leave for half an hour.

4. Cheese need to grate large, crumble the greens. Mix, fill with raw egg, which will not allow the meat to disintegrate. You do not need to salt, in Suluguni there is usually enough salt.

5. The dough should rise well. We get and divide it into balls. We make pieces with small apples, lay them on the table, leaving a distance. 6. After about five minutes, palms flatten the dough into pellets.

7. Spread the cheese filling.

8. We make ordinary pies, connecting the opposite sides.

9. Put the pan on the stove, pour the oil so much so that the formed products float freely and do not touch the bottom. On average, this layer is 1-2 centimeters.

10. Spread the patties in the palms, fry on both sides.

The most simple puff cheese pies

Recipe well, very light and fast puff pastries with cheese. The dough, like cheese, can be any, take with or without yeast, you will need one pack.


• pack of dough;

• 250 grams of cheese;

• egg.


1. Break the egg, shake it with a fork.

2. Spread the dough on the table. Roll up the layer to a thickness of three millimeters.

3. Cut the dough into squares. The size of the pies will be two times smaller, immediately consider this.

4. Cheese can be grated, but not necessarily. You can simply cut the plates according to the number of pies. In the oven, the product will melt and spread inside the pie.

5. Now grab the brush, brush the edges off a few squares.

6. Spread out the cheese.

7. Pinch the patty. Make a rectangular or triangular shape.

8. Lubricate a few pieces of dreams and so sculpt all the cakes, not allowing the edges to dry.

9. Put the cheese products on a baking sheet.

10. The top can also be smeared with an egg, if it remains.

11. Bake until the dough is ready, guided by color. Temperature 200.

Pies with tomatoes and uncooked “Bombs” cheese

A variant of the very popular tomato and cheese pies, which can often be found on the net. The filling is different juiciness, extraordinary taste. You can use melted, Adygei, hard cheese. Prepare?


• flour four glasses;

• glass of water;

• salt, sugar;

• cheese (about 200 g);

• greenery;

• tomatoes (pieces 5);

• butter;

• A pair of garlic cloves.


1. Combine water with half a spoonful of salt, throw a teaspoon of sugar, add flour. It will take about three glasses, a maximum of 3.5. Knead the dough as for ravioli. For greater elasticity, you can add a spoonful of vegetable oil. 2. We remove for a quarter of an hour in a bag.

3. During this time, you need to rub or chop up the cheese, add to it greens, garlic.

4. Tomatoes washed, cut into small rings. Thin circles do not do.

5. Divide in half the dough from the bag. Roll out two tortillas.

6. On one we scatter cups of tomatoes, leave the distance between them.

7. Put the tomatoes on a small spoonful of flavored cheese.

8. Cover this composition with the second cake. Take a glass and squeeze the top patties. We press the edges so that the layers are well blinded.

9. Fry the bombs in the hot oil. They nadya a little more, you need to pour a lot of oil to get deep-frying.

Pies with cheese and eggs in the oven

This recipe will help out if there is little cheese, and you would like to have pies with it. Boiled eggs with spices will increase the amount of filling without sacrificing taste.


• 300 ml of milk;

• yeast 1 tsp. with a mountain;

• 50 g margarine (butter);

• flour (about four glasses);

• spoon of sugar.


• 4 eggs;

• a large bunch of onions, dill;

• 200 grams of cheese;

• pepper, salt;

• 3 spoons of mayonnaise (sour cream).

To lubricate one egg.


1. Cooking yeast dough on warm milk. Mix everything, melt the oil before it and cool it. Or take margarine, but you can pour and vegetable oil.

2. Fill the flour, mesim. Dough for the oven does not need to make cool. It should be soft, light. Leave for a couple of hours.

3. Cook eggs. Then cool, peel, crumble into cubes.

4. Rub the cheese, send to the eggs.

5. Add a lot of greens to the stuffing, pepper, salt and season with mayonnaise. Do not put a lot of sauce, only to glue the ingredients of minced meat, to make it more juicy.

6. Remove the dough, divide into pieces, stick cheese pies.

7. Transfer to a baking sheet, do not stack tightly to each other, leave for half an hour. Drafts in the room should not be, otherwise the dough will be covered with a crust, the pies will not be able to come.

8. Brush with egg, bake in the oven. Set the temperature to 200 ° C.

Puff pastries with cheese and minced

Option nourishing puff pastries with cheese, which also goes minced meat. You can take a mixture of twisted chicken. Cheese goes hard.


• 1 pack of dough;

• 200 g of minced meat;

• 200 grams of cheese;

• 2 onions;

• egg;

• steam oil spoons.


1. Remove the dough, leave on the table.

2. We are engaged in stuffing. Heat the oil in a skillet, fry a couple of onions, diced.

3. Add minced meat, fry too.

4. Put the spices, turn off. We shift in a convenient container, cool it.

5. Chop the cheese in any way, but somewhere 40 grams need to be rubbed finely and set aside.

6. Add cheese, grated or cut into small cubes, in the filling, stir. Optionally put greens, you can use fresh, dried, frozen leaves.

7. The dough by this time should already completely depart. You need to deploy it and roll up with a rolling pin.

8. Then take a sharp knife, cut out rectangles. Any size.

9. Scatter cheese filling with roasted meat.

10. We moisten the edges with an egg, it is convenient to do it with a brush. We glue the pies.

11. We put on a baking sheet. Lubricate the egg, sprinkle with a thin layer of previously laid cheese.

12. The oven should be heated to 200. Bake cheese pies until a beautiful crust on top.

Pies with tomatoes and cheese in the oven

Option juicy pies, which are made from yeast dough. It can be bought or kneaded. Above there are a couple of proven recipes.


• 0.8–1 kg of yeast dough;

• 250 grams of cheese;

• 2 tomatoes;

• 1 bunch of dill;

• spices;

• 1 egg.


1. Cut the tomato in half, take out the seeds, diced.

2. Add greens with grated cheese. To taste we put spices, you can add onions and garlic.

3. Put the egg white. Stir the stuffing.

4. Make dough pellets out of dough, make patties with juicy filling.

5. We put on a baking sheet. We give a little rise in the heat. You can already turn on the oven at 200, let it warm up.

6. In the yolk add a spoonful of milk, stir.

7. Lubricate the top and sides of products, bake in the oven to a beautiful blush.

Puff pastries with cheese and liver

Option pies, which can be cooked even with processed cheese or sausage cheese. They turn out incredibly tasty, fragrant.


• 600 g puff pastry;

• 200 g of liver;

• 150 grams of cheese;

• 150 g onions;

• 50 g of oil;

• 4 sprigs of dill;

• spices.


1. Put the oil in the pan, chop the onion and begin to sauté.

2. After a few minutes, add the liver, fry for this minute. Turn off.

3. We twist through the meat grinder, the mixture cooled to a warm state.

4. Season with spices, herbs and add grated cheese.

5. Lay out the thawed dough in a single layer on the table. Take a rolling pin, roll a little.

6. Cut into squares.

7. In each square, put a little liver filling, try to distribute evenly on all the cakes.

8. Blind edges, moisten them with an egg.

9. The top can also be smeared with an egg. Bake patties in the oven.

Cheese Patties - Tips and Tricks

• The pies will be more aromatic and prettier if, after lubricating with an egg, you sprinkle the surface with sesame seeds.

• No dough likes drafts. Therefore, the windows and doors during the kneading should be closed.

• Flour loves sifting through a sieve. This procedure eliminates debris, makes the product easier, contributes to the enrichment of oxygen and improves the quality of the test.

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