Scrambled eggs in bread - if simple is tired! Recipes of the original fried eggs in bread with cheese, sausage, tomatoes

Scrambled eggs in bread - if simple is tired! Recipes of the original fried eggs in bread with cheese, sausage, tomatoes

Eggs are an indispensable and well-loved product.

He helps out when you need to cook something quickly.

When ordinary scrambled eggs are fed up, you can dish in bread.

Fragrant and crispy frame wonderfully complements it, while it is done very simply.

Scrambled Eggs in Bread - General Cooking Principles

Most recipes involve the use of chicken eggs. But this is optional. If you habitually use the eggs of other birds, for example, ducks or quails, you can cook dishes with them, given the difference in size and in cooking time.

Scrambled bread makes a frame shape. We need full pieces of square or rectangular shape. You can use the loaf, if the size of the slices allows you to fit the egg, a possible filling. Crush choose. The size of the notch depends on the recipe. If you add a lot of different ingredients, you can leave a frame of the crust and a small layer of the adjacent crumb.

What is put into the fried eggs:

• vegetables (tomatoes, onions, garlic, pepper);

• sausages, meat products, bacon;

• hard cheese, processed;

• greens, spices;

• crab sticks;

• mushrooms of different types.

Oil for cooking scrambled eggs, you can use any at its discretion, but it should not be much. Otherwise, the pieces will float, and the added egg will flow under the bread frame.

Simple fried eggs in bread in a pan

The recipe for the original fried egg, which is sure to surprise. For such scrambled eggs in bread in a skillet, no more food is needed than for a classic dish.


• 2 pieces of bread;

• 2 eggs;

• salt pepper;

• 20 g of oil.


1. Heat the oil in a flat bottom pan. It is very important.

2. Squeeze the hole in the bread cup, remove the crumbs. Repeat the same with the second piece.

3. Fry the pieces of bread in the pan on one side, turn over.

4. Break an egg in each hole, salt and pepper.

5. Cover the pan. Cook for a moment. If you want to get not fried eggs, but just scrambled eggs with a dense yolk, then increase the time.

Fried eggs in bread with cheese and greens

For mixed scrambled eggs in bread with cheese will need a little more time. Three eggs will make 2 servings.


• 4 square pieces of bread;

• 3 eggs;

• oil, salt;

• 50 grams of cheese;

• 1 clove of garlic;

• parsley or dill.


1. In the pieces of bread to make holes. You can do as in the previous recipe, squeeze a glass of crumb.

2. Break eggs into a bowl, salt, add chopped sprigs of greens and garlic, you can add any spices, stir.

3. Add grated or chopped cheese.

4. Turn on the pan, warm on it a couple of tablespoons of oil.

5. Put the pieces of bread, browse and turn.

6. Spread egg mass with cheese through the holes.

7. Cover, bring the dish under the lid to the desired state.

Fried eggs in bread with sausage (omelette)

For such scrambled eggs in bread with sausage, even a sausage or sausage will fit. It also does not matter, boiled or smoked product.


• 4 slices of bread;

• 100 g sausage;

• 3 eggs;

• 2 spoons of milk;

• 20 g of oil;

• spices, cheese optional.


1. Break eggs, add milk, salt. Shake with a fork or whisk until smooth. If there is no milk, then you can pour a little water or broth.

2. Cut the sausage into pieces, add to the eggs. You can also add a little grated cheese, or lay it over scrambled eggs.

3. Select the crumb from the pieces of bread, place them in a skillet with hot oil, fry.

4. Turn over, pour the omelette mass into the holes, cover and cook over moderate heat.

5. If you sprinkle cheese on top, then do it as soon as the omelet is poured.

Fried eggs in bread in a pan with mushrooms and onions

Option elegant eggs in the bread pan in the pan, which will fit not only for breakfast. This dish can be a full meal, but takes a little more time to cook. Mushrooms are used boiled.


• 120 g boiled mushrooms;

• 1 onion;

• 3 eggs;

• spices;

• 4-5 pieces of bread; • 2 tablespoons grated cheese;

• 4 spoons of butter.


1. Cut a small onion, fry until ready on two spoons of oil.

2. Cut boiled mushrooms, add to onions, fry for a moment to get rid of excess moisture.

3. At the very end, add the spices, cool.

4. Transfer the mushroom mixture to a bowl, let it cool slightly. Otherwise, the eggs will roll up prematurely.

5. For now, select the crumb from the bread slices. You can use a loaf.

6. Add the eggs to the mushrooms, grated cheese. Add greens to your dish if desired. Spices can be selected at its discretion. Stir the mass thoroughly.

7. Add leftover oil to the pan, brown the bread pan on one side.

8. After turning, spread the mushroom mass with eggs.

9. Cook the dish until the eggs are set. Serve immediately while the scrambled eggs are hot.

Fried eggs in bread with cheese and tomato

An option for many of the favorite combinations of tomato and cheese. For scrambled eggs according to this recipe, you can use both bread and a loaf.


• 2 eggs;

• 1 tomato;

• 40 g of cheese;

• spices;

• butter;

• 2 pieces of bread.


1. Choose from bread almost whole crumb, leave the frames.

2. Beat eggs and spices. Optionally, you can add greens. Garlic goes well with cheese and tomatoes.

3. Cut the cheese into cubes, add to the eggs.

4. Rinse the tomato, also cut and put in an omelet. Do not use a large tomato, just a small fruit.

5. Stir the bulk.

6. Fry bread frames in butter.

7. Turn over, pour an omelet with tomatoes in half.

8. Cover the pan. Cook for about two minutes. Do not make maximum fire so that the scrambled eggs bottom does not burn more quickly than prepare the dish from above.

Fried eggs in bread with sausage and cheese (in the oven)

For this dish uses a whole loaf of bread. It is more convenient to use a round loaf or a loaf. Sausage can go any. The dish is quite large due to the bread.


• 1 loaf of bread;

• 4-5 eggs;

• 1 sweet pepper; • 50 grams of cheese;

• 150 grams of sausage;

• greens, pepper, salt.


1. Remove the upper part of the bread, leaving about 2/3 of the bottom.

2. Select the pulp to make a trough.

3. Crumble the Bulgarian pepper with straws, also sausage, add greens to them. Mix and place at the bottom of the loaf.

4. Break eggs from above, you do not need to stir them.

5. Cut the cheese into slices, scatter between the yolks of the eggs. Do not forget to salt the dish on top.

6. Put baked. The temperature in the oven is at least 200. The time is about 5-7 minutes, be guided by the readiness of the eggs.

Fried Eggs in Bread with Cheese and Bacon

Rye bread is best for this dish. But you can cook with a loaf or white bread. Bacon is used just salted or smoked.


• 2 pieces of bacon, 20-30 g each;

• 2 eggs;

• 1 clove garlic;

• 2 sprigs of parsley;

• 2 pieces of bread;

• 1 spoon of butter.


1. Chop the garlic, cut the bacon into strips.

2. Put on the pan, warm a minute. You do not need to add oil, bacon will release some of its fat. Garlic can be heated on a dry surface.

3. Transfer the heated mass to the bowl, let cool for half a minute. It is only necessary to lower the heat.

4. Add two eggs to the bacon with garlic, beat with a fork, salt.

5. In the slices of rye bread, make holes, fry for a couple of minutes in a frying pan with a spoon of butter until golden brown.

6. Spoon the egg mixture with the garlic and bacon.

7. Cover the pan.

8. Cook under the lid for two minutes.

9. Put on plates, decorate with chopped greens.

Fried eggs in bread with crab sticks

Variant of simple and very fast breakfast dishes. Scrambled eggs will be much more fun if you add a couple of crab sticks to it. Instead, you can use the same meat. In order not to delay the process, immediately remove the product from the freezer, let it thaw.


• 2 crab sticks;

• 2 eggs;

• 2 pieces of bread;

• butter.


1. Squeeze the crumb out of the bread. Do not make a large frame, 6-8 centimeters are enough. 2. Place the resulting framework in a heated pan. You can put crumb mugs side by side and fry them too. Get tasty croutons.

3. Cut thawed sticks into 3-4 pieces each.

4. Turn the bread over, frame fragments of crab sticks.

5. Immediately break the top of one egg.

6. Salt and pepper.

7. Cover the pan for a minute. Rate readiness.

8. If necessary, increase the cooking time. If desired, at the end you can turn the bread over to make the tip of the egg thicker.

Scrambled Eggs in Bread - Tips and Tricks

• In order for the bread not to crumble and not crumble, it is advisable to choose a loaf with a dense and fine-porous crumb. It is better not to use a fresh product. Ideally, it should be a little dried up, for example, yesterday or the day before yesterday.

• Cut the crumb of bread gently. Pieces can be fried near or after fried eggs. Such croutons will be an excellent base for a sandwich. Or cut the crumb into cubes, fry the crackers, use for soup or salad.

• Fry eggs and bread better in butter. With him the dish turns out more beautiful, toasted, fragrant.

• Fried eggs will be more beautiful if you use curly hollows in the form of flowers, hearts, geometric shapes to cut out the framework of bread. But they must be of suitable size to fit at least one egg.

• Vegetables make the dish tastier and more fun. Not only fresh, but also canned, ready-to-eat foods can be added to the eggs: mushrooms, olives, cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper, spicy pods, Korean carrots.

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