Chicken fillet in cheese - tenderness of taste. Fry and bake chicken fillet in cheese, according to proven recipes

Chicken fillet in cheese - tenderness of taste. Fry and bake chicken fillet in cheese, according to proven recipes

A classic is the use of cheese for cooking meat dishes - using it as a “cap” that prevents evaporation of large amounts of moisture. For white chicken meat - as important as anything else. And yet it is simply delicious - tender breast combined with spicy or mild cheese flavor.

Chicken fillet in cheese - general principles of cooking

• Chicken fillet in cheese is baked in the oven or fried in a pan.

• Chicken is recommended to take chilled. When thawing, frozen fillets lose a lot of moisture and dishes from such meat are obtained dry.

• Chicken fillet for cooking in cheese is cut into slices of various sizes and sizes, the method of cutting depends on the specific recipe. Large pieces of chicken beat off culinary hammer to soften its fibers and give the desired shape of the slices. Often, the meat is minced in a meat grinder and fried in the cheese is already molded from minced chicken products.

• Both for baking and frying it is best to use fatty hard cheeses. They melt well and cover products with an appetizing crust. Cheese is ground by a grater, the size of cheese shavings can be different - from the smallest, to large. Cheese is rarely used on its own, in most cases it is mixed with a certain type of dry breading or liquid batter components. In this case, cheese is added instead of flour. Sometimes it is sparsely sprinkled with ready-made hot dishes. In this case, the cheese does not form a crispy crust, but melts and becomes viscous.

• Chicken fillets in cheese are cooked with nuggets, chops or baked whole fillet with cheese in the oven. Meals are served with both fresh vegetables and side dishes, which are selected independently. The most successful are mashed potatoes and boiled rice.

Chicken fillet in cheese - “Golden meat balls”


• 300 gr. chilled chicken fillet;

• two tablespoons of light soy sauce; • a tablespoon of tomato spicy sauce;

• Dutch cheese - 80 gr .;

• one egg;

• 30 gr. flour;

• 40 gr. wheat bread crumbs;

• garlic;

• refined oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix the soy sauce with a spoonful of vegetable oil. Rinse the washed and well-dried fillet with salt and lightly pepper. Pour chicken mixture with soy sauce and butter and place in the fridge for an hour.

2. Blot the fillet from the marinade and place in a frying pan. Cover with a lid and bring to a low heat until half ready. Turn chicken as often as possible and make sure that the meat does not redden.

3. Twist chilled chicken in a meat grinder. On the grater, finely rub about 2/3 of the cheese and mix it with the meat, and set aside the rest of the crumb. Add the whole tomato and a spoonful of soy sauce, press the garlic pressed through the press and mix again.

4. Shape balls of the size of a small cream from the prepared mass. They will turn out about twelve pieces.

5. Beat the egg, pour the flour and breadcrumbs in different bowls. Stir the crumbs with the remains of cheese crumbs.

6. Roll the meat balls into flour on all sides, dip in the egg and then immediately in the cheese breading.

7. Pour oil into a small, wide tank and heat it to about 160 degrees.

8. Dip the marinated balls in hot oil and fry. Products will be ready when the upper breading turns red.

9. Serve on lettuce leaves to a side dish of fresh vegetables.

Chicken fillet in cheese - “Juicy nuggets in the oven”


• 200 gr. hard cheese, variety “Russian”;

• half a kilo of chilled chicken fillet;

• a mixture of peppers and curries to taste;

• two eggs;

• 100 gr. sesame seed;

• 100 gr. large crackers for breading.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the fillet into rectangular pieces, 3 * 4 cm in size and put into a bowl. Season with salt, season with pepper mixture, add a small pinch of curry and mix well.

2. Temporarily set aside 30 grams of cheese, and cut the rest into small bricks or cubes. Pieces should be almost half the meat. 3. With a knife in each slice of chicken make a deep cut, in the form of a pocket and put a piece of cheese in it.

4. Rub the remaining cheese on the finest grater and mix with sesame seed and breadcrumbs. Separately with a small pinch of flour, whisk the egg.

5. Dip the stuffed chicken pieces into the egg and roll well in the breading.

6. Then put the products on a baking tray with a parchment and bake.

7. Place the roaster in a heated oven (190 degrees) and bake for 10 minutes.

Chicken fillet in cheese - “Chops in cheese breading”


• chicken breast - 400 gr .;

• “Russian” cheese - 200 gr .;

• 100 gr. flour, top or first grade;

• two eggs.

Cooking Method:

1. Rub cheese with a coarse grater, pour flour into a small bowl and mix it with salt and pepper, beat the eggs separately.

2. Cut the dried meat perpendicular to the fibers, oblong pieces of a centimeter thickness and slightly beat off.

3. Toss slices of chicken to start with flour, then dip in the egg and roll again, but in cheese chips.

4. Without delay, lower the pieces of meat into the oil well roasted in the pan and fry. As soon as the bottom “grabs” well and turns golden, turn it over to the other side.

Chicken fillet in cheese - “Chicken nuggets in crispbread”


• four chicken fillets;

• large package of Cheese chips;

• one egg (protein);

• six spoons of milk;

• a glass of wheat flour;

• 60 gr. cheese, “Dutch”.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the chips into the bag and roll a few times with a rolling pin, you can finely break it with your hands.

2. Separate the white from the yolk and whisk it well with milk.

3. Cut the chicken into small pieces, rub the cheese on a small or medium grater.

4. Mix flour with a small amount of salt.

5. First, roll the meat pieces in flour, then dip in the milk-egg mixture. Immediately transfer the chicken into a bowl of chopped chips and shake vigorously several times. So all the pieces evenly covered with breading. 6. Put the breaded chicken slices on a baking sheet and bake. Sprinkle hot slices with a thin layer of fine-grained cheese on all sides and transfer to a wide heated dish to serve. The dressing should melt a little.

Fried chicken fillet in cheese with mayonnaise


• homemade chicken fillet - 550 gr .;

• 50 gr. cheese, different varieties, such as “Dutch” and “Russian”;

• 40 gr. sweet cream butter;

• two spoons of fatty mayonnaise;

• 50 ml of vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the chicken with water and cut each fillet in half. Each half further cut along the fibers into three parts. To make the meat well roasted, beat off the slices with a hammer, giving them the desired shape.

2. In a bowl, finely rub the cheese, add the mayonnaise and well-cooled melted butter, mix.

3. Pour a spoonful of vegetable oil into the pan, add the same amount of butter and warm the mixture well.

4. Brush the chicken slices with a mixture of cheese and mayonnaise on both sides and dip into the pan. Fry, turning over 4 minutes to the other side.

Baked chicken fillet in cheese and cream sauce


• chicken fillet - 700 gr .;

• 200 ml of heavy cream;

• 20 ml of refined oil;

• 60 gr. any hard, spicy cheese.

Cooking Method:

1. Whole pieces of meat should be lightly browned. To do this, rinse the chicken with water and blot it thoroughly with a towel. Then put the meat in a frying pan, into which you add vegetable oil and fry from all sides on high heat. Do not cover the lid, otherwise the chicken will give a lot of juice and until it is covered with a crust, it will reach readiness. This recipe requires unroasted meat.

2. Mix the cream with half the pepper and add the fine cheese crumb, stir.

3. Put the fried meat in a small form and pour it with creamy sauce. Crunch the chicken with your hands so that it is completely covered with the sauce, and put in the oven.

4. At 180 degrees bake the meat for 25 minutes.

Fried chicken fillet in cheese with eggs


• four chicken breasts;

• garlic;

• two spoons of low-fat mayonnaise;

• one egg;

• 100 gr. cheese, varieties "Poshehonsky".

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the meat into layers along the fibers, then each again into 2-3 pieces.

2. Spread the chicken on a cutting board, cover with the bag and repel, giving the pieces the desired shape.

3. Sprinkle the slices with coarse salt and lightly season with pepper.

4. In a wide bowl on a fine grater, rub the cheese, pour over the whipped mayonnaise with a raw egg, and stir.

5. Warm up on medium heat, and then heat the vegetable oil in the pan. Dip pieces of chicken in mayonnaise-cheese mass and fry on both sides. Turn only after the bottom is well-browned.

Chicken fillet - “Russians don't give up”


• one fresh and one smoked chicken breast;

• smoked bacon;

• cheese, “Poshekhonsky” or sharper;

• egg and small breading crackers;

• “Cabernet” - 1 cup.

Cooking Method:

1. Slice fresh chicken as long as possible, as thick as a centimeter. In the same way, if possible, a little thinner, chop and smoked meat.

2. Put raw meat under the load for about an hour, then rub it with a dry rag, slightly beat off with a hammer and cover it with wine. Soak in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

3. Fat should be cut into thin slices and slightly freeze. Then cut such a thin straw as soon as possible, and temporarily put it in the refrigerator.

4. Pieces of cheese, centimeter thickness and maximum length, which is possible from the existing piece, put on a flat plate and send to the microwave oven for a few minutes at maximum power. Thawed bars gently seize from the opposite ends of a white clean cloth and stretch into bundles, slightly longer than strips of chicken. Let the cheese cool slightly.

5. Press fresh chicken from wine. Place a strip of marinated meat, cheese flagellum and smoked chicken strip on the cutting board. Sprinkle with salt, crushed paprika, black pepper and a little straw of smoked bacon, quickly turn everything into a kind of pigtail. So do with all the other pieces, to speed up the process, you can spices and salt mix in advance. Cheese flagella should leave approximately 1/3. 6. Wrap our blanks with the remaining flagella, dip them in a loose egg and breaded in breadcrumbs. Paning repeat twice.

7. Fry such chicken only in boiling sunflower oil, so heat it until a “white smoke” effect appears over the pan. The layer of oil should not be too deep, and the pan should be taken steel, without non-stick coatings. Fry until very crispy crust.

8. Serve the dish with a side dish of canned peas, spicy homemade mustard or adjika, slices of gray bread. Warm up the plate in the microwave or oven, and let the dish go as soon as it is ready.

Chicken fillet in cheese - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• To saturate the taste of chicken dishes, it is desirable to marinate meat in advance. Marinade pick your own, given your taste preferences.

• Marinate breast is usually short-lived and in the fridge, tender meat absorbs all flavors in just an hour.

• Dip products only in well-heated butter, otherwise the cheese will melt for a long time and make it difficult to form a crispy crust.

• If you need to sprinkle the cheese with the recipe after roasting, do not allow the dish to cool, otherwise the chips will not melt and will fall off when you put it on the dish.

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