Chicken muffins - juicy patties! Original recipes of chicken muffins for a festive and everyday table

Chicken muffins - juicy patties! Original recipes of chicken muffins for a festive and everyday table

Muffins made from minced chicken or meat are original burgers. This almost completely eliminates the presence of fat, and the use of molds allows you to achieve almost the effect of steam cutlets. Clarify that for lax diets - this is one of the best dishes.

Chicken Muffins - General Cooking Principles

• To prepare the dishes take chicken breast. Poultry is cut into small pieces or ground into minced meat in a meat grinder.

• Onions, dairy products or soaked crumb of hard loaf are added to the minced chicken for juiciness. To improve the taste characteristics of chicken is mixed with cheese, vegetables, cottage cheese.

• Stuffed muffins are made from raw breast pieces. Slices are well beaten and laid on the bottom and along the walls of the molds so that there is free space in the middle for the filling.

• If chicken muffins are cooked with dough, only boiled chicken, cut into small cubes, is added to it. As a liquid basis for such muffins take kefir.

• Chicken muffins are baked in molds, self-made from foil or factory-made silicone. In order for the products to be baked evenly and not dry, the roasting temperature should not be less than 180 degrees, it can be slightly higher.

• Chicken muffins can be served with a side dish or on their own; they are equally good both hot and cold.

Simple recipe for juicy chicken muffins with cheese


• 600 grams of chicken fillet chilled;

• cheese, varieties “Russian” - 100 gr .;

• starch - 2 tbsp. l .;

• 100 ml sour cream, medium-fat;

• small onion;

• to taste - dried dill or parsley;

• one egg;

• garlic.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the chicken fillet in cold water. Drain, blotting a disposable towel, and cut into cubes, approximately one and a half centimeters in size. Slice the cheese into slightly smaller slices.

2. Crush the onions. It is best to chop medium-sized slices, but if you do not like it when the pieces come across in the dish - grind with a medium grater. 3. Put the chicken and onions in a bowl. Add sour cream, lightly salted, pour in egg. To your taste, season with ground pepper and quite a bit of dried greens, add garlic, chopped in a fine grater.

4. Put the potato starch in the mass and stir well with a spoon. If it turns out thinner, enter another spoonful of starch.

5. Fill the silicone baking tins with the mixture and bake the chicken muffins in the oven. The time of heat treatment depends on the size of the molds, and can take from a quarter of an hour to 25 minutes.

Recipe for squash muffins with chicken


• kilogram of young zucchini;

• a pound of chicken fillet;

• four eggs;

• semolina - 50 gr .;

• three small garlic cloves;

• a large bunch of dill;

• 150 ml of yogurt or low-fat sour cream.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the zucchini, cut off the peel and rub on a large grater. Let stand a little, wring out the juice.

2. Wash, filet, dried with a towel, cut into cubes, up to 0.7 cm in size. Transfer chicken to shredded zucchini.

3. Add dry semolina, chopped dill, about a third of the bundle, and pour in the eggs. Season with pepper, crush or finely rub 2 cloves of garlic, lightly salt. Then stir thoroughly and let stand for 20 minutes.

4. Silicone brush on the bottom and sides of the molds, apply vegetable oil. Spread the meat mass and place in a hot oven for half an hour.

5. Finely chop the remaining dill and add the greens to the prepared dairy product (yogurt or sour cream). Add the remaining chopped garlic, season with a little salt and stir the sauce.

6. Ready-made squash muffins with chicken gently remove from the forms and serve with cooked sauce.

Juicy chicken muffins with mushrooms


• two bulbs;

• a pound of fresh mushrooms (mushrooms or oyster mushrooms will do);

• medium-fat cream, liquid - 100 ml;

• 2 chicken fillets;

• light soy sauce - 2 tbsp. l .;

• a mixture of "Provencal herbs" - to taste;

• oil for frying;

• cheese, varieties “Russian” - 120 gr .;

• six cherry tomatoes.

Cooking Method: 1. Cut fillets across the fibers into slices up to half a centimeter thick. If the pieces are thicker, the muffins will not bake well. Put the chicken in a bowl, pour soy sauce to it. Season with ground pepper, add “Provencal herbs” to taste, add some salt and mix. It is important not to over-salt the meat, if you took dark soy sauce, do not salt at all.

2. Rinse the mushrooms well and dry, cut into medium-sized slices, and chop the onion with a heavy knife.

3. In a frying pan, warm one and a half tablespoons of sunflower oil, dip the onion in it and fry until light transparency.

4. Add the chopped mushrooms and continue cooking on low heat until all the moisture has evaporated. When the pieces of mushrooms lightly browned, salt them a little and pour in the cream.

5. Mix well, stew mushrooms in a cream sauce for about ten minutes. Mushroom roast should not be thin. If necessary, prolong the quenching time.

6. For making such muffins, cake baking cups are not suitable, they are too low. Capacity will have to make yourself. Take a large sheet of foil, a length of at least 50 cm, and fold three times so that you get a long strip. Put a glass on it, retreating from the edge by about a third, and wrap it in foil. Without leaving gaps, bend the free edge to the bottom of the glass and press firmly. Carefully free the resulting mold from the glass and make, thus, four more.

7. Place the marinated fillet pieces in a single layer on the bottom of the prepared containers. Lay tight, leaving no gaps. Then place the pieces of meat along the walls so that the middle part remains empty.

8. Fill the cavity with the mushroom stuffing to the top, and lay a large cheese crumb on top with a thick layer. The next layer will be a tomato, press it lightly to make the tomato go deep. “Cherry” can be replaced with large tomatoes, sliced.

9. Place chicken muffins in the oven for 20 minutes, then turn off the heat and hold the product with the door closed for another 10 minutes. Free from foil and serve.

Chicken muffins on boiled breast yogurt


• 350 grams of chicken fillet; • 130 grams of whole grain flour;

• highly purified vegetable oil - 50 ml;

• teaspoon ripper;

• 90 ml low-fat kefir;

• one egg;

• leaf of laurel;

• on a small pinch of ground paprika and turmeric.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour cold water over chicken, add turmeric and Lavrushka. On medium heat bring to a boil, constantly removing the foam. Then reduce the heat and boil the fillets with minimal boiling until cooked.

2. Cool the chicken without removing it from the broth. Then remove and cut into small, centimeter cubes.

3. Add ground paprika, baking powder and a little salt to the flour, about a quarter of a teaspoon.

4. In the vegetable oil, break the eggs and, slightly beating with a whisk or fork, bring to homogeneity. Combine eggs with kefir, stir.

5. Pour the liquid base into the flour and, kneading gently, knead the dough. Add pieces of boiled poultry meat and mix again, so that the pieces of chicken are evenly dispersed.

6. Place paper molds for muffins in a special stand with round grooves and fill them with cooked dough. Do not fill the paper cups to the top, the dough will rise during baking. It is enough to fill them in two thirds of the volume.

7. Put future muffins in the oven and bake at 180 degrees for a quarter of an hour.

Savory Cheesecake Muffins with Chicken and Tomato


• kilogram of chicken breast;

• 200 gr. low-fat elastic curd;

• two bulbs;

• a little dill;

• three spoons of unsalted tomato paste;

• semolina - 4 tbsp. l .;

• spices - not sharp, not spicy.

Cooking Method:

1. Peel the onions and, together with the chicken fillet, twist it in a meat grinder. Grind the meat first and only after the onion.

2. Add to cooked minced cottage cheese, mix. If the product is grainy, twist it in a meat grinder after chicken.

3. Season the minced chicken with your favorite spices or just ground pepper. Add salt, put tomato, add finely chopped dill and semolina. Well stirred, let the meat mass stand for ten minutes, so that the semolina slightly swelled.

4. Spread out on silicone-made molds, and bake for 25 minutes.

Potato muffins with chicken


• two medium potatoes;

• 700 gr. chicken fillet (breast);

• two eggs;

• wheat flour - 2 tbsp. l .;

• three spoons of fat sour cream;

• 5-6 sprigs of fresh dill;

• seasoning “For poultry dishes”, “For potatoes” - to taste;

• ground sweet paprika, black pepper;

• teaspoon vegetable oil;

• tablespoon of semolina.

Cooking Method:

1. Fill the breast with cold water and boil until tender. Cool, without removing from the broth, then dry slightly and cut into cubes. All pieces should be approximately the same size and not more than one centimeter in the edge, it is possible less.

2. Break eggs into chicken, add sour cream and finely chopped dill. Here also grate a small grater potatoes. Season everything with ground pepper and spices. Add a little ground paprika, salt, add flour and mix well. Do not chop the potatoes in advance, add it last, otherwise it will darken.

3. In order for the muffins to keep their shape well and have a crisp crust, apply a thin layer of butter on the walls and bottom of the molds and sprinkle liberally with semolina.

4. Spread the chicken mass in the prepared containers and send to the oven heated to 180 degrees. Chicken muffins should be baked for no more than 20 minutes, until they get a beautiful blush.

Chicken Muffins - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• For muffins, you can use not only the breast. Fillet of thighs and legs, you can also cook a wonderful stuffing.

• Do not feel sorry for onions, it gives extra juicy to dryish meat.

• Fill the tins to the top, chicken muffins do not rise. Place in the oven, pre-putting on a baking sheet to run out juice accumulated in it.

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