Meat souffle for a child as in kindergarten - remember your childhood! Recipes meat souffle for a child in kindergarten chicken

Meat souffle for a child as in kindergarten - remember your childhood! Recipes meat souffle for a child in kindergarten chicken

Our culinary preferences are formed in childhood, so it is very important that the diet of the child contains dishes from vegetables, dairy and meat products. Meat soufflé is a dish that is suitable even for very young children.

Meat souffle for a child as in a kindergarten - basic principles of cooking

Souffle is a delicate dish made from vegetable, meat, fish or dairy products mixed with beaten eggs. To make the souffle truly lush and tender, you need to whip the egg whites into a firm, dense foam. To do this, you must properly separate the whites from the yolks. If it gets into the whites, at least a little yolk, the foam of the desired consistency will not work.

Meat souffle for children is better to cook from beef, veal or poultry meat. It is boiled and carefully crushed to a state of mashed potatoes. You can skip the meat a couple of times through a meat grinder with small holes, or grind in a blender.

Prepare the meat souffle in a double boiler, a slow cooker or oven.

The meat mass is slightly salted and combined with whipped proteins. Gently mixed so that the mass has not lost its pomp.

The resulting mass is spread in silicone molds, filling them by about three quarters, and cooked in the oven or steamed.

You can diversify the soufflé by adding rice, slices of vegetables or cheese.

Recipe 1. Meat souffle for a child as in kindergarten from chicken


0.5 kg chicken breast;


40 g butter;

2 eggs;

100 ml of milk;

80 g wheat flour.

Method of preparation

1. Place the fillet in a saucepan, pour water and boil on medium heat for forty minutes. Do not forget to take off during the foam. We take out the finished meat on a plate and cool.

2. Squirrels are separated from the yolks. Chicken fillet rvem hands and place in the bowl of a blender. Add here the same milk, flour, butter and yolks. We interrupt at high speed to a puree state. We shift the resulting mass in a deep plate. 3. In a separate bowl, beat the whites to a stable foam. We shift the whipped proteins to the meat mass and gently mix from top to bottom so that the proteins do not lose their fluffiness.

4. Molds smeared with a piece of butter. Chicken mass laid out in molds, filling them two thirds. Put the souffle in the oven for forty minutes. We bake at 180 degrees. Leave in the oven for another ten minutes, slightly opening the door.

Recipe 2. Souffle for a child of meat with sour cream



100 g sour cream;

chicken breast - 400 g;

bread crumbs - 40 g;

2 eggs.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the chicken fillet, cut the skin and remove the bones. Cut the meat into small pieces and place in the blender bowl. Perebeyte to the consistency of pate.

2. Separate the whites from the yolks, place them in a separate bowl, and add the yolks to the meat mixture. Put sour cream and breadcrumbs here. Lightly salted. Mix the meat thoroughly.

3. Protein whisk separately in dense foam. In the meat mass, enter the whipped whites in two passes, and perevyvayut, with gentle movements from the bottom up.

4. Lightly grease the molds and spread the meat in them. Do not fill the molds to the top, as in the process of baking the souffle will rise. Place in the oven for 35 minutes. Cook at 180 degrees.

Recipe 3. Meat souffle for a child as in a kindergarten from veal



meat broth - 60 ml;

flour - 5 g;

100 g of veal;

a piece of butter;


chicken egg.

Method of preparation

1. Wash a piece of veal and boil until ready. Be sure to remove the foam. Remove meat from broth and cool. Cut it into pieces and place it in the blender bowl. Grind to consistency of pate.

2. Pour the required amount of broth into a bowl and mix it with flour and butter. Stir well and cook until the mass thickens. 3. Put the warm sauce in the meat mass. Send the yolk here and lightly salt it. Stir.

4. Beat the protein in a separate bowl in a dense foam and add to the rest of the ingredients. Stir gently so that the protein does not settle. Spread the resulting mass in silicone tins and cook for 25 minutes in a double boiler.

Recipe 4. Meat souffle for a child as in a kindergarten with rice


80 ml of milk;

butter - st.l;


100 g chicken fillet;

30 grams of rice.

Method of preparation

1. Boil chicken fillet until tender. Remove it from the broth and cut into small pieces.

2. Place the chicken in a blender container and smash to the consistency of the paste by adding a spoonful of milk.

3. Rinse the rice and cover with water so that it completely covers the grits. Boil the cereal until cooked. As soon as the water is almost evaporated, add a couple of spoons of milk and cook for another two minutes.

4. Combine warm porridge with meat puree and perebeyte submersible blender.

5. Protein whisk in dense foam. Enter them into the rice-meat mass and mix movements from top to bottom.

6. Spread on silicone tins and cook for a couple of 25 minutes.

Recipe 5. Chicken souffle for a child with semolina


50 g chicken breast;

a piece of butter;

25 ml of milk;


20 g of semolina;

30 g carrots;

quail egg.

Method of preparation

1. Mine, cut into small slices of fillet. We put the meat in the capacity of the blender. Here we also send the semolina, quail egg, milk and butter.

2. Boil carrots, cool and clean. Cut into cubes and put in the capacity of the blender to the remaining ingredients.

3. We interrupt contents of a bowl to uniformity. Slightly salt and transfer the resulting mass in a silicone mold.

4. Put it in a container for steaming. Install it in a slow cooker and cook in “steamed” mode for 20 minutes. Cooking by closing the lid. Served with sour cream.

Recipe 6. Meat souffle for a child as in a kindergarten with cream


half a kilo of beef;


milk - a glass;


200 ml of cream 10%;

3 eggs;

a piece of butter.

Method of preparation

1. Prepare the meat. We clean it from films and bones, if any. Cut the meat into small pieces and put in the blender container. Add all other ingredients except cheese and smash to the state of pate.

2. Put the mixture in the silicone molds for muffins. Finely rub the cheese and distribute it to the meat mass.

3. Put the molds on a baking sheet and send in the oven. Cook at 180 ° C for 45 minutes. Then turn off the oven, open the door slightly and hold for another ten minutes.

Recipe 7. Meat souffle for a child with cabbage



half a kilo of chicken fillet;


half a pound of cabbage;

100 g sour cream;


eggs - two pieces.

Method of preparation

1. We clean the chicken fillet from the bones and peels. Put the meat in a saucepan, fill it with water and set on medium heat. Cook until done. Be sure to remove the foam. Ready meat is taken out, cooled and finely cut.

2. Shred cabbage as small as possible. Better to do it through a large grater. Onion grind. Put onions in a bowl. Cabbage and chicken.

3. Beat egg white until resistant peaks. Sour cream and whipped cream, add to vegetables with meat and gently mix. Season with salt.

4. Spread the mixture on silicone tins and steam for forty minutes. Take out the soufflé, cool slightly and serve with sour cream.

Recipe 8. Meat souffle for a child as in kindergarten with broccoli


200 g chicken fillet;


200 g broccoli;

2 eggs;

150 ml of cream 15%.

Method of preparation

1. The yolks are separated from proteins. The latter is placed on a plate and put in the fridge.

2. Chicken fillet steamed and cooled. My broccoli and cut into pieces. Meat and cabbage are placed in a blender tank. Pour in cream and add egg yolks here. Slightly salt and interrupt the ingredients to the consistency of pate. 3. Beat the whites with a mixer in a strong foam. Enter it into the chicken mass and gently mix with a spoon.

4. Heat the oven to 200 degrees. Fill the resulting mass of silicone molds and send for 25 minutes in the oven.

Recipe 9. Meat souffle for a child as in kindergarten with cottage cheese


50 g of cottage cheese;


beef - 200 g;


butter - a piece.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the meat and cut into small pieces. Remove the film and streaks.

2. Boil in lightly salted water until done. We take out, cool and grind in a blender.

3. Cottage cheese fray and mix with meat. Add butter and yolk here. Interrupt again in a blender.

4. Separately, whip the protein into the foam and enter into the curd-meat mass. Gently mix.

5. We form balls from the mass obtained and steam them for ten minutes.

Meat souffle for a child as in kindergarten - tips and tricks

Proteins enter into the meat mixture immediately before cooking.

Sour cream can be replaced with meat broth.

For cooking, use silicone molds, the souffle will be easier to remove from them.

The dish will be even more useful if you add vegetables to it.

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