Fresh cabbage soup - 10 best recipes. Versions of cabbage soup with beef, chicken, pork, smoked meat, beans

Fresh cabbage soup - 10 best recipes. Versions of cabbage soup with beef, chicken, pork, smoked meat, beans

Soup and porridge - our food. So they said in Russia for a long time.

Soups were the main dish, were consumed daily and still have not lost their relevance.

But unlike its predecessors, the modern dish has a lot of variations.

How to cook delicious soup?

Fresh cabbage soup - general cooking principles

For soup, you can use vegetable, meat and even fish broth. Depending on the additive, the taste of the dish will change. Also added vegetables: cabbage, potatoes, carrots, peppers, onions. Cereals, mushrooms, legumes can be added.

Basic cooking technology:

1. Preparing broth. Cooking time depends on the type and quality of the base product.

2. Cabbage is added (if it is not young), then potatoes. If the cabbage is young, summer, then lay at the end of cooking, after the potatoes are ready.

3. Add other vegetables. Most often done roasting in a pan with the addition of oil. But you can put vegetables raw or baked.

In the end, cabbage soup is seasoned with spices and greens. Classic soup prepared white, without the addition of tomato. But today, most housewives prefer to cook a red dish with tomatoes, pasta, sauces. In any recipe, you can make your own adjustments, add or remove colors.

Recipe 1: Classic cabbage soup with fresh cabbage and beef

For cooking fresh cabbage cabbage is better to use beef in the bone. In this case, the broth will turn out rich and fragrant. A classic recipe for soup without adding tomato and tomatoes.


• 300 grams of beef (not counting the bones);

• 3 potatoes;

• 400 grams of cabbage;

• onion and carrot;

• bay leaf;

• Bulgarian pepper;

• black pepper, salt;

• some oil;

• greens at will.


1. Boil the meat until tender. Remove from the pan, remove the bone, and cut the flesh into small pieces. Again, put in future soup, broth weed up. 2. Chop the cabbage is not large, neat straw. Large pieces of leaves spoil the look of the dish. We send cutting in a pan and boil 2 minutes. If the cabbage is winter and very tough, then time can be increased.

3. Peel and chop the potatoes. You can just dice, but ideally the pieces should be long and combined with cabbage. Run the potatoes in a saucepan.

4. While vegetables are being cooked, we make roasting. Cut into cubes peeled onion bulb, three carrots and fry all together. At the end add the diced sweet pepper, simmer a little.

5. Add vegetable roasting to the pan. Give boils shcham.

6. If necessary, add more salt, pepper, fill with bay leaf and herbs, dried, fresh or frozen.

Recipe 2: Fresh cabbage cabbage soup with canned beans and chicken

Ideally, boiled beans are used for cooking cabbage soup with fresh cabbage. But not every hostess is burning desire to boil this product. Soaking for 10 hours, then cooking, during which the beans can burst, stay tough or tasteless. It is much easier to throw canned beans into the pot, especially since there is no shortage of this product.


• 500 grams of chicken (you can use the soup set);

• 3 potatoes;

• standard can of beans (400 gr.);

• large onion;

• 350 grams of cabbage;

• carrot;

• spices, some oil;

• 2 spoons of tomato paste or 3 tomatoes.


1. Fill the chicken with cold water, put on the stove and boil for 5 minutes. Then pour the broth, rinse the pan from the sticky foam. Again, put the chicken, pour cold water and cook for half an hour. We do not let the meat boil actively, so that the broth remains transparent.

2. Add shredded cabbage. Boil a minute.

3. Put the chopped potatoes, add salt and cook until soft vegetables.

4. Prepare roasting in the pan. First we bring the onions to transparency, add the shredded carrots, let them redden.

5. We dilute the tomato paste with a small amount of broth from the pan, pour it into the frying pan and simmer for 5 minutes. If you use fresh tomatoes, then the vegetables are simply chopped and poured, it is desirable to remove the skin. 6. Pour marinade from beans, lay them out to vegetables.

7. We shift the tomato roast in cabbage soup, boil a minute. We fill the first dish with greens, garlic, any spices.

Recipe 3: Summer cabbage soup made from fresh cabbage and sorrel

Many people know the green soup of sorrel, which are usually prepared in the summer and delight their sour taste. But such a soup turns out to be too light, it doesn’t satisfy hunger poorly and is not exactly to the taste of men. Yield - cooking cabbage soup from fresh cabbage with sorrel. The dish turns out to be nourishing, rich, but does not lose that particular sourness.


• 700 grams of any meat;

• 4 potatoes;

• 300 grams of cabbage;

• onion;

• 2 tomatoes;

• butter;

• carrot;

• 150 grams of sorrel;

• greens, spices.


1. Fill the washed meat with water and cook the broth. If beef is used, then cook for at least 2 hours. Pork can be 1.5 hours. 40 minutes is enough for a chicken. In the process of cooking vegetables meat comes to readiness. For a lean soup, you can cook fragrant vegetable broth from carrots, onions in the husk, parsley root.

2. In the ready broth add chopped potatoes. Cook for 10 minutes. We fill with salt.

3. Chop finely onion, fry in oil.

4. Add shredded carrots to onions, fry for another 2 minutes. Then put chopped tomatoes and simmer for 5 minutes. Tomatoes can be replaced by tomato sauce or pasta, but with fresh vegetables it turns out more tasty.

5. Add finely chopped cabbage. Since the soup is old, it’s enough for a young vegetable to boil for 2-3 minutes and it will become soft.

6. Put vegetable roasting in the pan, let it boil.

7. Sorrel leaves and greens are washed, removed damage and sent to the pan after roasting. Give boils shcham. We throw bay leaves, any spices and turn them off.

Recipe 4: Lenten (vegetarian) cabbage soup made from fresh cabbage with wild mushrooms

Who said lean foods are tasteless? He did not try mushroom soup. This dish can move into the background many meat dishes and will become love on the table. For cooking soup, we take forest mushrooms, which can be boiled for 20 minutes for reliability. Ingredients

• 300 grams of mushrooms;

• 350 grams of cabbage;

• 3 potatoes;

• carrot;

• butter;

• bulb onion;

• 2 tomatoes;

• greenery.


1. Put the pan on the stove, pour 3 liters of water. You can immediately salt.

2. Cut the potatoes into cubes, send them to the future soup.

3. After 3 minutes add chopped cabbage. Cook until half cooked and make sure that the pieces do not boil soft.

4. Shred carrots with bulb onions, fry in a pan, add diced tomatoes and simmer until soft.

5. In another frying pan (or in a bowl after onions with carrots), fry finely chopped mushrooms until golden brown. Put in a saucepan with cabbage soup, cook for 3-4 minutes.

6. Spread tomato roast. Boil another 2 minutes.

7. Fill with spices, herbs and let the soup infuse for half an hour.

Recipe 5: Diet cabbage soup from fresh cabbage without potatoes

The recipe for low-calorie soup with fresh cabbage, which can be used for diet, fasting days and just a light dinner. A hot dish will satisfy hunger well, warm it in cold weather and help to transfer food restrictions more easily.


• one chicken breast;

• 2.5 liters of water;

• 400 grams of cabbage;

• 2 carrots;

• large onion;

• 2 tomatoes;

• spoon of paprika;

• 0.5 spoons of butter;

• greens, spices.


1. Wash the breast and boil for about 20 minutes. Then cool, cut into arbitrary slices and re-send to the broth.

2. Chop the onion and chopped carrots, mix, add a little oil, mix and bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes so that the vegetables turn red.

3. Shred cabbage, send to the pan.

4. After boiling, add the baked vegetables, add salt and cook until soft vegetables.

5. Tomatoes are scalded with boiling water, remove the skin and cut into cubes. Put in the pan as soon as the vegetables are soft. You can also add Bulgarian pepper. Cook 2 more minutes.

6. Fill the dish with paprika, greens. Hot spices can be added if desired, but they increase appetite, so be careful.

Recipe 6: Fresh cabbage soup with pork and apple

Thick, rich soup with pork is a wonderful winter dish that will satisfy hunger well and is simply delicious. A specialty of the dish is apple dressing. For broth, you can take absolutely any pieces, but it is better not to use too fat meat. Or, when boiling broth, together with the foam, remove excess melted lard.


• 400 grams of pork;

• 5 potatoes;

• 2 carrots;

• a tomato;

• an Apple;

• A spoon of tomato ketchup;

• onion;

• parsley;

• spices, some oil;

• 3 liters of water;

• 500 grams of cabbage.


1. Soak the meat. To do this, pour the washed pieces for an hour with cold water. Then we change the liquid to clean water, put the broth to boil.

2. Add chopped cabbage.

3. Put the sliced ​​potatoes. Now you can salt the soup.

4. Prepare the usual onion roaster with carrots. Sent to the pan as soon as the vegetables are soft.

5. Cooking apple dressing. To do this, clean the fruit, three finely, without affecting the seed box with the core. Tomato simply cut in half, three grated, without using the skins. Add to the mass of ketchup. Mix well.

6. Ship the apple dressing after the vegetable roasting. There we also add pepper, any spices and boil for 3 minutes.

7. Put the chopped parsley, bay leaf, black pepper and turn it off. We cover and we give soup to soak in the aromas of spices for half an hour.

Recipe 7: Fresh cabbage soup with smoked meats

Delicious dish with an incredible aroma, which is better not to cook in large quantities. Smoked soup is the most delicious when fresh. During storage and reheating, the highlight of the dish disappears. If there are no ribs, then you can cook with any smoked meats. For cooking it is better to use a deep cauldron, this will avoid the soiling of excess dishes.


• 250 grams of smoked ribs;

• 5 potatoes;

• 400 grams of cabbage;

• carrots, onions;

• butter; • sweet pepper;

• 3 spoons of tomato paste;

• spices, any greens.


1. Ribs cut into pieces, throw in a cauldron and fry for a minute. If there is little fat, then you can add any oil.

2. Add chopped onions, continue to fry.

3. Sprinkle shredded carrots, then sweet pepper. Fry together until cooked. Be sure to put a full kettle of water to boil.

4. We throw potatoes into the cauldron, which we cut into cubes, slices or straws. At its discretion.

5. Fill the contents with boiling water, salt. Cook a couple of minutes after boiling.

6. Put the cabbage and cook until soft vegetables.

7. Tomato paste is diluted with broth from the total mass, sent to the cauldron. Boil for 3-4 minutes.

8. We fill smoked soup with greens, spices, you can add garlic, hot pepper. Serve the dish with sour cream and homemade crackers.

Recipe 8: Lazy cabbage soup with stew

The perfect recipe for people who love to eat tasty, but do not have the time or desire to stand at the stove. It will take only half an hour to cook such soup. The stew is better to use Gostovskaya, in glass jars, so that it contains meat.


• bank stew;

• 1 onion;

• 4 potatoes;

• 400 grams of cabbage;

• carrot;

• oil, spices.


• Put 2 liters of water on the stove, let it boil. We salt.

• Add chopped potatoes, let us dream to boil.

• We pour out chopped cabbage. Cook soup 12-14 minutes.

• Put the stew out, cook for a couple of minutes.

• Fry the onion with carrots, optionally add a tomato at the end and prepare red cabbage soup.

• We transfer roasting to the pan, boil for another 2 minutes.

• Fill the finished dish with spices, herbs, turn off.

Recipe 9: Fresh Assumption cabbage cabbage soup with peas and pickles

The original version of cabbage soup made from fresh cabbage, with a special taste attached to pickled cucumbers and green peas. Wonderful dish for a variety of diet. Meat use any, at will. And you can cook a lean dish. Ingredients

• 400 grams of meat;

• 300 grams of cabbage;

• 150 grams of cucumbers;

• bank of green peas;

• onion;

• 2 potatoes;

• butter;

• spices;

• 70 grams of tomato;

• carrot.


1. Prepare broth from meat and 2.5 liters of water.

2. Add chopped cabbage.

3. We pour out potatoes and salt, but not much, as cucumbers will be added.

4. In the pan do the steaming. Fry shredded onion, add carrots.

5. Finely cut the cucumbers, throw in the pan. You can just grate. Cook with the rest of the vegetables for about 5 minutes, then add the tomato, stew for another 2 minutes. You can use fresh or canned tomatoes.

6. Put the roast to the almost cooked vegetables in a saucepan, bring to a boil and cook for 3 minutes.

7. Spread canned peas without liquid. Give boil.

8. We bring soup to taste: we put spices, greens.

Recipe 10: Uralskiye Fresh Cabbage Soup

A special feature of these soup with fresh cabbage is the addition of millet. But instead, you can also put rice or pearl barley. The dish can be cooked with or without potatoes. Meat use any, you can cook a vegetarian version.


• a pound of meat;

• 3 liters of water;

• onion;

• 70 grams of millet;

• carrot;

• oil, spices;

• greenery;

• 50 grams of tomato paste.


1. Make meat broth from meat and water. At the end we salt.

2. Shred the cabbage, put it in the pan with butter, fry a little. Add a tomato.

3. In a separate pan fry onions with carrots.

4. Add the washed millet to the broth, cook for 10 minutes. If potatoes are used, then add it also at this stage, after boiling the millet.

5. We spread roasted cabbage with tomato. Cook for 5 minutes.

6. We spread roasted carrots with onions. Give boils shcham.

7. Fill with greens, spices. When serving, add sour cream to the plates.

Fresh cabbage soup - tricks and useful tips

• Many people are not impressed by the smell of boiled cabbage, but in fact it is very easy to get rid of it. Just at the end of cooking, add a little butter to the pan, let it dissolve and boil. Unpleasant smell will disappear. • To make the broth transparent and taste good, meat products can be soaked in water before cooking. Or cook soup in the second broth. This is especially true for the first dishes of pork, which are rarely transparent.

• In order for the soup to acquire a beautiful color and flavor, you need to add vegetables when cooking broth. The bulb is cut in half, without removing the husk. Carrots thick rings. Fry in a pan until brownish crust and throw in the pan with the meat. Before adding the rest of the ingredients, the flavor is removed using a skimmer.

• Instead of sour cream for shchi, you can make a wonderful sauce based on it. Mix 2 cloves of minced garlic with 10 grams of sour cream, add a bunch of chopped greens, a spoonful of ready mustard or soy sauce. Do not forget to salt and pepper. The same sauce can be served with dumplings, pasta and other dishes.

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