How to cook cheese jelly no worse than the world chefs. Top of the most delicious recipes curd jelly with chocolate, berries, cookies

How to cook cheese jelly no worse than the world chefs. Top of the most delicious recipes curd jelly with chocolate, berries, cookies

This dessert is incredibly tasty, healthy, dietary, beautiful and quite easy to make. So, on all fronts deserves our attention. Cheese jelly can be given to children for breakfast, cook for people who are on a diet or who are shown a special diet for health reasons.

General principles for making curd jelly

If you want to make a low-calorie dessert, then choose low-fat cottage cheese, add milk instead of cream, use black rather than milk chocolate as an additive, add less sugar.

Cheese jelly is prepared on the basis of gelatin, milk or cream, sugar is the most elementary and classic option.

Recipe 1: Cheese Jelly with Milk

It is believed that this is the easiest recipe for curd jelly, but it turns out the dessert is very delicate and tasty.


· Curd market or curd mass from the store - 100-150 gr;

· Instant gelatin - 1 tbsp. l .;

· Pasteurized milk - 200 ml;

· Sugar - 2 tbsp. l

Cooking Method:

First you need to prepare the milk: put in a small saucepan on the fire, add sugar and bring to the point until small bubbles appear on the surface. Then the gas will need to be turned off and add to the sweet milk the amount of gelatin given and mix well. Now you need to put the pot in the fridge. Periodically look at the mixture and as soon as you notice that she grabbed, you can immediately add the prepared cottage cheese and beat well with a blender. The mass will be airy and tender. After that, it must be decomposed into a bowl or glass cups and placed in the cold. In a few hours the curd jelly will be ready. It can be decorated with mint leaves or beads of beauty preserves.

Recipe 2: Chocolate Cheese Jelly Curd

Appetizing and original dish will look if you pour the dessert components in layers. Ingredients:

· Gelatin - 25 g;

· Diet cottage cheese - 450 gr;

· 10% cream - 100 gr;

· Sour cream - 45 gr;

· Sugar - 5 tbsp;

· Cocoa powder - 4 tbsp.

Cooking method:

You need to dissolve the gelatin in the cream, and when it is slightly increased in size, then put on a steam bath until completely dissolved. Do not bring to a boil the mass, and then set aside in a cold place to cool.

Now you need to carefully grind the curd with sugar. You can use a sieve to make the dessert in the end get airy. Next to the cottage cheese, add sour cream and gelatin mixture and mix well. If you want the dessert to be a uniform color, then you can add cocoa, if you want to make layers, then the mixture should be divided into two parts: one part should be painted over with cocoa powder, and the other should be left as is. Now you need to lay out the dessert layers, and at the end of work, place it in the refrigerator until it solidifies.

For beauty, dessert can be decorated with almonds, coconut chips or grated chocolate.

Recipe 3: Curd dessert with berries without baking

Cottage cheese goes well with a variety of fruits and berries. You can use cherries, black currant berries, cherries, raspberries, strawberries. This dessert is also obtained from several layers: cottage cheese, cottage cheese with cocoa and berry.


· Cottage cheese from a pack - 500 gr;

· Sour cream - 100 gr;

· Milk - 150 gr;

· Gelatin - 25 g;

· Water - 50-60 ml;

· Sugar - 70 grams;

· Vanilla - half a teaspoon;

· Cocoa - 2 tbsp. l .;

· Cherry - 100 g;

· Grated currants - 80 gr.

Cooking Method:

First you need to pour gelatin with water. While it dissolves, you can cook cottage cheese. It needs to be mixed with sour cream, vanilla, milk and sugar.

Gelatin should be slightly heated on a steam bath to leave the grains, and only then you can add to the curd mass and mix it very well. Now you need to divide the mass into two parts, pouring into different bowls. To one part you need to add cocoa and to the other - finely chopped berries. If there is a baking pan, you can use it. First pour the white mass with berries, then brown with cocoa, then white again and you can lay out a layer of grated currants. The more layers you get, the more beautiful the dessert will be. It remains only to wait until it hardens in the refrigerator.

Recipe 4: Cheese Jelly with Biscuit Base

This recipe can remind you of a cheesecake without baking. Only we will not use a large baking sheet, but ice-cream bowls or low glass glasses for serving dessert.


· Store cheese - 500 gr;

· Gelatin - 25 g;

· Milk - 450 ml;

· Sugar - 2 tsp;

· Shortbread - 250 g;

· Butter - 300 gr.

Cooking Method:

Heat the milk over the fire, add sugar and then gelatin to it, mix well. Put in the fridge. As soon as the mixture hardens a little, then you need to add cottage cheese to it and mix thoroughly.

Now you need to prepare the base: mash the shortbread well, add the melted butter to it.

And now it remains to form the desserts: take a low glass, spread a small layer of cookies, and spread the curd mass on top. If desired, you can put berries, jam, jam or pour fruit jelly at the very top.

A variant of this recipe with cookies can be different: you need to divide the curd mass into three parts, add cocoa to one, add crumbs to the second, leave the third as is. In the bowl it will be necessary to lay out the curd mass in layers.

Recipe 5: Cheese Jelly with Fruit Slices

Fruits can be different: apples, bananas, oranges, tangerines, kiwi. Choose to your taste!


· Cottage cheese - 300 gr;

· Sugar - 50-100 grams (to taste);

· Cream (can be replaced with sour cream) - 50-70 g;

· Water (cold) - 100 ml;

· Gelatin - 2 tbsp. L .;

· Vanilla sugar - 1 package;

· Any fruit;

· Coconut chips.

Cooking Method:

First you need to fill with cold water gelatin and leave it to swell. Now you need to add sugar, vanilla sugar and cream to cottage cheese and beat well with a blender. Next, take the gelatin, set on fire and heat, but do not bring to a boil. Once the gelatin is completely dissolved it can be added to the curd.

Take the silicone molds for cupcakes and fill them with curd mass. Now send it in the fridge. While the curd freezes, you need to prepare the fruit. They can be cut into slices or cubes. As soon as the cottage cheese froze - decorate the colorful fruit dessert, and do not forget to sprinkle with coconut chips on top. There is a slightly different version of this recipe - this is when the fruit is added immediately to the curd mass.

Recipe 6: Curd jelly with yogurt and agar-agar

A feature of this recipe is the use of agar-agar instead of gelatin. Usually it is used in vegetarians dishes. Also in the recipe is low-calorie yogurt, so jelly will be useful for children and people who want to lose weight.


· Low-calorie yogurt - 350 gr;

· Cottage cheese (dietary) - 500 gr;

· Sugar - 100 grams (less);

· Lemon juice - 2-3 tbsp. l .;

· Agar-agar - 2 pcs .;

· Bananas - 2-3 pcs .;

· Kiwi - 1-2 pcs .;

· Orange - 1 pc.

Cooking Method:

Cottage cheese should be well grind with low-calorie yogurt, sugar and add lemon juice. Now you need to chop the fruit, and add additional bananas with lemon juice so as not to darken. Agar-agar, meanwhile, is dissolved in orange juice, and then add to the curd. Now the cottage cheese mixture needs to be divided into three equal parts and separately add kiwi, orange and banana separately. Now in the form, first spread the mass with kiwi and send it to the refrigerator. As soon as the mass is taken a little, then we spread a lot of oranges on it and also send it to the cold and the final stage - this is a banana mass. You will have a bright and beautiful dessert. Fruit can add more and make more layers.

Recipe 7: Cheese Jelly with Pumpkin

It sounds a bit unusual, but such a pumpkin is an amazing product that fits perfectly into sweet dishes, and dishes with meat, and with other vegetables is well combined, and even with cottage cheese.

Ingredients Required:

· Curd mass - 350 gr;

· Pumpkin - 100-150 gr;

· Orange - 1 small;

· Sugar - 100 gr;

· Gelatin - 25 gr.

Cooking Method:

First, prepare the gelatin as required by the instructions. Now you need to prepare a pumpkin: clean the seeds, peel and bake in the oven. This can be done in advance, for example, in the evening, and in the morning only chop the pumpkin into mashed potatoes. Now from the orange you need to squeeze the juice into a separate bowl. Using a combine, chop the curd so that there are no lumps left and add pumpkin, orange juice and gelatin to it. Now mix the mass thoroughly again to make it gentle and homogeneous.

Now the curd jelly can be poured into molds and sent to the refrigerator.

When the dessert is ready, you can decorate it with coffee beans, coconut chips, chocolate, or even pumpkin seeds.

Cheese jelly: cooking tricks

Pay attention and do not confuse! When cooking curd jelly, use vanilla, not vanilla! If you add too much vanillin, then, firstly, the dish will turn out bitter, and secondly, you can even get poisoned.

Choose, so to speak, the right gelatin. There is powder gelatin and sheet. Professionals usually choose the latter option, as it does not give lumps. Gelatin is usually soaked in ice water.

If you take bazaar curd, then it must be ground through a sieve or grated, you can use a blender to avoid lumps. With the cottage cheese dessert is obtained more tender.

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