Berry gelatin jelly is a light, healthy, refreshing dessert. A selection of the best recipes for jelly from berries with gelatin

Berry gelatin jelly is a light, healthy, refreshing dessert. A selection of the best recipes for jelly from berries with gelatin

Jelly is a light and healthy dessert that is very popular with those who watch their weight.

Jelly from berries with gelatin - the basic principles of cooking

To jelly frozen and well kept its shape, it is necessary to properly dilute the gelatin. As a rule, manufacturers indicate on the package the amount of liquid for which the package is designed. Many housewives buy ready-made jelly, which you just need to dissolve in water, pour into the form and send in the fridge to freeze. However, this product often contains preservatives and dyes, so it is better to make jelly yourself.

Gelatin is poured with cooled boiled water and left for some time to swell. The dishes with the product are then placed in a slow fire or water bath and kept until it is completely dissolved.

The amount of gelatin taken, depending on the desired density of jelly. For easy solidification per liter of liquid, no more than 20 g of product is used, for dense jelly, the amount of gelatin is increased to 40 g.

When the dissolved gelatin is combined with the base, the temperature of both ingredients should be the same.

Jelly is prepared on the basis of juice, drinking water, milk, compote or sour cream. The amount of sugar is added to your taste. So, if jelly is made from sour berries, sugar is added more.

For flavor, vanillin, citrus zest or other flavor is added to the base.

Recipe 1. Raspberry berries jelly with gelatin


raspberry berries - 150 g;

Cognac - 10 ml;

5 g of gelatin;

20 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice;

100 g of white sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Spread raspberries in a sieve and gently rinse so as not to disturb the integrity of the berries. Separate the third and shift to the plate.

2. Two thirds of the raspberry is laid out in the bowl of the blender and ground to a puree-like state. 3. Pour gelatin into a cup and pour 50 ml of cooled boiled water. Stir and leave to swell.

4. Pour a glass of water into a dipper, add sugar, mix and set on medium heat. Cook, stirring, until sugar grows completely. Then add the swollen gelatin and bring it to boil again. Add raspberry puree and some whole berries. Cook over moderate heat, stirring for half an hour.

5. Put the ladle in a pan with cold water to cool the mass faster. Strain the jelly through a sieve. We combine freshly squeezed lemon juice with cognac. The resulting mixture is added to the jelly and mix.

6. Lay the whole berries on the bottom of the mold and pour them into the jelly. Cool and put in the fridge for an hour. Forms with the finished jelly dipped in boiling water for a couple of seconds and turned over on a plate.

Recipe 2. Lingonberry berry jelly with gelatin


half a liter of purified water:

kg of cranberries;

50 g of gelatin;

800 g cane sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Gelatin pour boiled cold water and set aside to swell. Sort out the lingonberries, place them in a deep plate, sprinkle with boiling water and drain the water, leaving a small amount of liquid on the bottom. Grind the lingonberries through a sieve, put the berry mass on the gauze and squeeze.

2. Add sugar to lingonberry juice, stir and put on fire. Boil, stirring, until the sugar has melted. Reduce heat to low and add gelatin to liquid. Make sure the juice does not boil.

3. Cool the jelly to a warm state, pour it into molds and send to freeze in cold. You can serve the finished jelly directly in the forms, or put them in hot water and put them on a plate.

Recipe 3: Cherry-Blackberry Berry Jelly with Gelatin


15 gelatin;

300 g of frozen cherries and blackberries;

2.5 stacks filtered water;

white sugar - 100 g

Method of preparation

1. Put gelatin in a small bowl, cover it with boiled cold water, stir and leave to swell for forty minutes. 2. Pour sugar into a pot of water. Put on moderate heat and boil. Put the frozen berries, and bring to a boil again. Cool slightly and strain through a sieve.

3. Place the cup with gelatin in a water bath and completely dissolve it. Combine gelatin with syrup, mix and cool.

4. Pour the berry mixture into small molds. Put it in the cold for a couple of hours until it solidifies.

Recipe 4. Sour cream berries jelly with gelatin


12 berries of fresh strawberries;

300 g thick sour cream;

two thirds stack milk;

50 g of instant gelatin;

white sugar - half a stack.

Method of preparation

1. Put sour cream in a deep plate, add sugar. Knead until homogeneous with a plastic spatula.

2. Place gelatin in a cup, fill it with warm milk and mix until it disperses completely. Milk must be warm, not hot, otherwise gelatin will lose its properties and the jelly will not harden. Strain the milky gelatinous mixture through a sieve.

3. Pour gelatin into the sour cream mixture and mix. Strawberry berries free from the stem, wash and dry. Cut each berry into four pieces. Place part of the strawberry slices on the bottom of the portions of transparent glass molds.

4. Top with cream sour jelly. Top with the remaining strawberry slices. Put the mold in the cold for a couple of hours. Top dessert can be decorated with grated dark chocolate.

Recipe 5. Milk jelly from berries with gelatin


milk - one and a half stak .;

1 g of vanilla;

300 ml of purified water;

full stack any berries;

20 g of gelatin;

125 g of white sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Put gelatin in a bowl, cover with water, mix well and set aside. Place the swollen gelatin over a pan of boiling water and hold until it is completely dissolved. Then strain the gelatin mixture through a sieve to get rid of the lumps.

2. Divide the gelatin mixture in half. Pour the milk into a saucepan and boil. Add a couple of spoons of sugar and vanilla. Stir until the crystals completely dissolve. Cool the milk to a warm state and pour in part of the gelatin mixture. Stir. Pour the milk mixture into the mold and send it in the cold for at least half an hour. 3. Take a glass of any berries. Go through them and wash them. Put them in a pot of water, add four spoons of sugar. Stir and put on a small fire. Boil. Remove from plate, cool and add the second part of gelatinous mixture.

4. Take out the form with milk jelly. Pour the berry mixture over it and send it in the cold for two hours.

5. Forms with a ready-made jelly for a few seconds in boiling water, gently turn over on a plate. Cut with a hot knife for portions and garnish with berries or mint leaves.

Recipe 6. Berry jelly with gelatin on white wine


frozen berries of black currant and strawberry - 400 g;


dry white wine - 150 ml;

instant gelatin - 20 g;

lemon juice - 20 ml.

Method of preparation

1. We shift the frozen berries into a container and drop it into a container with water at room temperature. As soon as they are thawed, squeeze the juice out of them and filter.

2. Pour berries with wine, add sugar and lemon juice. Mix and set on low heat. When the mixture begins to boil, add gelatin. The resulting mixture is poured into molds. Cool to warm and set in the cold.

Recipe 7. Milk jelly from berries with gelatin and ice cream


half a liter of milk;

30 g of gelatin;

150 g of ice cream;

a bag of vanilla sugar;

200 grams of strawberries;

20 g sugar;

black chocolate.

Method of preparation

1. Pour the milk into the bowl of the blender, add white and vanilla sugar. Wash strawberries, dry them, remove tails and put them into milk.

2. Add ice cream to the blender bowl. Set the bowl on the power supply and beat the mass until smooth and foam formation.

3. Gelatin pour warm boiled water and stir until smooth. Pour it into the milk mixture and whip all over again.

4. The resulting mixture is poured into molds and put them in the refrigerator until it solidifies. Decorate the jelly with strawberry slices and chocolate chips.

Recipe 8. Cherry berry jelly with gelatin


270 grams of sweet cherries;

mint leaves;

20 g of instant gelatin;

200 ml of grape juice.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the sweet cherry, dip it with a napkin and cut it in half along the furrow. Remove bones.

2. Two-thirds small glass cups fill the prepared cherries and mint leaves.

3. Pour a couple of spoons of juice into a saucepan and heat well. Remove from heat. Pour instant gelatin into hot juice and stir until the grains are completely dissolved. Add the resulting solution to the rest of the juice and mix.

4. Cherry with mint leaves, pour grape juice with gelatin. Send the dessert cold until it is fully frozen. Serve directly into the jelly, or lower it for a few seconds and place on a plate. Jelly can be served with whipped cream.

Berry gelatin jelly - tips and tricks

  • Instead of sugar, you can use a substitute.
  • The jelly looks particularly impressive in tall glasses or glass bowls made of transparent glass.
  • Jelly perfectly absorbs odors, so before sending it to the fridge, tighten the forms with a film.
  • To make the dessert beautiful, put the berries on the bottom of the mold and on top of the jelly.
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