Pork kebab with vinegar and onion: the secrets of the marinade. How to cook juicy pork shashlik with vinegar and onions, with honey

Pork kebab with vinegar and onion: the secrets of the marinade. How to cook juicy pork shashlik with vinegar and onions, with honey

With the onset of the kebab season, the topic of cooking this delicious dish becomes relevant.

Few people will be able to resist and not eat at least a piece of fragrant meat infected on the coals.

Someone cooks kebabs always the same, and someone is not averse to experiment.

Pork kebab with bite and onion is the most common recipe of the dish.

Pork is cooked quickly, it turns out very soft and juicy, does not have a specific smell inherent in the old lamb or beef.

Acetic marinade is easy to prepare, is cheap and guarantees amazing taste. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to confuse the vinegar essence with vinegar.

Pork Kebab with Vinegar and Onions - General Cooking Principles

In order for the pork kebab with vinegar and onion to be perfect, the meat must be fresh, steamed, and not frozen. Such meat has a pleasant delicate aroma and pale pink color on the cut. Juicy dish will turn out in the event that the meat has streaks of fat.

Slice the piece with cold water and dry. Then cut into rather large pieces (but not more than 4 cm): they will be slightly roasted on skewers.

Marinating utensils should be enameled or glass, if there is a ceramic - great. The main thing is not to pickle in an aluminum container.

Vinegar - the main component of the marinade. You can take vinegar essence, nine or six percent table vinegar, as well as any taste variations: apple, balsamic, wine. Usually, 40 ml of 9% table vinegar is taken for each kilogram of pork. Vinegar can be replaced by a young wine, only sour, without sugar. Pickling time varies on request from several hours to days.

Onions can be cut as you like: rings, straws, cubes. There are recipes that use grated onions as the original replacement for breaded. You can add any spices to the marinade, but saffron, sage, cumin, basil, coriander, marjoram, ginger, and all kinds of pepper are especially good with pork. Pork skewers are cooked with bites and onions very quickly. Depending on what size the pieces are strung on a skewer, the meat is ready from 25 to 40 minutes. It is important to turn the skewers in time to bake all the pieces evenly.

Pork Skewers with Vinegar and Onions “Traditional”

The recipe uses the simplest marinade that you can imagine. The result is exactly the taste of pork kebab with bite and onion, which is considered traditional.


• two kilograms of pork pulp (preferably neck);

• teaspoon of vinegar essence 70%;

• two medium bulbs;

• spices for kebabs to taste (about one and a half tablespoons of dried herbs and seeds);

• 150 ml of cold water;

• a tablespoon of coarse salt;

• Two tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

Meat prepare, cut into pieces.

Onions cut into cubes, not rings. Grated onion will give more fragrant juice, nourish their meat.

Put in a bowl, where the kebab, pork and onion will be marinated, mix everything.

Prepare the marinade by mixing vinegar and water.

Pour the vinegar water into the meat, mix.

Cover everything with spices and salt.

Marinate kebab meat for at least two hours. To marinate the meat better, put the meat in the fridge all night.

Before stringing on skewers, pour in the oil and mix well again.

Set the skewers over the glowing coals. Fry, always turning the skewers every seven to ten minutes.

Serve with tomato sauce, marinated onion rings, fresh herbs and vegetables.

Pork kebab with vinegar and onions on mineral water

With mineral water, the taste of kebab pork with bites and onions is slightly different. Marinating meat can be very short: it will definitely get the most tender.


• two kilos of boneless pork;

• 80 ml of table vinegar (9%);

• two medium bulb onions;

• spoonful of coarse salt; • one third of a glass of mineral water with gas (the taste should be neutral);

• two tablespoons of barbecue spices or seasonings.

Cooking Method:

Cut pork into pieces.

Bulbs cut into large rings.

Fill the onion rings with salt, wrinkle them with hands until the onion juice comes out.

Put the onions in a container for pickling, cover the spices (garlic, pepper mixture, ground coriander, garlic).

Pour in the same mineral water, mix everything well.

Put the meat and mix again.

Marinate kebab pieces for two to three hours.

Fry the meat on the coals or put them in the cold if the kebab is scheduled for tomorrow.

Pork kebab with vinegar and grated “Juicy” onions

The original recipe for pork kebab with a bite and onion, in which you need to rub the onion, and not chop. In such an onion-vinegar “breaded” meat will not have a chance to dry out during frying. Sugar will give the pork crust a special caramel flavor.


• one and a half kilograms of pork neck (neck);

• six tablespoons of table vinegar (9%);

• three bulb onions;

• two teaspoons of granulated sugar;

• spices, pepper to taste;

• coarse salt spoon.

Cooking Method:

Cut the meat piece into pieces and put it in the pan.

Bulbs, large grate and put on top of pork.

Salt, sprinkle with spices and salt.

In vinegar, pour five tablespoons of water, sugar, mix.

Pour the vinegar marinade on the meat, mix again and marinate an hour and a half to the room.

Then put the kebab in the fridge, marinate for another 12 hours.

Pork Kebab with Vinegar and Tomato Onions

Very tasty meat can be cooked on the coals, if you add to the traditional recipe fresh herbs and meaty tomatoes. Pork kebab with bite and onion will turn out with a wonderful fresh tomato hint.


• kilogram of pork (the brisket is very good in this recipe);

• five bulb bulbs;

• ten medium tomatoes;

• garlic head; • two bunches of fresh greens;

• salt to taste;

• pepper;

• two tablespoons of plain 9% vinegar.

Cooking Method:

Sliced ​​the meat into pieces in a comfortable enameled pan, add salt, grind the peppercorns in a mortar and pepper.

Peeled onions cut into rings.

Cut tomatoes into large slices.

Put the vegetables to the meat, mix and marinate in the refrigerator for 8-10 hours.

Grate the garlic before frying.

Mix the garlic and vinegar.

Pour the garlic-vinegar mixture into the meat, mix.

Strung on skewers and fry.

Pork kebab with vinegar and onion “Sweet marinade”

Another southern recipe for pork shish kebab, for which you need a white onion. It is surely marinated and served to the finished meat as a snack.


• one and a half kilograms of pork neck;

• 600-700 grams of onions for marinating meat;

• 100 g of vinegar 9%;

• 300 ml of water;

• barbecue seasonings, spices and salt;

• two tablespoons of granulated sugar;

• two or three large white lettuce bulbs.

Cooking Method:

Pieces of meat put in a saucepan or bucket, salt moderately, pepper to taste.

Prepare vinegar marinade by mixing one hundred milliliters of water, 75 ml of vinegar, and a half tablespoons of white granulated sugar.

Grate all the onions for the meat. You can chop the onion in a blender.

Pour the onion puree and vinegar marinade in the meat, mix.

Store in the refrigerator, marinate for 15 hours.

The next day, cook the pickled onions. Lettuce bulbs cut into rings or half rings.

Prepare a portion of vinegar marinade from 25 ml of table vinegar, two hundred milliliters of water and half a tablespoon of white sugar.

Pour marinade onion rings and leave for two hours.

Fry meat until tender, periodically sprinkling with water or mineral water.

Serve with onion marinated rings, pre-drain the marinade.

To make onion and meat cut tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh greens.

Pork kebab with vinegar and onion, mustard and mayonnaise

You can somewhat diversify the recipe for pork kebab with bite and onion, adding mustard and mayonnaise to the marinade. Mustard will give the dish a characteristic savory flavor, and mayonnaise - a delicious crust and tenderness.


• three kilograms of pork pulp;

• 800 grams of onions;

• 15-0 grams of mayonnaise;

• two tablespoons of mustard;

• salt to taste, pepper and seasonings (optional);

• 50 ml of table vinegar;

• half a liter of water.

Cooking Method:

Peeled onions cut into large rings.

Season the sliced ​​meat with mayonnaise, mustard, pepper, salt. If desired, flavor the meat with special spices and herbs for kebabs.

Put the onion rings over the meat.

Combine the vinegar and water, also pour into the pan and mix everything vigorously.

Put a wooden circle or board on top of the meat, put a oppression on top (three-liter with water, for example)

Marinate in this form for at least 8 hours, and it is better to make barbecue in the evening, and in the morning go on a picnic.

It is possible to fry such shish kebab on a lattice, putting next to the meat the rings of a young zucchini, fresh tomato, slices of sweet pepper. Get a tasty and healthy side dish.

Pork Kebab with Vinegar and Honey Onion

A fragrant meat dish, marinade for which is prepared with honey, mustard and balsamic vinegar, will turn the picnic into a tasting of delicious tender meat.


• one and a half kilograms of pork;

• 60 ml of balsamic vinegar;

• three cloves of garlic;

• four tablespoons of vegetable oil;

• a tablespoon of mustard;

• a tablespoon of honey;

• a teaspoon of a mixture of rosemary and oregano;

• 150 ml of carbonated water with a neutral taste.

Cooking Method:

Cut the prepared pork meat into 4-6 cm pieces, put into an enameled pan.

Chop the garlic with a knife or pass through the press.

Prepare marinade: mix garlic, oil, honey, balsamic vinegar, mustard, dried herbs. Put the marinade in the meat, pour in mineral water, mix.

Marinate in the cold for at least three hours.

Fry over coals and serve with onions and fresh vegetables.

Pork Kebab with Vinegar and Onions - Tricks and Useful Tips

  • The most important ingredient for kebab is meat, therefore, special attention should be paid to the selection of pork. Particularly good are the portions of the pork carcass, such as the neck, lumbar part, brisket. However, the kebabs are made from ham, shoulder blade and ribs.
  • Frozen store meat is not suitable for a real, juicy kebab. Such pork has no elasticity, the kebab will turn out dry and tasteless.
  • Do not pour too much vinegar into the meat. It will dry the pork, and it will not turn out juicy. It is very important not to confuse acetic acid and vinegar.
  • The marinade oil is added in order to get a delicate crust and to keep a delicious juice inside each piece. Due to the fact that the oil quickly grabs, the juice does not leak out and the kebab will turn out juicy.
  • To check the readiness of the meat, the piece should be cut with a sharp knife. Highlighted clear juice is evidence of kebab readiness. If the juice is pink, the meat is not ready yet.
  • If the meat is pickled, and the trip is canceled, it does not matter. Kebab can be cooked in the oven, warming it fire. To simulate a ruddy crust from the coals, it is better to place the roaster as close as possible to the heating elements.
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