Bread in a bread maker - the best recipes. How to bake bread at home.

Bread in a bread maker - the best recipes. How to bake bread at home.

Bread in a bread maker - general principles and methods of cooking

Baking bread is always an art, even if you are armed with the most modern equipment - a bread maker. If you start baking bread with a good soul and pure thoughts, then bread, like a real “living organism”, will surely listen to your wishes. And for this to happen according to scientific laws, some tips for beginners - how to bake bread in a breadmaker.

The main work cycles of this magnificent sample of household appliances are mixing components, kneading, baking. The dough is raised and the bread is baked, which is kept warm for a while. All ingredients are loaded into the machine manually, and then its further work passes automatically. When our grandmothers kneaded the dough with their hands, they put the brew in a warm place so that bubbles of gas would rise, raising the dough. The furnace itself maintains the temperature and has a separate “batch” program, with deboning and crushing occurring to remove excess gases.

Repeated lifting lasts depending on the type of bread. The process of fermentation, for example, bread with sprouts lasts longer, some varieties rise very quickly. The finished dough can be removed, form the future bread from it and bake in a convection oven. Baking is also automatically adjusted; you only need to set the mode for the degree of crust roasting. “Residual heat” removes excess air, and the crust does not become stiff and thick, even if you leave the bread in the mold for some time, then slowly cool.

Bread in a bread maker - preparation of products

The main components of bread dough - yeast, flour and water, additional can be a huge amount. Recently, many more recipes for yeast-free dough have become known, in which case baking powder is used for the starter. The basic rule is to lay the ingredients in the order indicated in the recipe, carefully measuring and weighing. It is advisable to first pour in the liquid, then pour the dry ingredients, and only at the end of the yeast. Additional components are put in the batcher. It can be cheese, raisins, dried apricots or grated cheese. If there is no dispenser in the machine, you need to add them manually at the right time. A specific program is installed, the color of the crust and the delayed start time are selected. You can rest - the smart machine itself will fulfill all orders in the order required by the recipe. When digging out the finished baking, let the mold stand for 10 minutes so that the bread falls out by itself. And wait another 15 minutes before cutting - so as not to crumble.

Bread in the bread maker - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Rye bread in bread maker

This type of bread is considered capricious, even a separate rye bread program has been allocated in the ovens. Start with those recipes that can not fail - for example, mixing rye and wheat flour. Original recipes for each model of ovens are listed in many instructions, so consider the recipe for a more interesting bread - rye on beer. This is a Lithuanian recipe using dry yeast.

Ingredients: rye flour (250 grams), wheat flour (250 grams), sugar (1 spoon), dry yeast (2 spoons), honey (1 spoon), kefir (100 ml), vegetable oil ( 2 spoons), egg (1 piece), a teaspoon of salt.

Method of preparation

If you do not have the “Rye Bread” program, we will combine several others. First knead the dough in the programs “Dough” or “Pizza”. Then after half an hour, when the dough comes back, the “Baking” mode is used for 45-50 minutes. Similarly, you can bake bread on kvass - it also has malt that is present in rye bread. Instead of beer, add dry kvass infused with water and 2-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. For gourmets - also some dried dill and garlic. Prepare yourself rye bread with garlic, and he will become your favorite.

Recipe 2: White bread in bread maker

The first bread made according to this recipe will turn out well, do not even try to compare it with the store. Fragrant and airy, with a crisp crust, it does not stale for a long time and does not deteriorate with time.

Ingredients: yeast (1 teaspoon), flour (400 grams), water (300 ml), butter (1-1.5 tablespoons). Method of preparation

We pour dry yeast into the container, then exactly 400 grams of flour, salt (a spoon with a slide), 300 grams of water, we complete the set with a spoon of butter. It can not be melted, and cut into thin plates. If you add it a little more - it will only get tastier. Select the “Start” button in the “menu” and you can relax. Baking bread takes exactly 6 hours, so you can start the dough in the evening - in the morning your family will wake up from the fragrant smell of fresh bread. During baking, it is not recommended to open the lid so that the bread does not settle, but when kneading, you can admire the “bun”.

Recipe 3: Unleavened bread in a bread maker

Such recipes are just gaining popularity. Unleavened yeast is already used in Russia and Ukraine, mainly due to TV programs on healthy eating. In this recipe, mix wheat flour with corn flour and use baking powder.

Ingredients: corn flour (1 cup), wheat flour (half a cup), sugar (2 tablespoons), baking powder (3 teaspoons), salt (half a teaspoon), eggs (2 pcs), butter cream (70 grams), milk (1 cup).

Method of preparation

Mix both types of flour and sift, salt and add baking powder and sugar. Separately, in a bowl, dilute the melted butter and eggs, milk, so that a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Quickly mix everything and shift in the form of a bread machine. The “Baking” mode is set for 45 minutes.

Recipe 4: Bread in a bread maker on whey

Cooking bread in a bread maker using whey is a pleasure. Note - the more acidic the whey, the tighter the loaf will be.

Ingredients: yeast (can be dry, half a tablespoon), wheat flour (450 grams), rye flour (110 grams), milk whey (200 ml), water (100 ml), sugar (20 grams) , salt (2 teaspoons).

Method of preparation

Mix water and serum. Separately lay out the flour, salt and sugar, add the mixture of whey. We spread the mass in the form and select the “Basic” mode. Some bread machines have “Wholemeal” mode, it also fits. This bread is very good for toasting.

Recipe 5: Bread in a bread maker on ryazhenka

Ingredients: egg (2 pieces), ryazhenka (200 ml), warm water (20 grams), salt, sugar (2 spoons), sour cream (2 spoons), vegetable oil (2 spoons), yeast pressed (10 grams), flour (top grade, essence more than half a kilogram), processed cheese (100 grams), relish (2 spoons).

Method of preparation

We load ingredients in a bucket, except cheese and poppy. Take the color of the crust as desired, preferably dark. We will bake on the main mode, with the weight “Maxi”. Prepare cheese and poppy, add at the end of the second batch. Level the top of the bread and sprinkle with poppy seeds on top. Time - according to the instructions (about 50 minutes). Fragrant bread is very good with milk and jam.

Recipe 6: Diet bread with raisins

Ingredients: sugar (1, 5 spoons), water (330 grams), salt (1, 5 teaspoons), vegetable oil (2 tablespoons), flour (250 grams), whole-grain flour (250 grams), raisins (100 grams), dry yeast (1, 5 tsp).

Method of preparation

Thaw out pre-raisins - pour hot water for about 10 minutes. Drain the water, blot the raisins with a towel so that it mixes well in the dough. Mix the flour with a wooden spatula. In the bucket we place the ingredients: water and vegetable oil, flour, distribute the yeast in the corners. When kneading dough, especially at the beginning, you can help with a wooden spatula. Raisins are added in the middle of the batch. At the end, trim the dough and leave for proofing. Bake in standard mode for 55 minutes.

Bread in a bread maker - useful tips from experienced chefs

Remember that the most important recommendations for the use of bread machine and baking are given by the manufacturers of a particular model. Do not mix sugar and yeast first, this should occur gradually, as it is heated. During the heating and sludge dough, it is not recommended to open the lid so that the dough does not fall off.

Stock up on good mood and positive emotions - and your bread will be great!

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