Pork roll - the best recipes. How tasty to cook pork roll.

Pork roll - the best recipes. How tasty to cook pork roll.

Pork roll - general principles and methods of cooking

If you are planning a grand celebration or a modest family holiday, and you would like to surprise the household and guests in full, pork roll will help you! He is rightly considered the pinnacle of culinary art, the “star” of the festive table. Imagine how happy the guests will be, having tasted not just meat, but a layer of tender pork decorated and prepared in an appropriate manner.

We all know what roll weight is. Traditionally, this dish (often stuffed), rolled into an appetizing tube. Here and roll of pork is prepared in the same way. A large, wide and flat layer of pork is taken, bounced off with a kitchen hammer on both sides, treated with spices and tightly folded so that there is no air space between the layers.

So that the pork roll does not fall apart during the heat treatment process, it must be tied with strong twine (thread). If the roll is not too large in size, it can be stapled at the edges with wooden toothpicks. The next stage is heat treatment. As a rule, pork rolls are baked in the oven, but if you cook mini-roulettes, they are allowed to fry in a pan. Some prefer to boil the product, and then freeze. There are many options for making pork rolls.

Pork roll - food preparation

The main feature of our roll is pork. To prepare the dish, it is advisable to use those parts of the carcass that consist of alternating layers of lard and meat (ideally, the peritoneum). So, if you purchased a similar part - great! Now proceed to the preparation of the roll. It is important that the meat layer has as even a surface as possible (we achieve this with a knife) and is not too thick, otherwise it will not coil well.

Often, the rolls of pork are made with the filling, which is spread on the bed before folding. As a filling, you can use any ingredients that combine well with pork (mushrooms, cheese, minced vegetables, etc.). In addition, we will definitely need spices to emphasize the taste of the dish, to make it more refined, bright and rich. Pork Roll - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Pork Roll with Prunes

The successful combination of pork and prunes has long been known. Its soft, with a slight tint of “smoke” taste gives the pork roll a special piquancy. In this recipe, prunes together with cheese and walnuts are used for filling mini-roulettes, which we will fry in a pan, and not bake in the oven.


- 700 gr. pork fillet

- 120 gr. prunes

- 60 gr. walnuts

- 100 gr. Dutch cheese

- two eggs

- breadcrumbs

- to taste pepper, salt

- spices for meat

- vegetable oil

Cooking Method:

1. Prepare the filling. Grind nuts (by hand or with a blender) to the state of crumbs, it is important that the nuts do not turn into dust. Wash the prunes and chop them finely. Grate the Dutch cheese. We mix nuts, cheese and prunes until smooth.

2. Cut a piece of pork large enough in volume with plastics one centimeter thick, cover with foil and repel on both sides. Now we will add the pieces with spices (or salt + pepper).

3. We spread on the meat layer part of the filling, spreading it over the middle layer. Fold the pork in roll, fixing the edges of a wooden toothpick. We form the second roll, etc., until the meat and filling are finished.

4. Beat eggs in a bowl, lightly salting them. Dip our rolls in the egg mixture, and then roll it in breadcrumbs. We heat the pan, pour the oil and fry the pork rolls on medium heat for about 20-30 minutes, depending on the thickness of the products.

From the finished rolls take out toothpicks and cut them into thin slices. Serve at the table with a side dish or, after cooling, as a cold snack.

Recipe 2: Pork peritoneum roll

There is one remarkable place on the stomach of a young pig, and it is called the peritoneum - fat with uniform layers of muscle fibers and very delicate thin skin. If you have the opportunity to purchase this particular part of the carcass, be sure to do it, because pork peritoneum roll is something delicious. If that part is not in the refrigerator (or store), you can use any oblong muscle of pork carcass with layers of fat. Ingredients:

- 350 gr. pork peritoneum

- three cloves of garlic

- spices for meat

- to taste salt, pepper

Cooking Method:

1. We divide the peritoneum into large layers, place them on the table and cut off a part of the sebaceous layer with a sharp knife. We should have two flat layers.

2. Now we clean the garlic, cut it with a knife in fairly large pieces and press it into the meat, puncturing it in several places with a knife (we do not pierce it completely, so that there are no holes).

3. Top layers of grease with spices for baked pork or use salt and pepper. Tightly we twist pork layers into rolls. So that they do not disintegrate in the process of baking, we will tie them with a grid using a strong thread.

4. Wrap the rolls in the “sleeves” for baking, and then send them to a red-hot oven for forty minutes. After - “sleeves” we open from above and let the rolls turn red for about ten minutes.

Recipe 3: Pork roll with mushrooms

The roll is made from a single piece of pork peritoneum. The piece should not be too thick to make it easier to roll. Mushrooms can be used any to your taste.


- 2 kg peritoneum

- 300 gr. mushrooms (for example, champignons)

- seven medium garlic cloves

- two or three branches of dill

- ground coriander - one teaspoon

- half tsp curry

- four table. spoons of sunflower oil

- salt to taste

Cooking Method:

1. Grind three cloves of garlic, mix it with salt, curry and coriander. Grind the mixture by hand. Wash the peritoneum, if necessary, cut off part of the fat. Then gently repel a piece and coat with spicy mixture.

2. Grind the rest of the garlic thin plates, fry it until golden brown. Then add the mushrooms and fry them for about six to seven minutes. Next, put the finely chopped dill, salt to taste the filling. Stir and remove from heat.

3. Fold the peritoneum on the surface of the table or board and lay out, leveling, the stuffing on it. We fold the meat tightly into a roll, fix it with a twine so that it does not break up.

4. We put on a greased baking sheet and send it to the oven for two hours. We bake at a temperature of 180C. When the roll is covered with delicious varnish, it is ready. We take out, slightly cool and cut into thin slices. When serving pieces can be decorated with slices of tomatoes and herbs.

Recipe 4: Spicy Pork Roll

Roll, cooked according to this recipe, you need to boil, and then freeze in the freezer. Use the roll as a cold snack, serving it with bread.


- 1 kg peritoneum pork

- salt to taste

- peppercorns

- 500 gr. spinach (greens)

- 200 gr. tarragon (greens)

- a couple of handfuls of onion peel

- one onion

- two cloves of garlic

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the peritoneum with interlayers of fat in wide layers, put them down with the skin. Sprinkle the surface and sprinkle with coarsely chopped peppercorns.

2. Chop all the greens and spread evenly over a piece of pork. Then we turn rolls. We tie them with durable threads and wrap in gauze rolled in two or three layers.

3. Pour onion peel with water, throw an onion into a container, cut into four parts and several peas of pepper. Bring the solution to a boil, dip rolls of pork in it and cook until ready (about two hours).

4. When the rolls are cooked, take them out and roll them down in garlic, mixed with a little salt and pepper. Put in the fridge until it freezes, pressing down on top with a heavy load.

Pork roll - useful tips from experienced chefs

  • For cooking pork roll, it is preferable to choose the meat of a young animal. If you use the meat of an old piglet, then use a little trick - before baking, put out the roll or boil it for a couple;
  • Many housewives add “liquid” smoke to the product that gives smoked flavor to the product, but experienced cooks do not recommend this, because “liquid” smoke contains thousands of carcinogens, which, accumulating in the cells, cause their mutation.
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