Where to add basil

Where to add basil

Basil (in some regions of Russia, the plant is known as Regan or Rayon) is such a tart spice, the taste of which cannot be confused with anything else. Just one pinch is enough, and salads, fish, meat, sauces will acquire a bright personality and a unique smell. Not for nothing seasoning from a basil is called imperial.

In India, this plant is considered to be a cult - they take care of it with awe, worship it and honor it, because it is a symbol of love and family well-being. Indians sincerely believe that basil protects against harm and brings good luck. This seasoning is highly respected in Eastern countries and in America.

Basil in medicine

In antiquity and to this day, basil has been used to treat sore throats and gum diseases - this mint plant has unique anti-inflammatory properties.

With regular headaches and even with such a serious illness as epilepsy, basil is used as a sedative, anticonvulsant and painkiller.

Beautiful ladies, watching their weight, basil will be interesting as an excellent fat burner and tonic. In 100 grams of green only 27 kcal!

Spice tincture is used for gastric diseases, colitis and colds. The juice from the leaves - the surest remedy for inflammation of the middle ear.

Basil in Cooking

The main use of basil is in cooking. The most famous and expensive restaurants in the world use this tart seasoning to prepare unusual dishes. Fresh basil is added to salads, sandwiches, sauces and dressings. Juicy green leaves give a great view and taste to soups, side dishes, meat and fish dishes. In the industry, basil seasoning is actively used in the sausage and wine-vodka industry, as well as for the preparation of pies and various preservation.

In vegetarian cuisine, basil is especially popular, both fresh and dried. Dried greens are added to the pickle when salting and pickling vegetables, in various preservation and seafood dishes.

In hot dishes, spice is usually added 10 minutes before being cooked. Experienced chefs advise not to cut the leaves with a metal knife, but simply to tear it with your hands - the useful properties of the plant will be preserved to the maximum. In the first place in combination with basil are meat dishes, in the second - dishes, which include a tomato. By the way, spicy leaves can be added to tomato juice, finely chopped and squeezed out of them juice.

Care should be taken with chicken dishes. - basil is not exactly the seasoning with which it is “friendly.”

Basil can even be brewed - added to tea, mint herb will not only give the drink a great aroma, but also have an anti-inflammatory and tonic effect.

Dishes with eggs, such as scrambled eggs, various fillings for pies, and just everyone's favorite scrambled eggs - here basil is simply irreplaceable. Spice just perfectly with egg dishes.

Basil is considered one of the best herbs to add aroma to oil and vinegar. Just a few finely chopped leaves will turn ordinary vinegar into a great salad dressing or addition to the sauce. Dishes, both simple and complex, the recipe of which includes basil, a great many, just to list them does not make sense.

Basil with spicy herbs

The cool fresh taste of basil goes well with almost all the herbs. The herbs mixed with basil such as parsley, tarragon, coriander, mint and rosemary will add spicy taste and aroma to any dish.

A mixture of basil and rosemary gives a peppery smell, mixing with thyme will give the dish piquancy and spiciness.

Of course, seasoning and the grass itself can be purchased on the market or in a store, but it is especially pleasant to grow purple leaves on your own - this can be done not only in the country, but also at home or on the balcony. The plant is unpretentious and feels great in boxes or wide pots. Fresh greens perfectly decorate the interior, and on your table all year round there will be fragrant and healthy grass.

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