Seasonings for mushrooms

Seasonings for mushrooms

Fans of “quiet hunting” are not only well versed in mushrooms, but can easily prepare any dish from them or prepare them for future use. However, city hostesses who saw growing mushrooms only on TV or in the picture, most often follow them to the supermarket or the market. And if with the preparation of dishes from mushrooms usually there are no problems, then the choice of spices suitable for them some housewives baffled.

Now you can buy any seasoning. On many packages there is information about which dish this or that spice is suitable for. And mushrooms in the description are mentioned quite often. But is it worth unconditionally follow the manufacturers recommendations?

After all, mushrooms are unique creations. They not only stand apart from other plant species, but also have an incomparable taste and aroma. And, choosing this or that spice, you need to try not to drown out this specific smell.

Individual approach to the use of spices for mushrooms

Different mushrooms differ in taste and flavor. Some mushrooms have almost no odor, or it is mild. These are chanterelles, honey agarics, brownberries, Russula, Valui, svinushki. Therefore, during the heat treatment - frying, boiling, roasting - their taste is enriched with the help of spicy herbs.

But spices must be added very carefully. What herbs to put in this or that dish, the hostess should decide on their own, based on their own taste and preferences of the household. After all, if some spice is recommended to put in the dish, but it causes negative emotions, then is it worth it to use? Some mushrooms do not need aromatic additives at all, as they have their own unique smell. For example, milk mushrooms and mushrooms. In the dishes of such mushrooms you can add only herbs and spices with a mild flavor and a delicate smell - dill, onion, allspice. And then in a small amount.

The combination of spices in mushroom dishes

When adding herbs, you need to take into account what other ingredients are put into the dish.

For example, if you cook mushrooms in sour cream, then you can use spices such as onion, dill, black pepper. If you add parsley, then quite a bit, because this plant has a specific smell that will kill the taste of mushrooms.

Soup is also most often seasoned with onion, dill and sometimes bay leaf. Some hostesses put a pinch of nutmeg in the first dishes, believing that it gives spice and can replace pepper.

Dishes from mushrooms in cuisines of different nations

Using spices, take into account the national traditions of a particular cuisine.

Ginger, soy sauce, red pepper, garlic, coriander, and cilantro are often added to Korean cuisine's mushroom dishes. And such a set of spices is unlikely to suit the adherent of Russian cooking.

Italians often use tomato paste and tomatoes in cooking. And with tomatoes, marjoram, thyme and basil go well. Therefore, in the mushroom dishes of Italian cuisine, these spices are not the last place. But even the Italians, who love fragrant foods, try not to overdo it with these spices, indicating the minimum amount in recipes. By the way, they often use parsley when stewing mushrooms.

Seasonings for canning mushrooms

When marinating mushrooms, the attitude towards herbs and spices is completely different. Indeed, many spices are used to preserve the product and thus ensure its safety. Therefore, when pickling mushrooms, garlic, horseradish, black currant leaves are so popular. Black peppercorns, cinnamon, bay leaf, cloves are also added to the marinade.

With the use of cloves, you need to be careful, because this spice has a very sharp, peculiar smell due to its essential oil. One bud is enough to feel the clove scent.

It also follows the rule - do not interrupt the natural smell characteristic of some mushrooms. Therefore, milk mushrooms and mushrooms marinate with a minimum amount of spices. Although it is these mushrooms that are more acute if they are laid with horseradish leaves.

But podgruzdok will be good with the addition of finely chopped garlic. And more - no spices! But this option is suitable only if garlic is included in the list of favorite spicy plants.

What other spicy herbs are added to mushroom dishes

  • Rosemary has a strong smell that resembles pine needles. Perhaps that is why it is added to dishes from forest mushrooms. But this spice is an amateur, and therefore it is used in a minimum quantity. Rosemary harmonizes well with marjoram, thyme, parsley, but does not combine with bay leaf. This should be considered when laying the spices.
  • Thyme is also recommended to be added to mushroom dishes. But this herb has a strong spicy aroma, which not everyone has to taste.
  • Cumin mixes well with mushrooms, but if they are cooked with potatoes or cabbage. But one should not add it to some mushrooms.
  • Basil is most often used in pickling mushrooms.

Hostess Tips

  • If some spice is used for the first time, do not rely on the recommendations and put it in the dish in full. First you need to put quite a bit to determine its taste. After all, most often the dry spice is different from the heat-treated.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment with the addition of herbs and spices. Sometimes, it would seem, herbs that are not suitable for mushroom dishes give a pleasant aroma.
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