What spices are not suitable for lamb, and which are not combined with it

What spices are not suitable for lamb, and which are not combined with it

Some people do not like lamb, others are crazy about this meat. Maybe the first ones just didn't learn how to cook it yet? Lamb is really great if cooked according to the rules and with the right spices. By the way, they are also suitable for goat meat dishes.

Spices for Lamb Stew

Here are suitable spices for lamb stews. Various vegetables can be added to the meat, for example, our favorite potatoes. But in Asian countries they often cook young lamb with eggplants and bell peppers. Try it, it is very tasty, but how to fill such dishes?

Spices for Lamb Stew, Stew:

  • red pepper;
  • ground black pepper;
  • peas allspice;
  • coriander seeds;
  • bay leaf.

And greens are definitely added to stews. Lamb loves her very much. In priority cilantro. Do not be afraid of it, even if coriander has been added to the dish before. If you are confused by the abundance of floating herbs in the stew, you can simply lower the bunches at the end of cooking, leave for half an hour, and then remove.

By the way, lamb is one of the few types of meat that loves mint and lemon balm. You can add fresh or frozen leaves, dried herbs.

Spices for roast lamb

Roast lamb cooks quickly if the meat of a young animal is used. If the lamb is already an adult, then no spices will help it. Such meat is better to stew with sauce or send to shurpa.

What spices to use for frying:

  • fragrant pepper;
  • ground coriander;
  • sweet paprika;
  • dry basil.

You can take the famous seasoning hops-suneli, it fits perfectly into this dish. If the lamb is marinated, then spices can be seasoned immediately. If you plan to fry fresh meat, then you need to bring it to a ruddy crust, and then sprinkle with spices. Chopped greens are added to the finished dish.

By the way, the specific flavor of lamb is easy to remove if you soak chunks of meat in vodka. Sometimes cinnamon sticks or a handful of pine nuts are added for this purpose during cooking, which can also be done.

Spices for mutton shashlik

It is the kebab often made from lamb. Used pieces of meat with pits, rarely cut off the flesh. The younger the lamb, the better it is steeped in spices, cooked faster. It is recommended to pickle this meat for at least an hour, you can leave for the day or for the whole night.

What spices to use for mutton shashlik:

  • Rosemary. You can add whole twigs, chopped or dried greens. Lamb very much respects rosemary, and it makes the specific flavor soft and pleasant.
  • Zira. It is better to take whole seeds and grind them yourself in a mortar. Per pound of meat is enough 0.3 tsp.
  • Coriander. If the meat is marinated beforehand, then you can even throw whole seeds. Or just crush them with two spoons. If there is no time for marinating, it is desirable to grind well to a powder.
  • Red, black, allspice. Sweet chopped paprika can also be added. Lamb loves it all.
  • Nutmeg. He doesn’t need much, but a couple of small slivers will not be superfluous.

As for the basics, it is optional. You can simply rub the lamb pieces with salt and then with a mixture of dry spices (not vice versa), add the greens, wrinkled with your hands before the juice. If you want to cook a wet marinade, it works much faster, then you can take mineral water, red wine, ideally with pomegranate juice as a basis.

By the way, the lamb skewers need not only to be seasoned correctly with spices, but also effectively served. The ideal option is to put greens of parsley or cilantro around (can be used together), onion rings, and sprinkle with fresh pomegranate seeds on top.

Is mutton cooked?

In fact, lamb can be used not only for kebabs. This meat is also suitable for soups, chowder, served boiled with side dishes and vegetables. Many people try not to cook it because of the smell that appears in the room during a long boil. In order not to spoil the appetite in advance, it is important to add the right ingredients.

What spices to add when cooking lamb:

  • bay leaves;
  • dry or fresh chilli pod (it can be limited to a slice);
  • peas allspice;
  • sprig of rosemary;
  • mustard seeds.

In addition to spices, when cooking lamb, you can add vegetables, roots, but it is better not fresh. It is recommended to cut onions and carrots into large pieces, you can cut it in half lengthwise, on one side, fry well in a frying pan until brownish, and then add to mutton.

The lamb shurpa deserves special attention. Many spices are added to it: oregano, pepper, tarragon, thyme, cilantro, dry basil, coriander seeds. It should be a very spicy and spicy dish with lots of onions.

Spices for Lamb Pilaf

Lamb pilaf is a classic of the genre. You can use fat tail and other meat, but it is better to stock up on a young lamb. And if there is fat, then you get the perfect option. How to fill this dish?

What spices to add to the lamb pilaf:

  • zira (mandatory);
  • coriander seeds (required);
  • pepper of any kind (to taste);
  • marjoram;
  • thyme;
  • basil, oregano (optional).

Also, do not forget about the head of garlic (2-3 pieces for a large cauldron). In the swim without him in any way. But the bay leaf - an optional ingredient, which in this version of the dish can be forgotten.

What spices should not be added to mutton

This meat itself is bright and rich. Therefore, it simply eclipses some seasonings with its taste, they have nothing to do with it. For example, dill for lamb is not always suitable. Especially it should not be added during cooking. If you want, then it is better to sprinkle with fresh herbs ready-made dish, or use seeds, umbrellas.

Why not add to lamb:

  • turmeric;
  • horseradish;
  • clove.

Far from every dish is dried or fresh garlic. Ginger root is not always appropriate in lamb. Sometimes this meat spoils bay leaf.

This fragrant leaf fits perfectly in soup and shurpu, and in kebabs or baked lamb it gives an odd perfume and bitterness, it is important to add it neatly.

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