Which seasonings are suitable for fish

Which seasonings are suitable for fish

Fish and fish dishes - an integral part of the diet of modern man. Fish is useful, tasty, and, not least, it is a low-calorie product. The technology of cooking fish dishes in different nations may differ significantly, but one thing remains the same: seasonings and spices are always used by everyone.

Culinary art does not stand still, and today the fish can be deliciously cooked with such seasonings, which previously could not even think. And although the fish itself has a neutral smell, it perfectly absorbs the aromas of various spices.

Classic seasonings

Of course, the familiar classic is the combination of fish with lemon. You can substitute a lemon with a more exotic lime, and also add at least appropriate red or black pepper.

The most popular white lemon pepper is a unique combination of aromas that creates a fragrant bouquet in the finished dish. Many famous chefs do not recognize any seasoning for fish, except for a combination of lemon juice with salt and black or white pepper. Perhaps they are right, but, you see, it is so boring ...

Fish, both river and sea, is perfectly combined with dill seeds, rosemary, thyme, tarragon, basil, marjoram and anise. The main thing is to mix the spices correctly and not to overdo it with their quantity, since the seasonings should emphasize the taste of the dish, and not interrupt it. It is important to know that European herbs are distinguished by their mild taste, so it is difficult to spoil the fish, but you should be careful with oriental spices, as they are sharp enough and can easily overshadow the taste of the finished dish.

Spices for fried fish

Each spice is individual, and depending on the method of cooking the fish, it gives it its own, exceptional flavor. Fried fish, sprinkled with lemon juice or sprinkled with salt and white pepper, is incredibly tasty in itself, but it does not interfere with a little ground coriander, cumin, chopped bitter almonds and even a pinch of garlic. Also, leafy greens - such as dill, parsley, green onions - are perfectly combined with fried fish.

Simple recipe: slices of fish cooked for frying are salted, peppered, sprinkled with chopped garlic and greens, sprinkled with lemon juice and olive oil and left to marinate at room temperature for several hours. With this preparation, any fish will turn out so that you will lick your fingers!

Spices for soup

The traditional soup set includes spices such as onions, bay leaves, allspice and fresh herbs. The roots of parsley and celery are added to the water before cooking begins - they will give the ear a special aroma.

Nutmeg and hot peppers are suitable for those who love the sharpest, and sage will add some pleasant bitterness. Exotic lovers can try using a little rosemary - it will give the ear a subtle pine aroma. But to apply these seasonings should be with great caution, as they can easily spoil the appetizing ear.

Spices for baked fish

Gourmets and dieting ladies prefer baked fish - this technology makes it possible to preserve all the useful and nutrients. Fish can be baked in an open way, but most often it is wrapped in foil - this is how the fish is cooked in its own juice and is especially tender and fragrant.

Practically any spices, even the most exotic, are suitable for roasting, so the choice is rather large: besides traditional salt, pepper and lemon, basil, rosemary, thyme , ground celery, parsley and coriander are perfect. Sometimes, before cooking, the fish carcass is smeared with horseradish - contrary to expectations, horseradish will make fish especially soft and juicy.

The classic recipe for baked fish: onion rings and lemon rings wrapped in foil with salted and peppered fish, adding one or several favorite spices to the same place. Fish baked on a lemon-onion pillow, combined with spices in the cooking process will give an amazing flavor.

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