How to measure 100 grams of rice

How to measure 100 grams of rice

So that you do not intend to cook, for example, rice porridge, rice or, finally, stuffed cabbage, which has rice in the composition, you may need to measure 100 grams of this cereal. Fortunately, if the scales are permanent inhabitants of your kitchen, but what if the reality is far from ideal? Use handy objects (spoons, glasses), and how exactly, we now tell.

A tablespoon

Knowing that in a tablespoon filled with rice, with a top fit 20 grams, we can easily measure 100 grams of cereal. Just scooping up 5 spoons.

In a spoon filled with cereal, but without a slide can fit about 17 grams. Thus, 100 grams of rice is 6 tablespoons, filled without a slide.


Specified in the recipe, the amount of rice is not difficult to measure with a teaspoon. Yes, it will be somewhat more tiresome and longer than if you used the first method, but the accuracy of the result will not be affected in any way.

In one teaspoon fits 8 grams. How many times will you need to lower the spoon into a container with cereal to measure the required portion? Right, 12 with a little. In a teaspoon without a hill is placed even less rice - just 5 grams. Do not lose count when you count 20 spoons.


If necessary, you can not measure off 100 grams of rice and a faceted glass (if there is none, then use any 250-gram). As a rule, the net weight of a glass filled to the brim with rice is 230 grams. Therefore, 100 grams is a little less than half a glass.

For many who read the title, the word glass has an image of a measuring cup. It is not surprising, because quite often hostess turn to him for help when there is a need to measure the exact amount of any cereals or spices. On the walls of such a glass are serifs, each of which indicates the exact weight of the substance in the glass.

Dear visitors of our portal, you may also have encountered the need to measure 100 grams of rice in your culinary practice, and you didn’t have a kitchen scale on hand, share with other readers of the online magazine in the comments to this article, how you came out of this situations?

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